When we think about products that soften hair, our mind goes straight to moisturizing conditioners and moisturizers. Protein also plays a role in helping our hair retain as much moisture as possible. Check out BHI’s helpful infographic and original post here.

How protein softens your hair Infographic

Courtesy of BlackHairInformation.com


  1. I have low porosity hair, and I thought protein was not needed in my regimen. I am confused. Should I include it or not?

  2. Yep I agree. My regime causes my hair to get wet a lot. I exercise a lot. Co-wash (2x weekly) and shampoo and DC (1x weekly). I need protein much more than moisture when air drying to seal the water in. The moment I go a day without using a protein infused product my hair gets gummy and limp and my ends just pop off.

    I love the infographic used to illustrate this.x

    1. Author

      My pleasure! It's a great infographic.

  3. This is a great post. I used to avoid protein like the plague but in the past year have been using light protein treatments regularly. I think will try and use protein a bit more after reading this post x

  4. I used to always shy away from protein. I'd use it, but very sparingly and always follow up with moisture. Lately I've been usng Mane n Tail products and not following up with moisture and my hair is loving it. My next wash I'll use moisture products but I've learned to not be afraid of protein.

  5. I don't get it…i thought protein made your hair hard. I mean, i know protein treatments are good for your hair, but that we shouldn't do them too often, because they make your hair hard…help! I'm really confused here. BTW, love, love, love your blog, Jen!!

    1. Protein can make your hair FEEL hard, but they are used to strengthen your hair by replacing lost protein. There are different kinds of protein. Strong (hard) treatments like eggs shouldn't be used often because then it's hard to balance your moisture. It's all about finding your moisture/protein balance. It IS confusing, but the more you work with your own hair, it makes sense.

    2. That's right. I might also add that protein corrects the structural damage in the hair which helps your hair retain moisture better. Also it highly depends on the kind of protein that you use. Yogurt and eggs will coat the outside of your hair which for many ppl makes their hair feel drier. Silk protein and hydrolyzed keratin on the other hand. Pure magic!

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