Wash Day

[1] Detangled with my “upgraded” marshmallow root detangler.
[2] Added grapeseed oil after detangling each section and pre-pooed overnight.
[3] Co-washed with Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner
[4] Tea rinsed with the rest of my marshmallow root + slippery elm mix after adding green tea to it.
[5] Deep conditioned with Kurlee Belle Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment for an hour under my conditioning cap.
[6] Sprayed hair and scalp with ACV+water mix.
[7] T-shirt dried for 45 minutes.
[8] Applied leave-ins (Komaza Care Matani Leave-In + Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum) and then detangled my hair. After detangling each quadrant. I divided it in half and blow dried my root with cold hair using the tension method to stretch them. I wasn’t up for a full stretch + blow dry session this wash so I only dried my hair long enough to stretch it a bit and then clipped my hair to keep it stretched while I moved on to the next section. My hair was still a bit damp by the time I’d finished with the last section so I finished air drying in bun.

This weekend’s wash day was the first wash where I seriously considered cutting a substantial amount of my hair. I’m still committed to transitioning long term (for now lol) but I’m just so tired of dealing with 3 different textures (natural new growth, texlaxed, bone straight). I might straighten my hair this weekend and try NOT to cut off more than 1-2 inches… but going back to BSL/MBL is very tempting.

Scissor-happy thoughts aside, the highlight of this wash day was how well the “upgraded” version of my marshmallow root detangler worked. I added slippery elm this time around and detangling my hair was. a. breeze. Both marshmallow root and slippery elm are full of mucilage that provide loads of slip. The detangler also did a great job at softening my hair. My hair below is saturated with the marshmallow + slippery elm detangler and is post-finger detangling.

^^^ In the picture on the left it’s easy to see why I want to cut off a handful of inches. The left side of my nape has always been the problem child and it’s where I’ve experienced the most breakage at the line of demarcation.


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  1. If you do not mind me asking, what is your hair type?


  2. I think I will buy a bottle of wine in your honor when you big chop (another reason for me to have a date with Pinot). Will you give the hair away? Kisses!

    1. Author

      Lol!! I'm slowing trimming away my relaxed hair so by the time I make the final cut there will hardly be enough hair to donate and it probably won't be in its healthiest state. But if I grow out my natural hair very long in the future I'd be interested in donating that.

  3. SO.MUCH.HAIR!!! Que massive amounts of drooling!

    I wish I could find things like marshmallow root and slippery elm in my country!! And ordering off of Amazon is gonna cost me more than I think it's worth taking into consideration shipping costs. Any suggestions on things that might be good substitutes?

    On the scissor happy thoughts – I FEEL you!! My hair is barely APL, but I have this ridiculous 2-3 inches of highly porous ends that annoy the living crap out of me, especially as the rest of my hair I have got the balances just right. But cutting those off would put me back to barely shoulder length, and hell to the no to THAT, as Madea would say.

    1. Author

      Hmm instead of the powders would it be possible to find marshmallow tea at the market?

      The sections that just can't get with the program are the most annoying!

    1. Author

      I've resorted to finding my scissors under my mattress lol. Whenever my hair is wet all I ever want to do is cut it… but I will behave lol

  4. Jen, your curls look awesome! You are doing so great!

    I've toyed with transitioning. My longest stretch has been 6 months, but between feeling like my hair grows slowly, dealing with the multiple textures and coming upon the busy time at work I always relax again. If I felt I would have this amount of new growth at a year post I might stick with it, but alas I don't think that my hair grows that quickly. In addition I think I will be a straight natural so that doesn't help me either.

    I look forward to reading the rest of your journey!

  5. LOL girl.. I gave up last week and BC'd last week at 6 months post. You are doing GREAT.

    1. Author

      You did?! Congrats, I bet it's world easier now with just the one texture to manage! Thank you!

  6. Put the scissors down chica!

    I totally understand how you feel. Every time that I wash my hair I'm shocked by the look of my wet hair. My roots + texlaxed hair shrinks up to nothing and my straighter ends look pitiful.

    But I bet when/if you straighten soon you'll see that your ends look fine!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Author

      Lol! Yes ma'am! I keep telling myself that if my hair was straightened, my ends wouldn't look as sad. That's the only thought that has kept my twitchy-scissor-happy hands at bay.

  7. Sometimes im very tempted to cut my hair so that the transition would be easier. (Oh by the way ive decided to go natural currently 8 months post!) I getting my Senegalese twist installed on Monday to help keep my hands, heat and scissors away from my hair. Good Luck!

    1. Author

      Congrats on your decision!!! Your twists will be a great way to keep your hair tucked away.

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