Wash Day | Flat-Iron, Trim, & Length-Check

[1] Pre-pooed with Hairveda Red Tea Nourishing Conditioner + safflower oil on top for about an hour.
[2] Co-washed (in 6 sections) with Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner.  I realized during this wash day that I’ve never shared what my hair is like when soaking wet/co-washing so here it is, in all it’s deceitfulness, and you’ll understand what I mean by this if you scroll down to the pictures of my straightened hair below.  When soaking wet, and especially when co-washing, my new growth clumps together making my texlaxed hair look so darn thin, but when straightened, my hair doesn’t look as desperate for a trim… see? So deceitful!

13 months + 4 weeks post relaxer

[3] Tea rinsed with black tea (for more on the benefits of black tea, check out this post).
[4] After wrapping my hair with a towel for 15 minutes to soak up all excess liquid, I deep conditioning with HairVeda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner for 45 minutes under my heating cap.
[5] T-shirt dried for 40 minutes, and the applied my leave-ins (Komaza Care Matani Leave-In + Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum), detangled, and stretched my hair using the tension method (with cold air).
[6] Once my hair was completely dry, I sprayed my hair with CHI 44 Iron Guard (heat protectant) and flat ironed my hair with my Sedu Revolution Flat Iron (1 inch plates).  I used the comb chase method, something I’ve done only a handful of times in my life, to make I got my hair as straight as possible for an even trim.
[7] Once my hair was done, I grabbed my hair shears and cut off 1.5″

My flat iron results

As much as I love my fluffy stretched hair, I reeeeealllllyyyyy missed wearing my hair straight and out. But regardless of how much I missed it, flat ironing my hair is SO NOT happening often. Carefully blow drying my hair to be as stretched and sleek as possible, then flat ironing gently with the comb chase method just took way too long.  At the time I was giddy because I was all like “oooo look at my hair!” But afterwards? When my arms started aching? Yeah, no. I came to my senses and resolved to stick to my simple ways.  Maybe I’ll got back to rollersetting?  Don’t hold me to that though lol.

My hair laziness aside, my hair has never responded well to frequent uses of direct heat and thrives when I flat iron 3-4 times a year. A few moments of giddiness are not enough to make me fall off my healthy hair wagon.  Direct heat isn’t evil, but it should be used infrequently in order to prevent breakage, heat damage, dryness, and split ends.

I broke my tripod so it’s been hard to take proper length check photos from the back so here’s my valiant attempt to show my straightened length.  I’m back to grazing waist length (and remember, your natural waist is the smallest part of torso, which for me is right at my belly button … not to be confused with your hips).

I finished up my wash day by doing something I haven’t done in a couple years: I “doobie wrapped” my hair. I gave up this traditional method of wrapping because it caused more breakage than I was comfortable with but for some reason, I decided to do it . . . and was quickly reminded why I should stick to cross-wrapping when I saw the broken strands in my sink.  I’ll be cross-wrapping forever.  “Doobie wraps” are forever banned around these parts.

Enough of my blabber, tell me all about your wash day!



  1. Jen I have experienced breakage/thinning on the right side probably due to doobie wrapping which I always do. How can I avoid this with cross wrapping as the right side will still be going in the same direction?

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous but can we talk about those abs? sigh…pre-children days. LOL

    1. Author

      Thanks! It's definitely my fave cowash conditioner!

  3. Your hair looks so awesome. Your new growth is popping everywhere and looks really healthy!

  4. I didn't realize doobie wrapping causes more breakage. Why is that?

    1. Author

      My fine strands have never been able to withstand the manipulation it takes to comb or brush my hair around and around my head. Also in the past I used to wrap in one direction and all that tension caused one side to break off (the direction I wrapped in).

  5. Why is it that the further into this ridiculously long stretch—the shorter my hair appears when its wet?!? The LIES I tell you, THE LIES!!!


    Congrats on making getting closer to waist length chica! You're an inspiration!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Author

      Yesss, shrinkage is a liar! Thanks! This trim put me back at grazing waist length and I was so was tempted to cut more and go shorter… scissor happy tendencies I tell ya.

    1. Author

      Thank you Tracey! I love your havana twists! I'm tenderedheaded and try to avoid anything that'll make my scalp sore but as soon as I saw your twists I couldn't help want to install some!

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