“Lemons & Lemonade” | Simple Styles To Save Bad Hair Days

This weekend’s bun on flat-ironed hair that fluffed up due to humidity.

Tamm asks: Hi Jen, saw your IG post-humidity bun, love it! Buns are usually my go-tos as well but just wondering, what other styles have you done to turn lemons into lemonade and save a bad hair day? Or any style that you [might] try but haven’t ????? Thanks Jen!

[1] BUNS

Hi Tamm! A bun will pretty much always be my first go-to style on days when my hair misbehaves . . . well to be honest, they’re my go-to style for any given day of the week 🙂  Buns are a great way to save a bad hair day because you can either wear your hair in a simple low bun, a sleek high bun, they can be super chic and classy or messy and fun, as well as dressed up with accessories.


This works well for spicing up straight hair styles that have started to lose volume, or frizz, or when you’re simply tired of the pin straight look. The style pictured below: I remember coming home from the gym and my hair looked a mess. I didn’t have time to co-wash and detangle so after moisturizing and sealing, I grabbed 10 flexi rods (purple) and set my hair. I left the rods in overnight and the next morning these curls were born.


If you’re a long time JGA reader, it’ll come as no surprise to read that I love half-up, half-down styles.  Over the last 5 years they’ve definitely come in handy on bad hairs, especially when my curly styles start took frizzy and droopy.

The style below was achieved after moisturizing, sealing, finger-combing through the curls to loosen and divide them for a fuller look, applying a little gel (I think I used aloe vera gel) to my edges, and then simply pinning the sides back with my flexi clip.

[4] WIGS

I don’t wear or own any wigs but there have been many bad hair days I wish I did. Wigs are a very easy way to tuck your hair away until your next day all while changing your style.


What are your favorite “bad hair day” styles?


  1. Hi Jen, what size is your flexi clip? I want to get a couple. My hair has gotten a lot thicker since I started my transition. Thanks

  2. The roll and tuck, buns and randomly pinned up styles. I recently tried a halo twist and loved it too.

    1. Author

      You made me realize I left my beloved faux bobs off the list! Shame on me. Faux bobs are definitely great "saving styles."

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