Toji: Pure Density Month One

I’ve finished my first bottle of Toji: Pure Density (time flies huh) so it’s time for my check-in.

I followed the directions to the letter, taking 2 tablets in the morning (with food) and 2 in the evening (with food). Regarding the directions for these vitamins, I sent the co-founder this question:

The recommended usage is to take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night. Is this recommended so that there is a constant level of nutrients and vitamins in the body for optimum results?

He confirmed it was:

The body can only process a certain amount of nutrients in an hour and excretes the rest that can’t be processed. We wanted to split the recommended dosage between morning and night so that the ingredients could be absorbed throughout the day.

Toji recommends taking this supplement for a minimum of three months before noticing any results so I won’t be sharing tales a growth spurt in month one but I still wanted to post an update because a few of you JGAers have e-mailed me about any side-effects I’ve experienced (e.g. increase in acne, upset stomach). Thankfully I didn’t experience any side-effects (and hope it stays like that!). No upset stomach, nausea, dizziness, no random aches. I get frequent headaches but thankfully I tracked my number of headaches the month before starting Toji and the during the first month. The frequency of my headaches remained the same so Toji hasn’t had an effect on my headaches.

My biggest worry was an increase in acne, but no issues there. I got one pimple but it was during my monthly cycle and I always get a few breakouts during that week. I’ve kept my diet and eating habits the same, my workout routine and skin care routine were kept the same, and I continued to take my woman’s multi vitamin, so I’d have noticed any weird, out of the blue symptoms.

I have to admit that a comment posted by one of our readers on my original post about talking these supplements for the next six months scared the bejeezus out of me. She shared that she took Toji: Pure Density for one month and a large portion of hair fell out. Well I was nearing my one month mark when she posted so I started checking my nearly daily for increased shedding (and praying that when day 30 hit my hair didn’t decided to take a trip to Shed City!). I went back and compared pictures of my shed hair that I took before I started taking Toji to pictures I took while on Toji and didn’t see a difference. The average number of shed hairs I removed when I moisturize and seal did not change either. Whew! So no shedding issues for me.

No increase in shedding and no side effects =  a good first month to me. But remember I, by no means, am the blueprint. We have to keep in mind that everyone is different and our bodies will not react to things the same way.

I’ll do my next updates at month 3 and month 6 so I can report any big changes.

Are you currently taking or have taken Toji: Pure Density? Like it? Love it? Left it? 

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  1. Hi Jen……when will you post your three month update? I'm dying to know what your results have been

  2. I am about halfway through my second bottle. I have had two pregnancies. After each, my hair changed and became more dry, thinner, and more easily damaged. After the first pregnancy, my hair returned to it's previous state (I had thick, only slightly wavy hair, it never required much maintanence, had great shine and was very manageable). After my second pregnancy, it remained thin, frizzy and unmanageable. The next few years went by and my hair continued to thin, I had imbalances – while my hair was dry and brittle, my scalp was oily. I was able to notice my part was widening and compensated by parting hair different ways. (I'll add that my parents and grandparents have or had full heads of dark or red hair to this day or to the grave.I do not believe this is genetic). This past summer, I experienced a very stressful event when my husbands mother was in a motorcycle accident. The stress it caused was extreme and my hair loss increased and my hair was getting thinner and thinner. I also add that I was found to have a vitamin D deficiency in August of this year, so I currently take toji and vitamin D 5000 daily. Otherwise, I eat a healthy diet, workout 4-5 times per week (including yoga for stress relief) and use neutrogena t-gel shampoo to improve my scalp health. At 1.5 (ish) months, I have not had one side effect, but I am diligent in taking these vitamins with food and a full glass of almond milk, so no nausea or stomach upset has occured. I did experience some insomnia (possibly the B vitamins?) so I take the evening dose around 4pm with some fruit, pumpkin seeds, and almond milk. (morning dose is taken between 6 and 7 AM with oatmeal or quinoa). What I can say so far: #1. My hair seems healthier. Be it from the Toji, from the introduction of more vitamin D, the shampoo, or the 3 together, it just seems healthier. My husband commented on it! (Come on, you know that's a big deal!) #2, my skin is AMAZING. I didn't have many issues skin wise prior to, but had the monthly breakouts. That hasn't happened at all! Of couse I'm not many months in, but it's SOMETHING. #3, my nails were very strong/thick before. Still so at this point. Growth of nails is faster. I know this because I wear contacts – when you have to trim your nails every 3-4 days to get your contacts out of your eyes, you notice! #4, I did not experience what I read from reviews noting an increase in hair loss during months 1-2. I had the opposite, I can count on one hand, maybe 2, the number of hairs lost during a shower. My brushes/combs also show less hair loss. As far as the hair itself… There is no change in the thickness of the hair shaft, none that is obvious anyway. I have not yet noticed new hair growth, though my part is less wide. But my hair has become more manageable – I can curl it again and it stays, I can straighten it and it sometimes stays (rainy days aside). My overall assessment? I'm committed to trying this product for the 6 months minimum and hope for continued improvement.

  3. I had to discontinue using these, it caused my hair to shed massively and I have only been taking it for a month. I'm hoping the shedding will subside in the next week or two. My hair has NEVER shed has much as this product has caused, seriously alarming. I hope you continue to have success with using these supplements though.

    1. Author

      Oh no! I really hope the shedding stops!

  4. No supplements for me any more. I was just wondering though, if you'd ever considered doing a challenge? I check your blog daily and kinda hope that would be motivation for me to step up my hair game! 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi there, I started a couple challenges over in the JGA forum ( but I've considered hosting one here (with prizes) since more people visit the blog. Any ideas about what kinds of challenge?

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