Stretched Length at 100 Weeks Since Last Relaxer & Hair Babble

[1] The lazy length check.

I’ve started new hair vitamins (more on that later… and I’m back in impatient “just grow already” hair growth mode. I warned you it would happen) so I know I should straighten my hair for a “proper” length check with one of my length check shirts, but mannnnnnnnnn the thought of straightening my hair just feels exhausting.

This week marks 100 weeks since I last relaxed my hair in June 2013. Time sure has flown, hasn’t it?! I didn’t have an idea of how much my hair would grown in 2 years so I’m just happy I have what I have. *but fingers crossed for 2 more inches by the time my birthday rolls around*


[2] “Not everyone will understand your journey. Don’t worry, it’s not for them.”

If I had a dime for every time someone has said some variation of “why did you go natural, your relaxed hair was perfectly fine” or “you made a mistake,” my student debt would be paid off. Well, I WISH.

[3] Curly shed strands mimic bugs, and that’s not okay.

Have you ever had a freakout when a stray shed strand creeps along your skin and you think it’s a bug? That used to happen to me all the time and going natural has made it worse. My curly shed strands stand out against my carpet much more because they’re all coiled up. Me, all my bug-paranoia-glory, can’t seem to remember that it’s just hair and not a minion of hell lying in wait.

[4] My natural hair doesn’t seem to like shampoo.

Well, the shampoos I used to use when my hair was relaxed/transitioning to natural. The search for the perfect, detangling, moisturizing shampoo continues. Kurlee Belle’s shampoo and MielleOrganics shampoo are at the top of my “to-try” list.

[5] My hair still screams “stick your hand in” apparently.

I was at Target, with my hair in a puff, minding my own business in the cat food aisle and this woman stuck her whole arm in my hair. “Oh my goodness, it’s so soft! I wasn’t sure it was going to be.” All the while I’m standing there with cat food cans in my hands, screaming “personal space much!?” in my head.


  1. Your hair has grown so much, hopefully you get the two inches before your birthday.

  2. People have no boundaries these days! Sheesh!
    By the way, I'm not sure if it will work with your hair but I have been singing the praises of Mane and Tail shampoo for months!! Everytime I use it, I feel like I can gently finger detangle my hair as I lather with no problem and my hair feels squeaky clean! Both the regular and moisturizing version. I'm 64 wks post and I don't even want to try anything other than my Mane and Tale. And it's so inexpensive! I keep saying I'm going to do a review on my blog which I seem to have abandoned. Yet to happen though but I hope to get around to it. LOL

  3. I will actually be reviewing 3 SLS-free moisturizing shampoos soon, maybe they will help with your search (assuming I like any of them :-P). I will also be trying natural/organic shampoo bars in the near future, maybe your hair would be more fond of those?

    As for that random lady putting her hand in your hair…eeeewww D-: And then that backhanded compliment ("you're hair's soft, I didn't think it would be")? I would have freaked out and definitely said something!

  4. I live in Europe and Im shocked. Do African Americans ladies do this or only curious white ladies ?
    Natural or relaxed I love following you! I plan to BC in December.
    Holland girl

  5. It took me six months at least to find a shampoo my hair or scalp didn't rebel at. Reading your last wash day post I thought you looked so beautiful. It was like your natural hair just made you shine brighter.

  6. Your hair will ALWAYS speak to people and make them do incredible strange and intrusive things!!! Somehow, it will never speak to you tho… hahaha.
    I was checking in with you the whole time on your transition…and I don't know how you did it, because that scissor itch is crazy!! Good thing I have NO scissors around or I would have used them already…and its only officially been 6 months. I would say though 'hiding' my hair away for 2 months with Senegalese twists was the best time ever…time to revisit? Maybe. If I don't get to some scissors first.

  7. Love the hair! That lady in Target is crazy. I hope I never encounter one of those. I can't wait to read more about your journey. I BC after 15 months, two weeks fully natural this Sunday. Definitely an adjustment getting used to the short hair, I can't wait for it to grow out.

  8. LOL! The lady in Target! There must be something about Target because I had an HOUR long conversation with another (life long) naturalista in there a few weeks ago. As we sat and chatted about all the "natural hair" products this random (not colored…if you get my drift) lady comes and goes OMGOSH y'alls hair looks soooo soft! Is this what you use?" LOLOL. We just looked at her completely confused!

    I agree with Afton—your hair is beautiful relaxed, natural or in between! Just let the haters hate!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  9. Lol. How do people not see how wacko it is to stick their hand in a stranger's hair without permission?
    Your hair is beeeeautiful relaxed or natural and like you said, it's your journey. Keep doing what you do. I'm ending my transition soon and I'm sure your blog will be just as helpful as when I was relaxed

    1. Author

      I have no clue, it just baffles me lol. Have you ended your transition yet? Good luck on your new journey!

  10. OMG the lady in Target just grabbing hair? Definitely not cool. I also freak out when shed hairs touch me but the worst is when I don't have my glasses on and I think that hair that fell on the floor is a bug. As for the people saying that you should have kept your hair relaxed, I think your hair is awesome and I can't wait to read more about your journey now that you are natural.

    1. Author

      I agree! It's so much worse without glasses!

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