Wash Day | “Tried and True”

I promise I didn’t arrange my products around my cat LOL. As I was arranging the products, she sauntered over and flopped down like she belonged in the photo… who was I to deny her haha.

This week’s wash day theme highlights your “tried and true” products, techniques, and styles. You’ve most definitely read about my faves (because I use ’em all the darn time lol… can’t say I’m not consistent!) but here they are once more with quick explanations as to why they’re my aces.

[1] I started off by pre-pooing (short of “pre-shampoo treatment) with HairVeda Red Tea Satin Nourishing Conditioner. After applying the conditioner (to dry hair) I popped my heating cap on for 45 minutes. I love this conditioner as a pre-poo because it moisturizes, sinks it well, and detangles like a dream. [2] After pre-pooing I co-washed with Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner, which basically turns my tub into slip city due to the amount of flips it provides.  I may or may not have accidentally fallen out of the tub once as a result. This cleansing conditioner provides lots of slip to help loosen any tangles while cleansing my hair (without stripping it), softens my hair, and doesn’t cling to my scalp.

[3] I followed up with a green tea rinse. Green tea is my favorite tea for shedding because it does not stiffen my hair like black tea tends to do. After tea rinsing, I wrapped my hair in a towel for 15 minutes to soak up excess liquid from my hair before [4] deep conditioning with HairVeda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner for 15 minutes under my Secura steamer. You’ve undoubtedly seen this conditioner posted many, many times. It’s does a great job at producing soft, fluffy hair once it rinsed out as well as lasting moisture.

[5] After rinsing the conditioner, I sprayed my hair and scalp with apple cider vinegar + water. I use a 28 oz (828 mL) spray bottle I grabbed at the dollar store and add 50 mL of ACV and then fill the water bottle with 778 mL of water. Then I t-shirt dried my hair for 40 minutes. [6] After taking down the t-shirt, I applied my fave leave-in conditioner, Kurlee Belle Thirsty Kurls Leave-In Conditioner, and serum. For this wash I used Shea Moisture Liquid Glass Serum. I’ve discovered that it provides the slip and smooth results I get from my long time love Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, but it costs much less.

As for my fave technique, you guessed it — it’s the tension method (+ cold air) to stretch my hair.  Stretching my hair this way has been the biggest help during my transition. Keeping my hair stretched helps keep tangles to a minimum and makes my new growth so much easier to handle. For more on the tension method, check out this post: The Tension Method When Blow Drying: How To & Benefits

I didn’t have enough time to stretch my hair out as best as I could so I had to settle for holding chunky sections taught for about 2 minutes while I dried with cold air and then put each quadrant into a big two strand twist to keep my damp hair stretched while I worked on the rest of my hair.

Once I’d detangled and stretched all of my hair, I applied aloe vera gel to my edges, gently brushed them with a soft bristle brush (I no longer wet my brush because it causes my edges to revert), and finished drying my hair in a bun overnight.

The next morning my hair was fluffy and smooth. Yay! For my “tried and true” style you know I had to go with one of my faves: my trusty bun! Buns have helped me retain length by helping me keep my ends tucked away and protected. I’m clinging to all the summer days I can so I added my fave flower clip to one side.


What are your “tried and trues?” 

PS: Next week’s wash day theme is: “Smooth Sailing.” We want to see how you achieve your smoothest results.
PPS: Would you guys want a step by step video on how I deep condition for the 30 Days of Moisture challenge?


  1. Lovely results Jen!
    I've started using the tension method with a blow dryer after seeing it on your blog. My hair never ends up as smooth as yours and I use the Komaza matani leave-in and the PM SSS. Also, throughout the week do your ends get stringy from moisturizing and sealing? And do you have the "freedom"of styling you hair as you please during the week? For example, if you wanted to wear your hair down 3 days after your wash day, would it look decent? I'm usually stuck wearing buns for the whole week until I wash it again and it's getting really boring 🙁

  2. i love the way you explain your wash day process in detail, is it better to end with a serum or an oil such us coconut oil? many thanks

  3. Nice results and i would like to see the video showing your deep conditioning steps .

  4. Great Article! You should try Nutress Hair products as well. All of their products are designed to repair hair damage and stop breakage. I absolutely love Nutress! 🙂

  5. Omg! Your bun is gorgeous!!! I can't believe I've been missing #washdayexperience *sobs* I told my friends that natural hair can grow long and healthy just like relaxed hair and they didnt believe me…until I showed them your picture *grins

  6. Always love the way your hair comes out! Don't you love how cats act like they own what ever they're doing? I need a little of that attitude when it comes to my hair! And yes! Tutorial please!

  7. I love the flower. I had to chuckle when I saw the cat and the note. LOL! Too cute

    1. Author

      Thanks ladies!! I bought the pin at H&M many, many moons ago.

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