Product Review: Pura Body Naturals Murumuru Moisture Milk

Price: $15.00 for 8 oz bottle

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Promises: “Murumuru Moisture Milk is a lightweight water based moisturizer which can be used as a daily moisturizer for those in need of moisture and sheen. It can also be used a leave-in conditioner to moisture and help maintain soft healthy hair. Murumuru Butter is grown in the depths of the Amazon and has been known its anti-inflammatory and bactericide properties. It’s rich oleic acid content promotes nutrition and moisture to skin and hair. Murumuru acts as an excellent emollient properties along with its natural gloss brings a desirable shine to dry, damaged hair. It’s specifically useful for people of all ethnicities with kinky, curly, or wavy hair because of it’s emollient abilities to increase manageability. This product can be applied to chemically processed hair as well to increase moisture content and sheen.”

Directions: Can be used as a daily moisturizer for those seeking soft manageable hair both kids and adults. MuruMuru Moisture Milk can be used to detangle hair in addition to adding a much needed boost of moisture.

Ingredients: water, murumuru butter, BTMS (behentrimonium sulfate and cetearyl alcohol), castor bean oil, palm oil, avocado oil, chamomile extract, vitamin E, phenoxyethanol, capryl glycol (paraben and formaldehyde free preservative), fragrance and/or essential oil.

Packaging: I really appreciate the fact that this moisturized is packaged in a blue, light blocking bottle. Like amber bottles, blue bottles also protect its contents from light degradation.

Fragrance: This moisturizer is offered in two scents: Lemongrass Blend and Tahitian Vanilla (unscented is also an option). I purchased the Tahitian Vanilla. It’s light and doesn’t trigger migraines for me.

Consistency: It has a creamy consistency that sinks right into my hair, which is always appreciated.

How I’ve Used: Leave-in conditioner and moisturizer.

Effectiveness: I bought this after A. Rice – check out her hair story here – sent me an e-mail because she thought I might like this moisturizer and thought I might want to take advantage of a sale that PBNaturals was having at the time (I have the best readers!) I’m always up for trying new products and remembered that my hair likes many of the products that A. Rice uses so I took the plunge. 
I’ve been using this moisturizer since the beginning of September and it has bumped Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme out of the number one spot.  Even though DB’s CLTC is a good moisturizer – it moisturizes and absorbs into my hair well – Murumuru Moisture Milk has just been working a bit better.
On application, this moisturizer sinks into my hair very well. It does not leave behind an oily feel and helps keep my hair moisturized for 2, nearly 3 days after using it. It also works well on my new growth. I love that it doubles up as a moisturizer and leave-in for me. This is actually the first moisturizer I’ve used as a leave-in that my hair actually likes. I’ve tried HairVeda Red Satin Moisturizer as a leave-inand it didn’t go well (but as moisturizer it’s nice). That one made my hair feel very coated. I’ve also tried Silk Dreams Mocha Silk Hair Milk as a leave-in and it left my hair a bit stiff, but I love it as a moisturizer.

As a leave-in, Murumuru Moisture Milk doesn’t weigh my hair down, sinks in, and it provides lasting softens as my hair dries. I love it for air drying but because of it’s creamy consistency I don’t think it would work well for me as a leave-in when roller setting.

If MMMM working so well will I continue to use CTLC? I doubt I will. With MMM I basically get two products for the price of one that work a bit better . . . more bang for my buck.

Have you tried this moisturizer? Like it? Love it? Left it? Or what’s your favorite moisturizer?

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  1. I want to try this product so bad but all of the products are out of stock on the site. Is there anywhere else I can buy this?

  2. Have you used PN Moisture Milk with PM Skinny serum for air drying… did it come out ok if so?

    1. Author

      I most likely have. I've never had an issue with PM Skinny Serum when air drying with any leave-in I've ever used.

  3. Hi Jeni! I love your blog and your personality – makes for an inspiring and fun read as I learn to care for my hair 🙂 I really want to try this product, but it's out of stock on Any idea where else to buy? Thanks so much!

    1. Author

      Aw thank you! 🙂 I'm not sure where else to buy other than PBN's main website, but all products are currently listed out of stock while PBN get's ready for their Black Friday sale so if you wait until the sale, you'll be able to purchase it at a discounted price 🙂

  4. Does this moisturizer contain any protein? I don't need much protein in my hair…THX

  5. Great review!
    When you say you use a product as a leave in or you use it as a moisturuzer, what do you mean is the difference as in the way of using it?

    1. Author

      Thanks! As a leave-in conditioner I use it after washing & deep conditioning. As a moisturizer, I use it during the week and seal with grapeseed oil after.

  6. I'm in love with Jessicurl Too Shea! Leave In. It doubles as a co-wash and a light deep conditioner. Multi-purpose products are a dream! Bookmarked this review for when my product bunny ways start to get the best of me again. Lol.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Author

      Multi-purpose products are much more cost effective, love it!

    1. Author

      I can't wait to try the rest of the line, especially the chocolate conditioner

  7. Bumping CLTC out of its top spot?!?? Wow! I must try this product…come on Black Friday.

    1. lol… that's the same thing i was thinking about CLTC. I thought it would remain champion for a long time. I'm looking forward to Black friday too. LOL roll on..

    2. Author

      Lol. I'm hoping Pura Body Naturals has a nice BF sale

  8. Ahh how sweet(Thank You)..& GREAT review! I am soo glad you and your hair loves it..I just HAD to tell you about it lol.

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