I self-relaxed my hair this afternoon one of the more frequent questions I receive is how do I rinse out my relaxers. No flips or tricks, all I do is lean. I’ve been rinsing out relaxers this way since 2011. With the aid of two plastic caps (and some clips to hold the cap flush against the part between the front and back half of my head) I’m able to rinse out the relaxer and avoid having it run down my body in the process.

In the lefthand pic above, the back half hasn’t been relaxed yet. In the righthand pic, I’ve already relaxed the back half and covered with it with a plastic cap to prevent getting any relaxer/relaxer run-off on it. When rinsing out the front half, I spit it up (left and right), flipping over once I’ve finished one side.

I’ve never gotten the front or back halves wet using the caps/clips because the key is to use fresh caps (because the elastic in the caps will be tight as possible) and avoid disloding the caps from my part between the halves when rinsing out the relaxer. The caps from a seal against my scalp that keeps water all.

That’s all. Relaxer update posts/pics will be up over the weekend!


  1. However you accomplish this makes you a genius. I can't imagine being successful doing this!

  2. it seems so hard to rinse it that way! 😮
    I've learned the half and half method from you, but I actually start relaxing the left side and then apply a protein conditioner, then I put the plastic cap over and start relaxing the right side, apply the protein treatment as well!

    1. uhmm, i think your half n half method sounds more feasible

  3. Jeni, I love your process of rinsing but my old bones would fall over in a heap at the bottom of the shower if i tried leaning backwards like that! Now this is where your yoga suppleness comes to good use 🙂

    I rinse mine in a similar way in those two halves – but I do so hanging over the bath and tilting my head. I relax the front first as its easier to rinse that section first when hanging over the bath.


    PS. I like your nails 🙂

  4. That is a really cool way to do it , I have been trying to texlax. My hair but I had six months of new growth and only did my roots like I used to and now my hair goes texlaxed, natural,bone straight how do I fix this. Right now it's been six weeks since my last relaxer

  5. Ohh that makes since! Lol. Here, at my aunt's house, she has a detachable hose. It was super easy to rinse out the relaxer using it. But, when I go back home, it's going to be back to a regular showerhead. It's going to be a struggle to get as talented as you though. xD

  6. This looks so funny lol, but I can understand how effective this is, maybe the next time I attempt to self relax I will try it!

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