Wash Day | “Summer Bun Fun”

[1] Detangle & pre-poo: I applied HairVeda Vatika Frosting to my hair (ingredients: pure unrefined coconut oil, amla extract, henna extract, lemon extract, fragrance), finger combed to remove any shed hairs and tangles, and left the oil in my hair overnight.
[2] Co-wash: I co-washed with Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner.
[3] Tea-rinsed: using black tea + rooibos tea.
[4] Deep condition: After wrapping my hair with a soft cotton towel for 15 minutes to soak excess water, I applied Kurlee Belle Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment to my hair in sections and then used my conditioning cap for an hour.

My hair with conditioner after deep conditioning for an hour

[5] T-shirt dried: for 40 minutes. After taking down the t-shirt my hair felt very moisturized and fluffy.

My hair with conditioner vs after t-shirt drying

[6] Leave-ins & detangle: After applying Kurlee Belle Thirsty Kurls Leave-In Conditioner + Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, I detangled my hair using a wide-toothed seamless comb and stretched my hair using my beloved cold air tension method.

This week’s wash day theme is “Summer Bun Fun” to showcase your favorite summer buns, either glammed up with accessories or simple and cute. My favorite bun accessories are flower clips and headbands. When wearing one of my headbands when my mother is around, she loves to warn me to stop wearing them because she claims they make me look like a child lol.

Here’s my faves. The cream flower clip and headband are from H&M. I can’t remember where I got the orange one but the heart headband is from ASOS.


I plan on adding these gems by Flowers From Fatima to my flower pin collection in the near future. I can imagine her flower bobbies pinned into a curly flexi rod up do or messy high bun.


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  1. hi jen,
    You have really nice curl. Your bun are so, so ….perfect.
    I love your hair.

  2. Hi Jen, this is a relaxer question. I use ors lye in regular. I'm finding that my hair initially I was happy with the texture. But the more my hair grows I find it harder to deal with the more textured hair. Especially as I prefer to air dry. When I air dry my hair at the back acts more like natural hair, I get a lot of tangling and breakage. Can I do a corrective relaxer over all my previously relaxed hair as a way to loosen the texture?

    1. Author

      Hi there, yes you may do a corrective relaxer if you want to further process your hair to loosen the texture. However, I advise:
      (1) waiting at least 2 months after your last relaxer before doing your corrective touch up
      (2) do a protein treatment before your relax again to strengthen your hair
      (3) if you will be self-relaxing, practice, practice, practice the corrective touch up on shed hairs to get a good sense of how much smoothing/processing time to achieve your desired results.
      (4) only do a corrective relaxer if you feel you really need to/want to. I'm not a fan of them because by relaxing already processed hair you run the risk of weakening/damaging the hair.

    2. Thanks Jen I really appreciate it! I will see if keeping my hair moisturised and plaiting my hair while air drying will help. I'm not keen on the corrective either to be honest but I worry that with the current texture I might get a lot of breakage especially at the back. Tks again.

  3. Hi Jen, decided to reword my comment to add a bit more details: Hi Jen, I'm considering incorporating silicones or petrolatum into my regime to help retain moisture. I notice you use a few silicon based products (PM super skinny and the organix products). How do you find it in terms of retaining moisture and how often do you clarify your hair.

    1. Author

      HI there, I clarify once every 2 months or so. I don't find that silicones to help my hair retain moisture (but the two serums I regularly use also do not prevent my hair from receiving moisture either). I like to use PM Super Skinny Serum after my applying my leave-in conditioner because it helps smooth my hair and provides lots of slip and Organix Anti-Breakge Serum as a sealant but it's an effective sealant and I love how it helps stop breakage.

  4. Hi Jen, how often do you clarify your hair? Do you find the silicone based serums effective sealants? Just wanted to know as I am thinking of incorporating cones to retain moisture. TIA.

    1. Author

      HI there, I clarify once every 2 months or so. The only serum I use to seal my moisturizers is Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum. I've found it be effective as a sealant and it also helps protect my ends against breakage. I don't use many products that contain cones in my regimen. The Organix Serum contains cones and as well as Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum which I use on wash days pretty much every week after I apply my leave-in conditioner—but I don't use PM SSS as a sealant, unless you want to think of it as sealing in my leave-in conditioner maybe, but I never have.

      Okay long story short lol. I use Organix Anti-Breakage Serum as a sealant when I want an extra boost of strength against breakage. It's a pretty effective sealant but I don't reach for it solely for the purposes of helping my hair retain more moisture.

      Hope that made sense!

    2. It makes complete sense! Thank you. I might give the coconut milk serum a try as I am experiencing breakage but it my be due to lack of moisture. Would it still be ok to use the serum or do I risk protein overload?

    3. Author

      The serum isn't that strong of a protein (i.e. not at the same level as a protein treatment) that it would cause protein overload but if you want to play it safe, I'd try the moisture route (e.g. deep conditioning, moisturizing regularly, bagging your ends) and use the serum a once or twice during the week (start off with a small section as test first).

  5. I'm in love with your bun Jen. Your accessories are so cute, I need to get me some! x

  6. I love your fun bun accessories! I have a drawer full of headbands and clips to jazz up my buns—but I always gravitate to the same floral flower bow. But hey—if it ain't broke don't fix it right?

    I've had a few FlowersFromFatina accessories on my wish list for a while now…thanks for reminding me! *Runs over to Etsy!*

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Author

      Thanks KLP! I need FlowersFromFatima's bobbies in my life like yesterday.

  7. I am seeing some really cute headbands today. I love yours! I haven't seen one with a heart like that before. I have some flower bobby pins like that and I love them. I think I got them at Forever 21, but when I see Etsy items like this it makes me think I should spend more time on there. Then again, I do not really need to shop any more than I already do so I should probably continue to stay away lol

    1. Author

      I agree, I loved KLP and Special K's headbands!

  8. have you tried a wash and go? you have a nice and defined curl/wavy pattern going on even though you are relaxed.

    1. Author

      Hi there, no I haven't. Even though most of my hair now either natural or texlaxed with texture, I still have some bone straight ends from when I used to relaxed my hair bone straight. I look forward to when I'll be able to do a wash and go though!

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