5 Tips To Help Edges Bounce Back

1. Avoid styles that place tension on your edges

Tight ponytails, buns, and braids place a lot of tension on your edges that will cause them to break and thin over time. When I was a little girl, I wore box braids 9 months of out the year and often times the braids at my edges would be so tight over time the braids would rip my hair out.

2. Massage edges with oil

Scalp massages with jamaican black castor oil may help stimulate growth as well as thicken edges.

3. Keep edges moisturized

Dry hair is more prone to break than hair that is adequately moisturized. Be kind to your edges, keep them moisturized.

4. Avoid over-brushing your edges

Brushes are not evil, but think of the situation this way: if you’re experiencing lower back pain, the last thing you want to do is lift a 50 pound box. That’s just asking for more pain and more severe back issues. Similarly, when dealing with thinning edges, over-brushing will definitely cause more harm than good. When my edges started thinning a couple years ago I gladly threw away my brush because it was only making the situation worse.

If you do use a brush, use a soft bristle brush but don’t rely on solely the brush to tame your edges. Dampen your edges before brushing, use non-flaking gel or moisturizer, and tie your edges down with a scarf to smooth out your edges.

5. If you relax your hair, apply the relaxer to your edges last

This tip applies even if your edges are healthy and thriving. By applying the relaxer to your edges (and nape) last, you reduce the risk of over-processing your already weakened hair. Touch up your edges (and nape) every other relaxer is also an option.

Hope this helps!


  1. So I am trying to get my edges on one side to be restored after two months of wearing seneglase twist braids for some reasons my edges came out. 1) The hair I accidentally picked up was heavier, than the typical one, 2) it wasn’t as tight the day I got it done but for a month straight it was tight, 3) I used gel to keep my edges down which has alcohol that I had NO idea.. I have been taking multivitamins and biotin, I used Dr. miracle’s daily oil but it was too greasy, so now I’m using jbco, and plan on getting a protein pack and some tea tree oil tommorow. I’m just kinda frustrated, its in one spot and its slowly slowly coming back in. At least I have peach fuzz I just hope and pray my follicles didn’t die or some crap like that. I just feel so off!

  2. I have fine hair and i have problem growing it, uneven ends,split ends,thinning hair,breakage, baldspots you name I have it, I have it, this really sucks I just want to grow my hair, Ca you help me?

  3. Oh my goodness, thank you Jeni for posting this! I've been having trouble with my edges for a few years now, & once I noticed they were getting healthier & thicker, they thinned back out once I went to get my touch up (Dec. 17th). Its been about 4 weeks & I noticed my hair is still shedding & breaking alot since my touch up, but I'll be putting these tips into my regimen along with the garlic oil mixture you posted a while back. You are truly my hair-inspiration, & I'm working hard to grow my hair long and thick like yours! Thanks again!

  4. Very Informative. How do you make these posters?

    1. Author

      Thanks! With Pixelmator (similar to Adobe Photoshop).

  5. Hi Jen, any update on when you will release your 2014 Hair Journal?

    1. Author

      Hi there, apologies – I saw your previous comment and meant to comment back. Yes, I hope to have the downloadable version done by the end of the week. Actually working on it now… I hope you'll like it!

    2. It's ok! I know it's hard keeping up with all of these comments. The timing is perfect because I was hoping it would be released before my next touch up! Thank you very much! I'm sure I'll LOVE it!

    3. By the way, the search feature of your blog seems to be malfunctioning. Not sure if you're aware of that.

    4. Author

      Thank you for understanding! While I finalize it, if there's anything you'd like to see it, feel free to let me know!

    5. Author

      Oh yikes, I didn't know search was down – thanks for the heads up!

    6. Author

      Just fixed the search function – it's the set up as the old search – but it's a workaround for now until the old search function is restored.

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