Somehow I found myself at my freezer door, reaching under the bag of peas for my shears and then magically in my bathroom snipping away at my hair tonight O_o

After venting about my temptation to cut I was fully committed to hold off until either December or June for a reunion with my shears… but my nape has been driving me nuts y’all. It was like an itch I had to scratch. The relaxed hairs at my nape were the thinnest, saddest looking pieces of hair on my head and I got tired of looking at them tonight. They had to go, go, go. Below is some of the hair I snipped off and the bobby pin is for some reference of the length I snipped off.

The good news is that my nape is natural after snipping off the relaxed ends and I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. I even actually liked it. I had a “HA! TAKE THAT, THIN ENDS!” moment. I fist pumped #judgmentfreezone!

Even more good news that this impromptu tiny chop will make it easier to track how much my natural hair has grown. I didn’t expect to see it stretch that far (shrinkage is a liar) but I’ll gladly take it! It feels a bit weird one to have one part of my hair drastically shorter than the rest, but thankfully the rest of my hair will be able to cover up my nape when bunning.

Why am I transitioning? Check out this post: Transitioning Talk: Decision Made.


  1. I am doing some big transition from long curl hair to short hair but I am so disappointed since it did not turn out the way I want it to be. I don’t have any choice now but to use clip in hair extension from Onyc, It do wonders on my looks now, I will used this while waiting for my hair to grow back.

  2. Well done Jen, sometimes you just got to cut as the temptation is too much! Your nape looks so thick and awesome, must feel good to wave goodbye to your ends x

  3. That's a good amount of growth for 15 months post 🙂 Your hair is so pretty and thick. I've been transitioning for 3years, and I am FINALLY cutting my hair tonight. ( pray for me 😛 )

  4. Big leap there Jen! Shrinkage is a liar lol. You've gotten so much growth in a year

  5. Shrinkage is crazy. Love the texture of your hair. Can't wait to see you rock wash n go's

  6. I can just imagine how freeing that was. I feel a big chop coming on lol

    1. Author

      It felt great to get rid of those really thin bits! Big chop the rest though, gimme a couple more months haha

  7. Oh wow! Quite surprised you didn't just keep right on chopping! Haha. It looks really good though! Xx

    1. Author

      Thanks! My calmness only extended as far as my nape lol! This little trim taught me that I'm not ready for the whole shebang.

  8. Congrats, Jen! I was just telling a friend tonight that I didn't realize how thin relaxed hair really was until stretching beyond my norm. My 15 weeks of ng is big, bad and kicking while my relaxed hair is thin like dental floss. It's sad really. My nape is almost natural as well. I struggled with my nape for so long that I stopped relaxing it sometime ago. It's amazing how my nape now stays neatly tucked in styles vs. poking out and waving hello to every stranger it meets. Your hair looks amazing. The curlies are gorgeous. I'm jelly.

    1. Author

      Thanks Jay! Oh wow I didn't know you'd stop stopped relaxing your nape, I'd always thought you did ever other touch up. Lol! @ waving hello… my literal mind totally just pictured a curly little hand poking out from under your hair to wave like "hey boo hey!"

  9. Makes me want to cut but I won't do it. Lol You natural hair looks good.

  10. mg Jen, I'm laughing as I'm reading your post because I almost did the same thing about 30 minutes ago! I'm 5 months into my transition, and this nape is getting on my last nerve. I think I also caught the "texture bug"…you know when you finally see a texture change and start itching to cut the scraggly relaxed bits…Lol. I'm always come to you for inspiration. Keep it up girl! Newbies like myself rely on you 🙂

    1. Author

      "Texture bug" – I know exactly what you mean! Aw thank you ((hugs)), that means a lot <3

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