Wash Day

[1] Pre-poo: with coconut oil for 45 minutes. I warmed the coconut oil in a bowl of hot water and applied the oil to my scalp as well as the length of my hair (especially my ends).

[2] Shampooed: with Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Shampoo. I haven’t used this shampoo often… maybe three times? But it doesn’t really stand out to me. I bought it months ago hoping to find a moisturizing shampoo available in store but it’s just “eh” to me.

[3] Tea rinsed: with marshmallow root tea. I poured the tea over my hair twice and left it in.

[4] Deep conditioned: with HairVeda Sitrinillah under my steamer for 15 minutes. When sitting under the steamer I do not cover my hair with a plastic cap because the purpose of steaming is to treat the hair with steam for a boost of moisture. After steaming, I allowed my hair to cool before hopping in the shower to rinse out the conditioner.

[5] ACV: After rinsing out the conditioner, I sprayed my hair and scalp with apple cider vinegar + water. I use a 28 oz (828 mL) spray bottle I grabbed at the dollar store and add 50 mL of ACV and then fill the water bottle with 778 mL of water – filtered water since my apartment has hard water.

[6] After t-shirt drying for 40 minutes, I applied my leave-ins (Kurlee Belle Thirsty Kurls Leave-In Conditioner + Creme of Nature Argan Oil Heat Defense Smooth & Shine Polisher), detangled, and blow dried + stretched my hair using the tension method. For more on the tension method, check out this post: The Tension Method When Blow Drying: How To & Benefits.

Per usual, after tackling my hair I applied Eco Styler Gel to my edges and wrapped my hair up with a silk scarf for the night.

I’m going through an “ending this transitioning sounds really good right now, I don’t want to do anything to my hair, yet I’m tired of my usual buns” phase at the moment so this week’s style is a simple two-braid/pulled back thingamabob that you’ve certainly seen before. There’s nothing fancy about this style, but eh, it’s a simple departure from my norm and I’m all about simplicity (aka I’m lazy lol) when it comes to styling. Keeping in line with my goal to continue protective styling as a means to reduce split ends for the 30 Days without Split Ends challenge, I only wore my hair down for one day and have been wearing it in a faux bob or a fluffy side bun the rest of the week.

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  1. Hi Jen, do you see better benefits from steaming your hair rather than deep conditioning under a hooded dryer? I'm trying to decide which to buy.

    1. Author

      Hi there, steaming helps the conditioner penetrate into my hair more efficiently and I get an extra boost of moisture from the steam itself.

  2. As you gain more natural hair, its fun to watch your total length "shrink"!!! LOL! Another amazing wash day, I swear you make me feel so lazy for hiding my hair throughout my wash days!

    1. Author

      The shrinkage is so deceiving! It's going to be fun when I'm completely natural and get to see just how much my length truly shrinks but I have a feeling I won't think it's fun pretty soon after lol! I think hiding your hair is a great thing. Less manipulation, less fuss!

  3. Beautiful style Jen, it doesn't look like you're being lazy with your hair at all, love it x

  4. Hey Jen,

    Is breakage a big problem for you? Transitioning and I'm not sure what is normal. When I'm handling my hair I'm thinking to myself is this too much? Just about right?

    About 8 months post, btw. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Author

      Hi Amor, I haven't too much of a problem with breakage during this transitioning. My ends have thinned over the 13 months but it's within the range that I expected for such a long transitioning and it's only really noticeable when my natural hair isn't completely pin straight. When it comes to breakage, my hair responds best with lots of moisture and a bit of protein from time to time. I experience breakage when I handle my hair roughly so I try to leave it alone as much as possible. I keep style's simple and choose styles that won't place too much stress on my more-fragile ends.

      How do you usually style your hair? When do you notice breakage the most? Where is your breakage… line of demarcation? Ends?

    2. I'll gently be finger detangling my hair and little, broken pieces will appear, it seems to be breaking on the ends and not the line of demarcation. Primarily I wore my hair in box braids as a protective style, but as of late have been wearing mostly buns.

      I am seeing growth/length retention but it seems like a bit too much breakage. I haven't had a trim in forever, now that I think about it. I've also never done a real protein treatment, although I use products with some protein in them. Not sure if those things could be the culprit.

      Thanks for your help.

  5. So Jen, the only time you detangle your hair is at the end of the process?? I have been doing it before I prepoo, after I apply DC, and again after applying LIC. I've just been combing through and recently felt like it was too much and I'm combing my hair out. Your thoughts?

    1. Author

      Hi Diane, the only time "fully detangle – with a comb – is at the end of the process. I finger comb when applying my pre-poo and while I rinse out anything from my hair.

      Give finger-combing a try during each of those steps and I definitely recommend using the flow of water to help detangle.

  6. I love this style Jen! It's simple but really sophiscated!

    I've kept it sooo simple this summer that I'm getting BORED! And when I get bored…I get the scissors…SAVE ME! LOL!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Author

      Thank you! And girl yes! The temptation to snip off inches always seems like the perfect solution to hair boredom! #Illhideyourscissorsifyouhidemine #ittakesavillagelol!

  7. 30 Days without Split Ends Challenge? Where have I been!! Sounds like an awesome challenge! Going to check it out I'm sure it's too late=(

    1. Author

      Nope, still waist length. I didn't stretch my new growth out completely when I dried it (was too tired to care lol), shrinkage pulls my hair up to MBL. Yes I'm going natural.

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