So I ended my stretch at 16 weeks because I just couldn’t deal with single strand knots anymore. One night I ended up cutting out 11. That was last straw for me. I used my usual Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil relaxer, lye formula, normal strength and I self-relaxed my hair, using my usual half and half method. You can watch a video of how I self-relax here. To keep each half dry, I use clips along the part between the two halves to help keep the plastic caps tucked into the part. I use two caps and always use new caps because the elastic on a new cap is always at its tightest.

Do you remember a few posts ago when I mentioned that I have two differing texlaxed textures? A thicker texlaxed texture the first 4 or 5 inches down from my scalp and then a looser texlaxed texture until I hit bone straight ends? Well I figured out what I was doing that was causing the more underprocessed texture: I was coating my new growth before relaxing it. In the past, there would only be vaseline on my new growth. For the last 8+
months when I’ve applied Roux Porosity Control and conditioner to my previously relaxed hair to protect it from being processed a second time while I work on my new growth, I’ve been applying the Roux PC and conditioners to my new growth as well. I wish I had done this from the very beginning because it’s just easier to apply the silk amino acids and conditioners (not the relaxer, the relaxer is only applied to my new growth) root to tip rather than try to be careful and stop at the line of demarcation… but we live and learn right?

I used Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus for my mid-relaxer protein treatment, then neutralized with Motions Neutralizing Shampoo, shampooing three times to make sure the relaxer was properly neutralized. Always, always, always properly neutralize a relaxer. Failure to do so means the relaxer will continue to straighten your hair, overprocessing it, causing breakage you just do not want. After neutralizing, I applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment for a few minutes, rinsed, and deep conditioned with Silk Dreams Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream with my conditioning heat cap.

After rinsing out the deep conditioner, I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for about 45 minutes. My hair felt smooth and light. After applying leave ins (Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave In Conditioner and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum) I detangled my hair. It took 35 minutes to detangle, a huge improvement over the hour and 45 minutes it took me to detangle last week!! After detangling, I put my hair in big loose bun and tucked in for the night.

Freshly texlaxed hair after t-shirt drying. Haven’t applied leave ins yet and haven’t detangled yet.

Video of how I trim my hair found [here]

The next day (today) I wore a big bun to church and later this evening I finally got around to flat ironing my hair. I used a new heat protectant today, CHI 44 Iron Guard and I think I’m in love. It is the lightest heat protectant I’ve ever used. I sprayed it on my hair, from root to tip before flat ironing with my Sedu Revoloution 1″ flat iron (on 220 degrees Fahrenheit). My hair was so light, had so much “swang,” and my fine strands didn’t clump together the way it can with serum heat protectants. What makes me mad is the fact that I’ve had this bottle of CHI 44 Iron Guard in my product stash for over a year!

After flat ironing, I grabbed my shears. On the first cut, I took off an inch and went back and took off an additional half inch. From the hair framing my face, I took off an additional inch. Normally after trimming I do a length check but I just didn’t feel moved to do one. At the beginning of 2013, hip

length was my goal length for the year but I’m officially giving it up because I just don’t care to try and reach it. I’m so content with growing and cutting to maintain this length and more importantly, focusing on maintaining the current health of my hair. There’s still an inch of hair I want to cut off but I’m going to slow and steady route, trimming away an inch or more with each touch up.

Overall, I’m happy with my touch up results and will do my best to ignore that last inch lol. I’m not sure yet if I will stretch 16 weeks again… I’m leaning towards stretching for 12 weeks… after 12 weeks post is when it started getting frustrating lol. For my upcoming stretch I’m going to be babying my ends and nape like crazy. My ends because I want to prevent any future thinning so that I’ll have to trim less with each relaxer touch up, and my nape because I noticed a bit of breakage starting to creep up. My nape was my problem area when I first started my hair journey and it looks like history is trying to repeat itself. I’ll be working to nip that in the bud! I’ll do a post within the next week or so on what I plan on doing, focusing on for this upcoming stretch.

Thanks for reading my uber long post! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hey how are you? I was wondering what techniques you used to grow you hair so long and can I still grow my hair so it can be long with relaxed hair? Would I have to go natural to grow it longer??

  2. how long did you leave it in for

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  4. Wow, Im really impressed!!! I have never relaxed my hair before,and i live in North-America where the climate is really cold for half the year. Do you think i will be able to maintain relaxed hair in these harsch conditions?

    1. Yes you can with proper TLC. Just moisturize your hair and never neglect it.

  5. hi jen,
    i am currently going into my 24th week post touch up, and i am itching to texlax by next weekend. i read you were in your 37th week?!! really?!! why are you stretching this long? *just curious*

    1. Author

      Hi there, I'm considering transitioning to natural to support my mom who is natural (but doesn't like her natural hair). She's convinced that the only way to achieve long hair is to relax it. I've been extending my stretch to make up my mind whether I want to continue to relax or whether I want to transition for mummy.



    I have always wondered why relaxers are applied in small SECTIONS?

    It would seem easier to apply the product in big chunks so that hair gets same processing time.

    Have you ever tried this big chunk method and then smoothing in small sections?

    1. Author

      In my experience, small sections are used when straight (e.g. bone straight) results are the goal. Smaller sections means pretty much all the new growth gets relaxer applied to it.

      I've never gone from big chunks to smaller sections. When I relaxed bone straight, application and smoothing was done in small sections.

      When texlaxing my chunks are kinda big and I smooth in those chunky sections. This helps me apply the relaxer quickly and helps me achieve the level of "texlaxedness" I want.

  7. Dearest Jen,

    I am so so very grateful and excited for your quick response in such a short time. :-). God bless!

    My natural hair journey was going well until my hair stopped growing…rather, I stopped retaining length because of the mechanical damage of trying to detangle my hair. The thickeness of the new growth is decent and then towards the end, it thins out and I have to keep trimming.

    3 years into my journey, I have hair from 3inches to 6 inches.

    ok, I did a big-shave after a terrible relaxer overprocessing experience (long story).

    I never thought I would go back to the relaxer but the natural journey is going down the drain with the single knot strands and the detangling, so I will try texlaxing soon.

    Again, really grateful for your response and your website. You are helping a whole community!

    Great hair color genes!


    1. Author

      God bless you as well 🙂 I hope your enjoy your texlaxed journey!

  8. JEN, I have read and re-read and re-read your articles several times and watched your videos.

    You figured out a great technique.

    How many minutes do you leave the protein treatment, at the stage of the relaxer, before the neutralizer?

    Do you use HEAT for the PROTEIN?


    1. Author

      I leave in it for 10 minutes, without heat.

  9. Jen, most perfect blog, I've seen!

    ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION for you: What EXTRA STEPS would you recommend for me if I texlax my hair for the VERY FIRST TIME? I cannot imagine doing this in 1/2 and 1/2 as I would have to try to process so much virgin hair. My hair is super super super coily with 90% shrinkage. Could I do this in 5-6 parts?

    Also, do you have any BROWN COLOR in your hair?
    How did you get those cute streaks?
    Green tea?



    1. Author

      Thanks Keisha, that means a lot to me!

      Because you'll be self-relaxing I highly recommend practicing 1) on shed hair to figure out what level of "texlaxedness" you want to achieve and 2) practice how you'll apply the relax using conditioner instead. Time yourself. Practicing with conditioner will help you get a feel for how many sections you'll want to work in and how fast you move.

      No I've never colored my hair. The brown and the streaks are my natural color and natural highlights. Gotta thank my mother for passing on those genes haha 🙂

  10. omg!! omg!! i just came across ur blog n im stunned. love ur hair. I WANNNTTT.(*crying*).

  11. Hi Jen!
    How do you get your freshly texlaxed hair a uniform texture? And how long did it take you to figure out the processing time to get the desired texture you'd like?

    1. Author

      Hi there, I watch my last recording of me relaxing my hair and I do my best to mimic the amount of smoothing and keep to my 11 minutes (application & smoothing) time limit. It took maybe 2 self-relaxing processes I think.

  12. Hi Jen, I have been following your blog for awhile now. I am confuse with your new way of relaxing. I am telax also Please explain. What do you Coat your new growth with?

    1. Author

      Hi there, nothing has really changed. Instead of trying to keep the conditioners I apply to my previously relaxed hair to protect it from over-processing limited only to the length of my hair, I now applying everything from root to tip. I started doing this accidentally but started doing it on purpose beginning with this relaxer after seeing the thicker texture I get and because it's much easier to just apply the conditioners to all of my hair, new growth included.

  13. hey Jen i noticed that you use a protein treatment before you neutralize rather than neutralizing first is there a particular reason why you do it that way? thanks for being a blessing to my hair lol

    1. The hair shaft is still open and better able to absorb the protein treatment. The neutralizing shampoo helps to close the hair shaft and seals in the protein treatment in addition to stopping further processing of the hair.

  14. Your hair is beautiful and healthy! How long did it take to get your length? I just use natural oils in my hair for the past few months (avocado oil, olive oil, eucalyptus oil, sweet almond oil) it has been working its stronger and healthier. It has been growing like crazy. I just have trouble styling it. Any tips?

  15. I loooooooooooooove the result as always!!!!
    Your ends look overall healthy !

  16. Hi Jen,

    I just finished self relaxing for the first time and I got amazing results. I just wanna thank you for all your tips and taking time to do videos (I watched your video about 3 times before I started) because it helps us novices very much.

    And I texlaxed for the first time, and I am loving the thickness already to my previously very thin strands.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Author

      Aww yay, so glad to hear your self-relaxing experience went well!!

  17. Jen what/which of the moisturizer do you use when your hair is newly relaxed/touched-up?

    1. Author

      For the first week I used Silk Dreams Mocha Silk Hair Milk, but there's no one specific moisturizer I turn to for the first week. Mocha Silk was just the one I happened to go with.

  18. Oh my! I love your hair! You did an excellent job. So if I understood correctly you said that from now on you'll cover your new growth with porosity control to achieve a more underprocessed result? I'm 14 weeks post and I'm inspired to try it myself (texlaxing)

    1. Author

      Thanks Priscila! Yes, it's just easier for me to apply Roux PC and conditioners for my hair as a whole, instead of stopping at the line of demarcation and as a result, the relaxer will process less, leaving me with an even more underprocessed texture.

  19. I look fwd to the day I can accomplish this feat. I'm still too scared to apply any chemical process myself, so I go to my hairdresser. But you def are great inspiration, each time I do a home treatment I do more, little by little…with you motivating me, I'll get there one day.

    1. Author

      Doing a little is definitely the way to go about it. I took me months to talk myself into self-relaxing and twice as long to really get used to it, you're so right to take your time 🙂

  20. Omd!! Your hair looks so luscious! Me loves it. Cannot wait for my hair to be at one with me and grow to the lengths I have in mind lol. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and being a constant inspiration/ hairspirationist 😀

    Mo x

  21. gorgeous hair! i needed to know how you moisturise your flat ironed hair to make sure that it stays straight. i would imagine moisturising with a water based mosturiser would make it revert from its straightness yet its important to moisturise. so what do you use to moisturise and still keep it straight?

    1. Author

      Thanks! I use a creamy water based moisturizer. The only water based moisturizer I have that would make my hair revert is a liquid. As long as I do not use liquid moisturizers, I'm in the clear.

  22. Im about to give myself a virgin perm in effort to start this texlaxed journey off right..Should i apply the porosity control conditioner on my hair before relaxing to achieve thicker hair? And are you saying that in the future you will apply the relaxer from root to tip, or did I confuse myself? Lol

    1. Author

      I highly recommend (if you haven't already) taking a few shed hairs and testing out different times/texlaxing methods to determine the level of "texlaxedness" you'd like to achieve.

      The Porosity Control has a low pH level, which make it harder for the relaxer to process, which is why I use to help protect my previously relaxed hair. Because your hair is natural, without testing first on shed hairs what results it may have, it may leave your hair very underprocessed, if that not the level you're looking for.

      I will not not not be apply the relaxer from root to tip, the relaxer will only be applied to new growth. What I will be applying from root tip is the conditioners that I use to coat my previously relaxed hair from relaxer run off. By applying the conditioners to my new growth as well, it makes it easier for me (because it gets tricky making sure I stop at the line of demarcation every time I want to do a touch up) and it'll leave my hair a bit more underprocessed because there's an added layer between my hair and the relaxer but I like it.

      Hope that cleared it up!

  23. Wow, ur blog has become my obsession as of late ;)I have been on my HHJ for 7 years and after BSL, I have hit a hair rut. Ur tips, techniques, and product reviews will hopefully give my hair some life. I look forward to your post on caring for the nape area. Mines is suffering and won't seem to grow and stays dry despite moisturizing regularly.

    1. Author

      Thank you, no the relaxer was only applied to my new growth. Applying the relaxer from root tip would result in overprocessing my already relaxed hair.

  24. Your hair came out amazeballs. Chi is my staple heat protectant when I flat iron. The sample size bottle has lasted me almost a year and it's going strong. Ok this post amped me up for my texlax session

    1. Author

      Thank you! All my CHI products last a very long time as well, a little goes a long way.

  25. Beautiful results! Hair and ends look amazing. I will definitely be using your trimming method for my 1 year post trim. Great job on your stretch!

  26. Great results, am amazed how you didn't even bother with length, need to get that out of my head and work more on health. Great hair and results!!

    1. Author

      Thank you! For me, I always feel like that's a cloud of pressure when I focus on length, it's freeing to just focus on health

  27. Hey Jen you are one of my hair crushes and I just stay like WOOOW SHE'S REALLY PATTIENT AND JUST WANNA HELP US. Do you use castor oil in your scalp? Cause on frinday night I went to pharmacy and bought 2 little bottles of castor oil with about 50ml. And I wanna know if the trade mark doesnt matter cause on country doesnt have JBCO

    1. Author

      Aw thank you! No I don't use castor oil, I find it too thick for my fine strands. I don't believe the brand name matters as long as it's pure castor oil

  28. so beautiful hair! You did an excellent work.
    congrats on your first 16 weeks stretch

  29. Congrats on your 16 week stretch Jeni, your hair looks gorgeous as usual!

  30. What styles do you keep it in right after our relaxer? Do you keep it out of protective hair styles long? If so, how long?

    1. Author

      I'll wear it out for the week but at some part of the day, I will absolutely throw my hair into a loose bun. I never go a whole day with my hair out. Buns are my best friend.

  31. What coffee do you use for a coffee rinse?

    1. Author

      Sometimes Folgers Instant Coffee, sometimes Dunkin Donuts coffee (home brewed, not coffee bought already brewed at Dunkin)

  32. Your hair looks great, Jeni! I couldn't imagine using 220 degrees Fahrenheit to flat iron my hair. It just seems so low, but you've managed to get good results with it. Very Straight….maybe it's the Chi Iron Guard…idk. Congrats on the 16 weeks stretch!

    1. Author

      Thanks Kim! I worked in small sections (like 1 inch wide, half an inch thick) and it really helped with getting straight results with the low temp.

  33. Your hair is so freakin gorgeous!!! Congrats on your stretch:) your hair looks super healthy! I was wondering if you thoroughly detangled your hair the night before your relaxer? I never do & I get crazy breakage but I'm scared if I do I'll get burned

    1. Author

      Thanks! Yes I detangled the night before. I moisturized my new growth with Califia Moisturizing Spray and detangled from root to tip before twisting my hair into the sections I used the next day to relax my hair. By moisturizing my new growth, it made it easy to part and detangle my hair without irritating it.

    2. Hi Jen, your hair is simply beautiful and you have done an awesome job on your HJ. I see you've made changes to your relaxer procedure. I was wondering if you're still using Vaseline to base your scalp and new growth after you apply the conditioner?

    3. Author

      Hi Jefferi, thank you! Yes I still use Vaseline.

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