(Final) Nape Challenge Check-In

This is my sixth and final check-in for this challenge I started back in July. Time sure does fly!

When I first started out, my main goal was to baby my nape to prevent additional breakage. The last 6 months have been good ones for my nape.

What has helped the most:
Keeping my nape moisturized. The moisturizer I’ve used the most Pura Body Naturals Murumuru Moisture Milk. Love this stuff. Deep conditioning twice a week has also helped keep my nape moisturized.

• Using a little protein during the week to give my hair a boost of strength. Over the last 6 months I’ve used CHI Keratin Mist and Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum for my protein-fixes. The CH Keratin Mist I used – after moisturizing and sealing – a couple 2-3 times a week. The Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum I used as a sealant or just on my ends on days on I wore my hair down.

• I cut off 2 inches at the end of November. I was happy to seem them go. The trim made me 2 inches closer to having a healthier, more even nape.

• I stopped parting my nape down the middle when detangling. I now part my nape in four when detangling it. The center of my nape had the most breakage, which I’m sure that 2 years of parting my hair and detangling with comb the same way contributed to.

• Reducing tension on lower section of my hair when wearing buns/ponytails. To reduce the pull on the lowest part of my nape when wearing buns or ponytails I either do a few twists (pictured here) – and only when wearing a low bun – or I gently loosen my grip on my nape when gathering my hair into the ponytail holder.

As you can see below, my nape isn’t perfect and it’s going to take time to get it there. There are no “quick fixes” and I’m okay with that. I started this nape challenge to stop further breakage and thankfully, mission accomplished. The only thing I can do is continue to prevent further breakage and continue to trim away the thinner ends until I have an awesome nape. I’m excited just thinking about having my nape thick from root to tip.

The lower sections of my nape are the thinnest and as I part higher, the ends thicken up. I tried to get pics of what I mean below: The picture to the left is the last 2-2.5 inches of my nape (I parted from ear to ear) and the picture on the right, is after parting maybe 1.5 inches up. I hope that makes sense haha.

In case you missed my past nape challenge check-ins:
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How’s your nape doing? What has been working for you?


  1. Great progress! My trouble areas have always been my crown and edges. I'm currently working on getting/keeping both areas in tip top shape 🙂

    Courtnea of Finally Growing!

  2. WOW! wow and WOW! your nape looks amazing! I really need to buckle down and deal with my nape. ugh…* runs to check out your other nape post* lol

  3. Wow Jen, congrats on your progress! Your nape just really inspired me to keep believing I can get mine thick and healthy if I continue being diligent about how I care for it. Thanks!

  4. Oh wow!
    I never thought about getting breakage from combing the same way all the time. I'm definitely going to keep that in mind from now on!

  5. Congrats on your progress! I too have been sealing with Organix anti breakage serum for the past week. Is daily use safe since it contains protein?

    1. Oh never mind I found the answer on your review of the product. I have no idea whether my air is protein sensitive or not since I only used protein treatments so I will alternate just to be safe. Happy hair journey! =]

  6. Wow! Your deligence paid off…your nape looks thick and healthy 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks! Yes, the nape is one of those tricky areas that seems to need extra TLC

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