Welp! I THINK I’ve stretched this long only once before… so I’m pretty much in uncharted territory. I dropped the ball twice this week. I didn’t deep condition halfway through the week and I used S-Curl on my new growth that ended up making my hair feel dry. Thursday night I switched back to my usual moisturizer for my new growth: Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray (product review here) and my new growth thanked me for it.

Here’s what my new growth looks like at 15 weeks post. This is the first I’ve stretched my new growth during this stretch so I didn’t realize I had all that growth because of shrinkage. My fingers are placed at the line of demarcation (where my new growth meets my relaxed hair):




Are you currently stretching? How many weeks post are you? What’s helping you get through your stretch?


  1. My last relaxer was in February and I am not getting a relaxer until around school starts so end of august. I really just act like im transitioning even though I plan on getting a relaxer again. I am going to get braids soon and that will keep my hands off it for a while.

  2. I really love the texture your hair has!!
    I usually stretch for 6 months, the longest I've ever stretched was 9 months and box braids helped kinf of…
    But I think your strongest product… is you will !
    I try to make sure I apply products that work well on "natural hair" on my new growth and products that work well on "relaxed hair" on my ends and relaxed/telaxed hair

  3. I have decided to stop stalking and comment for once. I'm currently 11 weeks post, and I have crazy growth. I wash and DC once a week (Saturdays), co-wash once a week (Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings). I moisturize and seal at night and in the morning. I gave up on finger combing, my hair tangles a lot and acts natural so I just run a wide tooth comb through in the morning after finger combing before bunning and running. I'm planning to relax/texlax at the end of July.

    I love your hair, and your blog. I promise to keep on stalking but comment more 🙂

  4. I am at 18 weeks post Relaxer and i plan on stretching for 6 months with the help of braids, twists and half wigs. In between my protective styles, I simply spray my roots with water, castor, rosemary and pepermint oil to detangle and do two chunky cornrows. I also do a protein treatment with raw eggs every two months and deep condition with either Creme of nature argan oil or Palmer s olive oil. In frebruary i started my hair journey with a fresh haircut (earlength), it was very hard to style after being two months post relaxer.I plan on relaxing in August for graduation, then stretch again for a year and see what happens.
    Your hair is so inspiring.. <3
    Keep it up !!!! 🙂

  5. JeniJen do/have you used any Oyin products? if so which ones and what did you think

    1. Author

      Hi there, no I've never used Oyin products

  6. I stretch for 16 weeks (I'm trying to make it to 20 weeks this next relaxer). Out of those 4 months, my hair is in a sew-in. Thats become part of my regimen. Good luck on your stretch! You can see my hair journey and last relaxer update here: http://sheiloves.me/tagged/sheihairjourney/

  7. I'm at 24 weeks post! Last relaxer was Jan 5th. We're at about the same length and thickness. My longest stretch was 26 weeks. The longer I go into this, the more confident I feel I can handle it. You can do it! It gets easier!

  8. Beautiful new growth!

    I'm 18 week posts today. Trying to ride out this stretch as long as possible. Cowashes have been saving my life as far as keeping my new growth moisturized (especially with the herbal essence lisse smoothing conditioner <3 ). I have also incorporated aloe vera juice rinses as a final rinse after washing my hair and it has really helped to seal my cuticles and makes detangling a lot easier than previous stretches. I will def be posting on aloe vera juice rinses soon. Another game changer… finger detangling…the deeper I am in my stretch the further away I stay from combs. I only use a comb if I know I am going to rollerset.

    1. Author

      It's so great you've found things are working for you! I WISH I could only finger detangle… it would make my life so much easier.

  9. Finger detangling! Can't stress that enough….also I switiched to a deeper moisturiser for my new growth because my regular one was just drying out my hair. I am following the Shea butter formular from Naptural85 (Youtube) and so far my hair is feeling smooth. Downside-breakage so I have to be very careful. Also, my shedded natural hair tangles in my straight length and causes knots.

    Last relaxer was last July. However I am happy that I have stretched so long because I am learning to do my hair and about the different textures. I am not planning to go natural but I love the texture that comes with my stretch. My stretch has also allowed me to realise issues that I did not notice before.

    It is a challenge though…

    1. Author

      Shedded natural hair tangling in straight hair is such a pain! That's exactly what's causing me the most grief. You're nearly a year post relaxer! Kuuuuudos!

  10. I love ur hairrrr! We have the same texture so you're my biggest hair-spiration! I'm currently only 5 wks post…and I've been feeling a lot of NG when I run my hands through my hair so the other day I picked up a shed hair and decided to measure the tightly coiled section at the tip and to my surprise it was an inch long! I plan to stretch till december though…

    1. Author

      Thanks and an inch, that's great! Good luck on your stretch!

    1. Author

      Aww your hair did not look like a tangled mess!! I completely agree with two points you made in your post: • moisture, moisture, moisture while keeping on eye on protein/moisture balance and • keeping new growth moisturized is a must!

  11. hello jeni am 4 weeks post relaxer, Once my hair has new growth my scalp itches like crazy. I dont knkw if its from the salon or just my scalp acting up? I also apply reviving colour in red to my hair.I have a sew in on now and am tempted to take it out. am also thinking of texlaxing.any advice?

    1. Author
  12. Tomorrow I'll be 12 weeks post relaxer. Congrats on your stretch, you seem to be handling it very well. KUTGW!

    1. Author

      Thanks Kim! I feel like this week's wash was my breaking point… everything is going okay except detangling is just taking way too long :/

    1. Author

      Sending positive stretching vides your way!

    2. I'm hoping to make it to 21wks too…how did you make it that far?

  13. Wow your new growth looks exactly like mines.. I'm currently transitioning to natural! I'm 23 weeks post-relaxer.

  14. Currently 9 weeks post; co-washing and deep conditioning have been a major part of keeping the new growth happy.

    1. Author

      Yay happy new growth, that's so crucial during relaxer stretches!

  15. Girl look at those kinks and coils! You go head…cause I wouldn't be able to do it without weave or my handy dandy wigs!

  16. Last relaxer was March 15th. I opted for box braids 2 weeks ago and I'm so ready to wash my hair. My goal is to stretch until Labor Day.

    1. Author

      I almost gave myself box braids but gave it after 5 braids because it took me so long lol, good luck on your stretch!

    2. Oh no! I was hoping to install my own box braids but I totally see myself giving up after just a few. I may need to rethink this. lol

  17. Your new growth texture looks similar to mine! After you deep condition during the week, do you detangle with a comb as you usually do? Good luck on your stretch

    1. Author

      Hair twins lol! No I only detangle with a comb on regular wash days. Days I only deep condition on dry hair I finger comb.

  18. Wow!!!!

    That's a lot of new growth. I think I'm about 15 weeks post as well but I don't have quite as much new growth.

    Do you think your growth rate could be connected to you standing on your head in those neck breaking positions (Instagram)??!!!!!!! If so, I'm gonna have to take that up quick time!

    1. Author

      Lol! I've been exercising regularly, drinking 1-2.5 liters of water a day and eating well and I think that's really helped… I wish all the blood flowing to my head was a factor lol

    2. Actually you standing on your head is known as the inversion method and some people have found that it is causing their hair to grow an inch in 7 days, but should only be done once a month.

  19. Last relaxer was in September. Not going natural though.

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