Transitioning Talk: Decision Made

Do you remember in junior high or high school when you were voted “most likely to…,” “best smile,” or “most friendly?” It’s graduation day and I’ve been voted “most indecisive, fence straddler extraordinaire.” Welp I’ve finally made up my mind.

I started stretching my relaxer to give myself time to decide whether I would transition to natural to support and cheer on my mother who is natural but isn’t a fan of her natural hair. Being this far along in my stretch (10 more weeks until I hit the 1 year mark) I was ready to say “just do it,” but my mother’s excitement when I told her I was committing to joining her journey sealed the deal. She was just over the moon. I was a little surprised at her reaction but I should’ve known. I’m an only child and my mother LOVES ALL mother-daughter activities, so going natural and growing my natural hair out with her is right up that alley.

My biggest goal will be getting my mother to feel comfortable wearing her curls out in public (she’s been natural for about 9 years but wears wigs). I’m pretty sure I might cry when she does lol!

What does going natural mean for my relaxed content?

Well, nothing. I will still love healthy, relaxed hair just as I’ve loved healthy, natural hair while relaxed. While the bulk of my posts and responses are based on my experiences, a huge percentage of them are applicable to both natural hair care and relaxed hair care, e.g. moisture, detangling, hot oil treatments, shampooing tips… you get the point.

Will I abandon my relaxed readers now?

Heck no! I will still continue to post tips and respond to questions that pertain to maintaining healthy relaxed hair. HEALTHY HAIR is the goal around these parts, be it relaxed or natural. All walks of readers and hair story submitters have always been welcomed and will continue to be welcomed. #healthyhairhugsallaround!

Will I transition long term or plan to big chop?

No chopping around these parts. It’ll be a long transition, while gradually trimming (just like I did when I made the switch to texlaxing my hair instead of relaxing bone straight). I’m nearly a year post relaxer and plan to transition until my natural hair is at least mid-back length, straightened.

How will my regimen change while transitioning?

Only time will tell, but for right now it won’t. The regimen I’ve been using for a very long time now — pre-poo, shampoo or co-wash, tea rinse, deep condition, leave-ins and then detangling, with the sort of recent addition of stretching out my hair via tension method — will be what I follow until I have to adjust out of necessity. My regimen works… “and if it ain’t broke…”

“Transitioning Talk”

I’m going to do a “Transition Talk” series from time to time on what’s working, what isn’t, and tips so be on the look out for that!

Even though I’ve typed up this wordy post on transitioning to natural, it doesn’t really feel like my universe has shifted haha. Same ol’ Jen, same ol’ basic outlook on maintaining the health of my hair: moisture + a little protein + low manipulation. Same ol’ JGA… just with the addition of more texture, curls & kinks popping up.

And speaking of which, it’s been really fun to see how my texture varies across my big head. Like the tight curls that live at the left side of my nape.

To the looser texture that lives at the right side of my nape.

To the looser texture at my crown that just waves in some parts and can’t be bothered to even curl.

Is anyone else starting a new journey? Or on a long-term relaxer stretch?

Update: Thank you everyone for the outpour of support!!!! ((HUGS))


  1. I’m 11 months post and will be big chopping in April. I can’t wait because I’m tired of dealing with the two textures and the shedding! the shedding, omg! I’ve truly enjoyed seeing the new growth and learning about my hair throughout these months. I can’t wait to fully embrace and love my natural texture.

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