Wash Day & Video: How I Install Marley Twists

*Can I just say that waiting for a video to upload to YouTube is right up there with watching paint dry -_-

I finally, FINALLY, sat myself down and re-recorded the far-from-fancy way install marley twists. Here’s how my last wash day went:


[1] Pre-pooed with L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner for about an hour.
[2] Shampooed with Bobeam Apple Cider Vinegar & Bentonite Clay Bar
[3] Black tea rinsed.
[4] Deep conditioned with SheScentIt Curl Moist Conditioner. This conditioner is definitely one of my faves for how well it detangles my hair on application and leaves it moisturized. It worked well for my relaxed hair and now my natural hair. Yay!

[5] After deep conditioned overnight, I rinsed out the conditioner the following morning and wrapped my hair in a towel for about 15 minutes.
[6] Applied leave-ins (Kurlee Belle Thirsty Kurls Leave-In + Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum [to seal in the moisture from the leave-in]) and then installed my marley twists.



To keep my twists neat for as long as possible (and keep them out of my face when I sleep), I put them in two big Minnie Mouse buns and tie down my edges with a silk scarf.

This month’s challenge is protective styling, and as you most likely have noticed, marley twists are my current go-to protective style. Even though I love my twists, the itch to straighten my hair is back and I honestly can’t wait until this month is over so I can pull out my blow dryer and flat iron!

How was your recent wash day? And if you have a protective style post, feel free to add it the #30DaysofProtectiveStyling challenge link up!


  1. hi hi…please what brand of marley twists will you recommend? thanks! IB

  2. I haven't used heat since May & I'm trying really hard to wait until December. I get the itch every now and then- I just make myself install another protective style to keep my hands out of my hair for too long. Senegalese twists right now.

    I have been following your blog for some months now. I enjoy it thoroughly and always look forward to your posts. It may sound weird but I love being able to read about hair instead of watch a video about it all the time- must be the writer in me. Anyway, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Your arms must be awsome, I cannot imagine having to keep them up for so long to braid… And I have a big head lol. Your hair looks flawless, as usual <3

  4. Hello Friend! It turned out great. Only 3-4 hours? That's impressive.

  5. how many packs of hair did you use

  6. I can't believe that juicy fro was hiding under all your texlaxed hair. Looking so good and marley twists are also my newest fave

  7. How long does it take you to actually put them in? I'm considering the possibility of doing it myself instead of paying someone to get it done for me

  8. How long will you be keeping them in for? I need to do a PS, this is definitely a style I'm considering. Thanks for posting! Have you ever tried TGIN miracle masque and their rinse out conditioner?

    1. Author

      I keep them in for 1-2 weeks. These current twists have been in for nearly a week. I'll be leaving them in for another week for I take them out to wash & deep condition. No I haven't tried that product line yet but it's on my "to-try" list. And my pleasure!

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