1. When applying the coffee rinse, are we to focus more of it on the roots or the hair?

  2. Just tried my first coffee rinse and I am happy the scent does not linger. Since you are so familiar with coffee/tea rinses would you say that coffee is better at minimizing shedding than tea?

  3. This is the one step I have been forgetting of late in my regimen. I will make a reminder on my phone for wash days :). Thanks Jen for the info.

  4. That's interesting!! Do you think instant coffee would work? The brewed wold likely have all the nutrients, and not the instant, likely…. I'm a big coffee lover, so I find the idea of using coffee for my hair as well really amuses me. What a good idea!

    1. Author

      Hi there, yes instant coffee will work. I use Folgers instant coffee most of the time for my coffee rinses.

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