My “Anti-Split Ends” Team

Thank you to all who have joined Relaxed Thairapy and I for the 30 Days without Split Ends challenge! This year it feels like I’m at war with split ends. In June I went back to basics and began to seal my moisturizer with grapeseed oil and saw my ends begin to improve. Last month (for the 30 Days with Ceramides challenge) I continued my rekindled love affair with grapeseed oil (I also added a hot oil treatment with safflower oil + pre-pooed with L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner) and was rewarded with even few split ends. This month my battle against split ends continues with this “team:”

[1]CERAMIDES FOR HAPPY ENDS If you aren’t surprised that ceramides take the number 1 spot, I don’t blame you. I rave about them enough around these parts. Grapeseed oil = boo-thang status; it’ll be my sealant until the walls come tumbling down.  I wish I could overlook wheat germ oil’s scent because I have a bottle in the fridge that’s just begging to see some action… but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  Or maybe I’ll just throw some essential oils in to mask the scent a bit… or hold scented candles under my nose while I pre-poo with wheat germ oil.  Whatever works right?

[2]MOISTURE IS KEY Dry ends are more susceptible to splitting so keeping my hair moisturized as a means to prevent split ends (among many other reasons) certainly makes the “team.”  Deep conditioning with a moisturizing deep conditioner every wash day is all but set in stone for me.  I think I’d break out in hives picturing how dry my hair would feel during week if I ever had to skip a deep conditioning session.

The two deep conditioners I’ve used the most (and will continue to use) for the last 6 (+?) months are HairVeda Sitrinillah (can’t wait for HV’s Black Friday sale to stock up!) and Kurlee Belle Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment.  I’ve also started using my steamer again and it has definitely helped give my deep conditioning sessions a bit more “oomph” on wash days.

For my moisturizer: HairVeda Red Tea Satin Moisturizer. I wasn’t heads over heels in love with this moisturizer when I first used it but idk if it’s because of the warmer weather/more moisture in the air but for the last couple months this moisturizer had has melted its way into my heart. This + sealing with grapeseed oil has been guaranteeing me soft, smooth hair the next day.

[3]USE THE PROPER TOOLS Hair should be trimmed using sharp shears that are reserved only for trimming hair. Trimming hair with dull shears will cause split ends.  My hair shears aren’t fancy–I got them from Walgreens for $10–but they’re sharp and only reserved for snipping my ends.

[4]LIMIT USE OF DIRECT HEAT OR NIX IT COMPLETELY Because I normally use little direct heat in the year (I flat iron/use warm air when blow drying maybe 3 to 4 times a year) this “team member” is the easiest to keep up.

[5]THE SEARCH + DESTROY METHOD The “search and destroy” method is pretty much just as it sounds.  The goal is to search your ends and destroy, or snip away” any splits you find. I like to S&M when sitting in front of either a window and a desk lamp. Bright light helps me spot any pesky split ends that gotta go.

[*]HONORABLE MENTION: PROTECTIVE STYLING My go-to protective style is my faithful bun. Protective styles “protect” your ends by keeping tucked away from the elements and from clothing, which can dry out ends by drawing moisture out of hair thus causing splits and breakage.

What’s your “anti-split ends” team?


  1. Love these tips, on a hair journey myself with an aim for waist length hair. Unfortunately split and dry ends are something I struggle with. Because of this set back I am being faced with the decision of a 6 inch cut! Terrified as i've always had reasonably long hair, but I would rather health over length.

  2. Great tips Jen, I really need to up my moisture game to prevent the splits as I've been so lazy lately x

  3. "my anti split ends" team will be #1 that good ole moisturizing and sealing those ends to keep the moisture in and keep them from drying and splitting #2 is getting myself a trim to get rid of any that is there already I am so afraid of cutting my hair myself I'll have to go to the salon to get that done #3 protective styling that will protect my ends from the elements and me most of all #4 I'm gonna try ad get me some ceramides to incorporate into my regimen hearing you rave about them makes me wanna try them and I try everything you do so why not give this a whirl

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