Wash Day (Flexi Rod Fun)

[1] I started off by pre-pooing with Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment. It’s been a while since I mentioned this conditioner huh? I don’t know why I never repurchased this conditioner but it’s great. Below is my hair after pre-pooing 1.5 hours. The conditioner sunk into my hair well, detangled it very well, and made my hair so very soft. I’ve been looking for a great conditioner that I could find in stores, for under $10 (this was $6.49 at Walgreens) that conditions well, penetrates, and most importantly detanles very well. Well “winner, winner, chicken dinner,” I think by revisiting this conditioner I may have found just what I was looking for.

[2] After rinsing out the conditioner, I shampooed with Creme of Nature Moisture & Shine Shampoo. Many of you suggested I try this shampoo and I’m happy I heeded your advice because it’s a very nice shampoo. It’s sulfate free, but cleansed my hair well. Most importantly (and to my surprise to be honest) it detangled my hair so freaking well and let my hair so soft afterwards. Keeper? Oh yes.

[3] After shampooing, I tea rinsed with marshmallow root.

[4] Then I deep conditioned overnight with Kurlee Belle Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment.

[5] After t-shirt drying for 20 minutes, I applied Komaza Care Matani Leave-In Conditioner and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum and detangled. After detangling each section I set my hair on flexi rods (23 purple & 5 gray rods) and blasted my roots with cold air from my blowdryer for about 30 minutes before letting it air dry overnight.

As much as I like the ease that comes with simply detangling, air drying, and bunning during the week, I’ve become very bored with my hair. Short of with straightening it or cutting off enough hair to make y’all scream at your screens, curly hair for the week was was the safer route.

I picked up a tip from KinkyKurlyQueen’s recent flexi rod video where she started a two strand twist before setting her hair on the rod in order to stretch out her roots. I tried it on a couple sections and it’s seriously is a great tip! The sections where I started a two strand twist, my roots were stretched, creating a more uniform curl. You can see the difference in results below. Now I wish I started a two strand twist at every section. But that’s life. We learn and store knowledge for the future.

The next morning, I removed the rods and divided each curl into 2 or 3.


  1. Hi Jen. .I just wanted to know the name/brand of the clips you used they look like they're pretty good quality. . Please & Thank You

    1. Author

      Hi there! They're croc clips (these are the generic kind). I purchased them on Amazon.

  2. I was about ready to toss that conditioner out my window because i used it as a deep conditioning treatment because it left my hair feeling hard. But thanks to you I'll try it as a prepoo treatment and see.

  3. Jen your curls are beautiful, even after 4 days!
    A lovely shampoo! I recently passed the 1 year mark of transitioning to natural hair and this shampoo helps to make wash day manageable.
    My relaxed hair didnt like the conditioner (mineral oil) but maybe I will try it again when I'm fully natural.
    Holland girl

  4. Yaaaay I knew you would like the shampoo & you are right the conditioner is great too.

  5. I love the CON Deep conditioner. Can I ask why you choose to use the Deep conditioner Before shampooning? Wouldnt it have more effect if you used it after the shampoo? Just asking.

    1. Author

      My hair is iffy when it comes to products that contain mineral oil so I've been wary about using it as a deep conditioner. Using as a pre poo instead has been the safe route because I can always shampoo or co-wash after using it. I'll be brave and try it as a DC soon though ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love CON products also but there are so many "good" products on the market, sometimes I don't get around to repurchasing either! Great tip to twist at the roots…I'll be using that!

    1. Author

      Def use it! I love when simple things are super effective

    1. Author

      Thanks hun! It was a rough night lol. Sleeping on my stomach or one side works best

    1. Author

      Thank you Evalyne! Check out Ebony of Longing4Length's YouTube page, she has a flexi rod video from Jan, 2010 (I think) that helped me when I first started doing my flexi rod sets. Hope that helps!

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