Hair Story Feature: Meet Michelle

Your hair is?… Relaxed (this includes texlaxed)

When and why did you start your hair journey?
I started my hair journey in May, 2009. I was tired of having dry, tangled hair that kept breaking off. I was doing something wrong but I didn’t know what. That led me to doing a lot of research and figuring out what was best for my hair.

What is your current regimen?
At this point in my hair journey I keep it simple. I wash every other week with Hello Hydration. I moisturize with Organix Nourishing Hair Milk and seal with whatever oil I have on hand. I usually deep condition each wash with a mixture of products. My hair isn’t extremely picky when it comes to products so I do experiment. I relax every 6 months and only flat iron once during that time after my relaxer. I normally do twist outs or buns the rest of the time.

Do you have any hair goals? Have you achieved them? How did you achieve them? How are you working to achieve them?
My ultimate hair goal was to have healthy hair. I have finally achieved that goal after a few ups and downs and set backs. I decided to stop focusing on length and really go after having strands that are moisturized, strong and healthy.

What do you wish you knew at the start of your journey?
Not to jump on the bandwagon! I have tried almost everything I have come across. From adding salt to deep conditioners to putting garlic on my hair. These may work for others but I had to learn what my hair truly needed. It took patience but I finally figured it out.

What are your favorite protective styles?
Buns! Hands down. They are so easy and versatile to dress either up or down.

What do you love most about your hair?
I love that my hair rolls with the punches! I have put my hair through so much, frankly, I’m surprised I have any left at all! I love it’s strength and manageability.

How do you deal with people who doubt you? What motivates you to keep going?
I turn 30 this year and I’ve learned to love who I am regardless of what everyone else thinks. I have 3 daughters and they keep me going. They are going to follow my example and I plan to set a great one!

What is the funniest or strangest hair related experience you’ve ever had?
I read on a hair board that garlic was supposed to slow down shedding. Well, I jumped on board and added almost half a bottle of garlic powder to my deep conditioner and applied it and let it sit for almost two hours. Needless to say, I smelled like an Italian restaurant for quite awhile, even after washing. I’m not even sure if the garlic helped with the shedding!

Where can we find you on the web?
Find my blog here:


Thank you for sharing your story, Michelle!


  1. How did I miss her! Her hair is just like mine! I tried the garlic thing too. I put a ton of garlic powder in my conditioner mix and had to wash it out after a couple of mins. It stunk to high heaben!

  2. She's right about jumping on bandwagons. I remember putting garlic in my conditioner. Simply the biggest mistake ever but I guess it's a learning process. She's made great progress x

  3. ha! I can't imagine having to walk around with garlic-y smelling hair for days!

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