Achieving Consistent Texlaxed Results

A few days ago a reader posted a comment on a topic I completely forgot to mention: Hi, I’m an avid stalker of your blog. several times DAILY!! I’ve not a comment but a question: Have you ever achieved straighter than desired texlaxed hair during a touchup which resulted in hair strand looking something like this? where between the thicker texlaxed section there’s a somewhat straighter section ? wavy—-straight —-wavy. Something like this ————————~~~~~~————~~~~~~ And what would you recommend as possible “Fixes?” Somehow I haven’t come across a blog post which addresses this issue directly…except perhaps from “Simply into my hair ” on Corrective relaxers. Does the same concept apply here??

I have one section of hair that has multiple texlaxed hair. You may be wondering “how did she end up with three different texlaxed textures?” Answer: with great skill… just kidding. In the area marked off in white, I smoothed too much which resulted in a looser texlaxed texture. The area above that, marked in pink, is thicker because I’ve been coating my new growth with conditioner and Roux Porosity Control when texlaxing.

There are only two fixes

I’d either have to do corrective relaxer on the thicker texlaxed portions, going back and relaxing them again (applying the relaxer for only a few minutes) to get them to match the looser texture, OR

Waiting, and cut my hair overtime until the uneven textures are cut away and I’m left with just the thicker texlaxed texture.

I’ve chosen to go with the second option since I’d rather have the thicker texlaxed texture rather than the looser texture. In the end, the choice really comes down to which texture you want to keep.

A few tips on achieving consistent texlaxed results
(1) Practice on your shed hairs. This is my biggest recommendation when it comes to texlaxing. Before taking the dive, grab shed hairs and try out different methods of texlaxing (e.g. adding conditioner or oil to the relaxer, coating your hair with conditioner) and different processing times.

(2) Practice with conditioner. If you have never self-relaxed, I suggest practicing with conditioner first. On any wash day before you relax your hair, use the time you’d take to apply deep conditioner to your hair to practice how you plan on applying the relaxer to your hair. Time yourself.

(3) Keep a video diary of how you texlax. After you’ve practiced using conditioner and are ready to texlax your hair, record the process the first few times you texlax your hair. By keeping a video diary of how you texlax your hair and reviewing the videos before each touch up, you make it easier on yourself to know exactly what you did, how you did it, and how to repeat the process for the most consistent texlaxed results.


  1. Hi Jen, fantastic blog! Congrats on the million page views! You deserve it!

    What differences have you found in choosing to coat with Roux conditioner vs. Petrolatum. Just to confirm, you now use both to coat new growth before putting ORS lye normal strength relaxer?



    1. Author

      Hi there, thank you!

      The Vaseline is only applied to my new growth. When basing my scalp it just gets all over my new growth as well the Roux PC is applied to everything: length + new growth. I retain more texture (meaning my hair is processed less) since I've started applying it to my new growth

  2. Hi Jen, this post is an encouragement to me that one can still have different textures and have manageable hair. I will be doing my first texlax this weekend and I hope to use one of your tips on texlaxing.

  3. Great tips Jen. I have so many textures, I think I'm going to just gradually grow them out but I'll be following your tips in order to get a more even result in the future x

  4. Hey Jen! I LOVE LOVE LOVE, your blog! Your hair is the closest in texture to my own (which is hard to find). With that being said, I follow your regimen to a T with a couple tweaks and my hair is the longest its EVER been. I just started college so my funds have shrunk drastically and sadly I can no longer afford to buy the DB CLG leave in or the Komaza Care Leave ins that my hair loves so much. Do you have any suggestions on a cheaper product that compares but is cheaper??? Please help!

    1. Author

      Hi there! Thank YOU! I wish I had a replacement to suggest but I haven't tried anything that is cheaper and a suitable replacement, I'm sorry :/

  5. wow! i really needed this info ,been following your post all this time but never knew you had 3 textures of texlaxed hair .i have you on my list of blogs i read sincei'm also on a healthy hair journey . thanks for sharing the tips.

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