This week’s wash day was a pretty lazy wash day as my wash days go. I did the bare minimum to my twists.

[1] I rinsed my scalp and hair with apple cider vinegar to cleanse and remove product build up (massaging my scalp with the pads of my finger to loosen any product clinging to my scalp).
[2] After wrapping my hair with a towel for about an hour to soak up all the excess water, I sprayed my twists with watered down mix of Kurlee Belle Thirsty Kurls Leave-In + glycerin.
[3] My twists in the front frizzed up so I took those down and redid them to wrap up my wash day.

There’s nothing spectacualr about seeing wet twists so there’s no photos of those steps but a couple readers sent in emails about how I wear my hair for bed to prevent my twists from frizzing… I channel my inner Minnie Mouse.

Using just one hair band, I wrap the twists around the base (as if I were doing any ol’ bun) and then use a hair band to secure it. I make sure I pile the hair at the very top of my head because it leaves the sides and back of my head free when sleeping/tossing around my bed, and also helps protect the twists from frizzing when rubbing against my pillows. To prevent my edges and nape, I wrap a silk scarf around my head.



*Waves pompoms* If you haven’t joined the wash day link up, add your post below and tell us how your wash day went!




  1. *screams*

    the cuteness overload of that mickey mouse hair style!!


  2. For people who have very thin hair should do massage with coconut oil and consume Gooseberry Juice daily. By look very pretty in that hair style. Thanks for writing and keep sharing the useful information about hair health.

  3. You should totally rock that out of bed, it looks awesome! I joined the washday experience as well!

  4. Love these twists on you! I never have the patience to sit still to have braids or anything installed lol. I joined the link up this week, thanks for having me!

  5. Would love for you to do a video on how you install your twists! They look great

  6. Not hair related, but it always amuses me that you always have your glasses on.

    I know you redid the front, but even on the inside your twists still look quite fresh. How long do you plan on having them in? I love the Minnie Mouse look. You could totally rock that at home.

    I'd love to twist my hair today but the lazy in me is having a lie in avoiding detangling my afro.

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