Wash Day

I really neglected my hair last week. I didn’t moisturize, I did the quickest, random co-wash of my life because my hair felt so dry, and then I didn’t bother to detangle or stretch my hair afterwards. To top it off I’ve been putting of doing a proper protein treatment so I’ve also had some breakage at the line of dermarcation. By the time my weekend wash day rolled around, my hair was a matted mess.

To nurse my hair back to health, I started off my wash day be pre-pooing with Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner. I ended up falling asleep so my quick 30 minute pre-poo turned into an overnighter. The next morning I rinsed the conditioner from my hair and shampooed with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo. Remember when I used to use this shampoo way back when?! A full review is posted here. After shampooing, I soaked up excess water from my hair using a towel and did a long overdue protein treatment using Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment. I applied the treatment to both the natural and relaxed portions of my hair and left it on for 5 minutes.

After rinsing out the protein treatment, I tea rinsed with marshmallow root and wrapped my hair in a towel to soak up all excess liquid. 20 minutes later, I deep conditioned with SheScentIt Curl Moist Conditioner under my steamer for 15 minutes. My review of the SSI’s Curl Moist is posted here. After rinsing out the conditioner and t-shirt drying for an hour my hair. felt. awesome. It loved me again, and I loved it. My hair felt soft, yet still strong. That’ll teach me to be lazy with my protein treatments.

I wrapped up my wash day by applying my leave-ins (Kurlee Belle Thirsty Kurls Leave-In Conditioner + PM Super Skinny Serum) and stretched my hair using the tension method + cold air. I only dry my hair until it’s about 80% dry so I finished air drying in bun. A couple of hours later I took down my bun, added little aloe vera gel on my edges, put in two braids, tossed in my flexi clip, and tucked + rolled my ends under and my favorite bob was born.


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  1. First off, that aloe vera gel has your edges LAID! Haha :). I'm definitely itching to test out Paul Mitchell's products. *hides product junkie wish list* 🙁 lol

  2. You go Jen. I transitioned for three years before I chopped my relaxed ends off, so I feel you on waiting for bsl. Happy Transitioning

  3. Glad you got your hair back on track. The kurlee belle items in your posts look soooo good. I too am transitioning and the winter had my hair dry. I had to tweak my routine and am trying a new product to see if that helps.

  4. You are doing great, I admire your patience. The way you patiently and lovingly guide your hair from journey to journey ( relaxed to texlaxed to natural) keeping health and length in balance.
    Just awesome to see. You will know when the transition is over and in the meantime I will enjoy following you.
    My goal is also BSL before doing a transitioner's chop.
    Holland girl

  5. Hi Jeni,
    I've been reading your post a couple of months when I started relaxing my hair after being natural for 3 years. watching you transitioning make me wanna go back natural again :D. I wish you luck in your long term transition, because one of the reasons for which I relaxed my hair back was because of the length (difficult for me to style my NL natural hair).
    So good luck again,


  6. you have APL length natural hair already. why not just chop now?

    1. Author

      My plan is to at least have BSL natural hair before cutting of my remaining relaxed ends.

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