1. hi please what do i need for a moisture treatment, i noticed my steam products are protein products

  2. Hi Jen, I think I'm having a problem with moisture and I can't figure it out. After deep conditioning my hair feels soft up to towel drying but after a while it seems to dry out while air drying. I use leave in conditioners but they don't seem to keep my hair soft and heavy sealing is just keeping dryness in. What should I do? Is it my technique or products?

    1. Author

      Hi there? Is your hair low porosity? I ask because with low porosity hair the cuticles along the hair shaft are sealed (think of window blinds that have are closed) making it harder for moisture to penetrate into the hair shaft. After deep conditioning the hair may feel soft but since the moisture didn't penetrate into the hair, the hair won't experience lasting moisture. If your hair is low porosity, check out this post Low Porosity, What Does It Mean?

  3. Hey Jen, this is kind of an off topic question. I am currently transitioning and my naturalhair seems to be prone to frizz. Every time I do a flexirod set or curlformers, my hair puffs up in a matter of hours. I've tried setting lotion, gel, and a combination of the two. How do you keep your hair from frizzing in a flexirod set?

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      Hi there, to prevent frizz at my roots I start a two strand twist before rolling my hair onto the flexi rods. The two strand twist stretches my roots and it makes it super easy to split the curls after my hair is dry, which further prevents frizz. Hope that helps!

    2. Another tip that may help is to do a full two strand twist (twist the entire section you intend to roll). I have found that if I use some product and the twist then my curls don't frizz. I have about half natural hair and half relaxed at this point.

  4. Hi Jen,

    Finally grapeseed oil has come to my local supermarket *happy dance coz I might be able to save some money*!
    However, it doesnt say cold pressed or extra virgin or anything like that.
    Do you think it will make a good sealant?
    Thanks Jen :-).
    Holland girl

    1. Author

      Yay! I've tried about 4 different brands of grapeseed oil and I don't recall any of my bottles saying extra virgin or cold pressed and they've worked great as sealants. So long as it's pure grapeseed oil you're good to go.

    2. Thanks allot Jen! I wont need to buy little bottles at the health store anymore.
      I hope your enjoying transitioning. I passed my 1 1/2 yr post relaxer mark a few weeks ago and its been allot easier than I thought. The hardest part is wondering how I will look fully natural. Very exciting!
      Keep up the great blog, I have been visiting on a daily basis for almost 2 years and you're consistently great :-).
      Holland girl

    3. Author

      Aw thank you for your continued support!!! Congrats on reaching 1.5 year mark! How much longer will you continue to transition? I'll hit my 1.5 year mark in December, I think I'm going to try and hit 2 years before I cut but I'm tempted to end in December for now.

    4. My goal is 2-2 1/2 years. Transitioning is going so smoothly that I think I can make it. My regimen is simple and I'm consistent. I'm enjoying the journey so far and discovering the curly way of life at my own pace, its why I wanted to transition and not BC.
      I have time to experiment, I like the braid n curl because I wear cute, textured updos and buns 90% of the time because I think its easy.
      I dont have 3 textures like you do (just relaxed & natural hair) also my hair isnt as long as yours (grazing MBL, 40% of this length is natural) so I applaud your skills. I am confident you can make at least 2 years before doing a mini chop. But doing it a bit earlier could help if your considerable length is making transitioning tougher than it already is.
      I will be cheering you on every step of the way!
      Holland girl

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