Product Review: Hairitage Hydration Soft Coconut Marshmallows

Update: I purchased bottles of Pink Grapefruit Punch at the start of November and found that my conditioners on (1/19/14) had mold. All my HH products were tossed.

Price & Purchased From

$15.00 for 8 oz from


“This leave-in gives the hair great slip, as well as conditions it with marshmallow root herb. Great for detangling.”


Distribute product through hair after washing. May be used as a detangler or as a daily moisturizer.


Purified Water infused with Marshmallow Root, Lime butter, Castor Oil, Irish Moss Infused Coconut Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, BTMS-50, Germail Plus, Lime and Tea Tree Essential Oil

My Assessment

I have been using this leave-in conditioner for weeks now and I love it. I love the way this leave-in smells, a yummy soft lime scent. HH’s products in general always smell great. Some days I secretly hope she’ll decided to create hair mists and sell some of my favorite scents.

As for it’s consistency, it has a nice, creamy consistency that easily absorbs into my hair.

Because I predominately air dry my hair nearly 100% of the time, a good leave-in (for me) is one that leaves my air dried hair adequately moisturized so that I can avoid having to use any additional moisturizer and avoid weighing down my hair. Thankfully, this leave-in does just that.

On application, SCM absorbs well and provides some slip to aid with detangling (which I have appreciated during this relaxer stretch). My hair dries soft, light, and SCM does not leave my hair feeling coated. I tend to be heavy handed with products and if I’m not mindful I end up applying a bit more than is necessary but even so, my hair still doesn’t feel weighed down once it’s dry.

I especially love the lasting moisture I get from this leave-in. Among my staple moisturizing leave-in conditioners, there is currently a tie between SCM and Pura Body Naturals Murumuru Moisture Milk, but I have been using this one more often because it helps me detangle my hair better than PBN Murumuru Moisture Milk. In comparison to my love time love Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In, I’ve grown to like this leave-in more. Y’all know how long I’ve been using and loving DB’s Daily Leave-In so that last sentence should make you gasp lol.

Oh, and wash day air dried results using this leave-in conditioner are posted herehere, here, and here.


Have you tried this leave-in conditioner? Like it? Love it? Left it?

 Update: Hairitage Hydration  is having a Black Friday sale (on 11/29): Prices have been marked down 35%. No code needed.


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  1. Do you still purchase the products after finding mold in them or have you used another product in the place of this?

    1. I love her mango colada leave in conditioner and it has and still does wonders for me hair. I purchased her products on the black friday sale last year for the first time. I purchased the soft coconut marshmallow, mango colada, big city, and the pink berry mimosa. I only kept the mango colada and gave the other stuff away because they weren't as moisturizing for my hair as the mango colada. The only thing I will say is that her customer service skills does really stink and that's too bad because I for one like her products but I'm about to go elsewhere too because she doesn't really respond when you contact her. IF she does she comes across very rude. NO BUENO!!

  2. Ladies need to go over to the CurlyNikki forum and the Long Hair Care forum Vendor review section and read what has been going on with Hairitage Hydration. Plenty of people are having issues with molding, customer service etc. Not surprised, with the filthy conditions in which she makes the products in as evidenced by the pictures she posts on Instagram, her admission that she doesn't use measurement, dirty fingernails, lack of glove use, dirty apartment etc. Not to mention this woman is disrespectful to her customers. She has deleted a whole lot off of her FB page. She has referred to her customers as haters, crooks, thieves etc.. Since the whole fiasco started and she has been exposed, I too have tossed all of my Hairitage Hydration products. Everything starts here around December 6

    Anybody who continues to do business with her is asking for trouble. Mold is nothing to play with.

  3. Seems like such a waste and an overreaction to toss all of the products because one went bad.

    1. Are you serious! It is more scary that she already used it. I hope she doesn't get any bad reactions. Mold in a product is there way before you see it. You only see the mold after a lot of growth. So I too would be afraid to keep the other products, especially after so many other people seeing mold in their products.

    2. Author

      Unfortunately it wasn't one. Three bottles had mold. They had to go, as well as the others. Mold isn't something I'm willing to take chances with.

    3. I purchased a bottle of the Espresso Self on 11/08/2013, received it on 01/07/2014 (!); checked the bottle yesterday to use during my wash & it has mold particles throughout. Needless to say, I have trashed all 3 items I purchased from her and will never buy anything from her again.

  4. So you no longer seal with grape see oil? You only use serums?

    I can't wait for the sale so I can try the product! 😉 *shimmy*

  5. How do you know if a deep condition conditions your hair properly to keep it a staple? does it have to do with slip or anything like that? the same question for a daily moisturizer. Thanks in advance

  6. Doesn't do anything to help detangle my 4A/B hair, but LOVE this as a leave-in! This product and the Cocoaloe Hair Hydrator are part of my holy grails. My hair just simply loves coconut and aloe vera anything lol.

  7. Thanks Jen for the code. Just added Pink grapefruit punch and Soft coconut Marshmallow to my cart. Do you know if Silk dreams might be having a BF sale as well?

    1. Author

      Hmm, I don't think SD has released any info about a Black Friday but I hope there is a sale! I'm running low on Vanilla Silk. I'll post any info I get on a SD sale.

  8. I am new to replying using google. Sorry for the blank response above. I tried viewing this product on the link provided and did not see the Soft Coconut Marshmallow.

    1. Author

      No worries. And SCM is listed under the "Creative Conditioners" tab on HH's site.

  9. Been waiting on this review!
    I've had my eye on this one but instead I grabbed the Pink Lemon Berry Mimosa and Mango Colada leave ins during her October sale. I've never used a really creamy leave in before but hers had me intrigued enough to pick them up.
    I'm 2 weeks relaxed after a 22 week stretch so now I'm more willing to experiment with stuff vs struggling with products on inches of NG. If the others don't work out, I'll add this one to the list.

    1. Author

      I got the Pink Lemon Berry Mimosa as well. I haven't tried it yet but from reviews I've read, it sounds very moisturizing.

  10. I would love to know how Soft Coconut Marshmallows works for a roller set or flex-rod set. If anybody tried it, please let me know.

  11. annnd let the black friday PJ games beginnnn lol…thanks alot jen lol even tho my hair will really b thanking u

    1. Author

      Lol! I'm such an enabler around this time time of the year haha.

  12. Yes I have tried it and Iove it. I bought a 16 oz bottle of it during her BF sale and I haven't even put a dent in the bottle that I have now. Lol I love the soft lime scent it has.

    1. Author

      Same here. I've only used maybe 1/5 of my bottle and I stocked up on a 16 oz during her last sale too.

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