Normally I wash my hair on Fridays but I just couldn’t bring myself to WANT to do my hair at all. Last week was a lazy week. Aside from deep conditioning on Tuesday and moisturizing and sealing only twice last week, I pretty much left my hair alone. Aloe vera gel kept my edges nice and smooth so I rocked a bun (changing the position every day) for the week. I finally ended up washing my hair on Sunday but only because my scalp was in of a good cleansing after my workout.

[1] Pre-pooed with safflower oil.
[2] Shampooed with Redken Hair Cleansing Cream.
[3] Coffee rinse. I normally use Folgers (instant) coffee to do my coffee rinses but a comment left by a reader made me wonder whether using regular coffee (that requires a filter) makes a difference. The verdict? No difference.
[4] Applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment for 5 minutes then rinsed.
[5] Wrapped my hair in a towel for 15 minutes to soak up the water from my hair. Deep conditioned with my steamer using Silk Dreams’ Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream conditioner.
[6] Wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for about 30 minutes minutes. When my hair was about 70% dry, I applied my leave ins: Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In and KeraPRO Anti-Frizz Serum. I detangled the same way I always do, shown here in this video. My hair is still damp in the picture below but it felt so soft, light, and my favorite: smooth. Y’all know I love smooth hair! I don’t know why I stopped using a cotton t-shirt to wrap my hair after rinsing out my deep conditioner but I should have never stopped. Letting my hair dry a bit in a t-shirt gave me smoother pre-detangled hair than when I use a towel.


[7] After detangling, I damped my edges with a little water and applied aloe vera gel to my edges. Then I brushed in the aloe vera and tied my edges with a silk scarf and let my hair air dry.

I removed the clip holding my hair back (there’s one on the other side too) after I tied my hair down.

[8] Once dry, I did a big bun and covered everything with a larger silk scarf. Buns on freshly air dried hair make me swoon.

Would you believe there’s only ONE bobby pin holding this bun together, no elastics.

All in all, I’m so content with my hair right now. After I detangle my new growth gives my hair major volume but I’m loving how low-maintenance my hair is during the week. Smooth edges and a big air dried bun makes for a happy, no muss no fuss week. I’m nearing 3 months post y’all… I’m almost half way through this (attempted) 6 month stretch. Whoop whoop!


  1. I decided to go natural about 5 months ago, though technically I have another like 3-4 months of natural hair under that from a VERY underdone texlax mistake [it took me a long time to realise how underprocessed it was because I tend to keep my hair stretched.]
    One weird thing, though. I've noticed my hair is turning brown, and looks a LOT like yours now, in fact, when I saw it I thought 'hmm, her hair reminds me of the way mine has started to look'. What do you think it could be? I used to have extremely dark brown [almost pitch black, even under light] hair, now it's a lot lighter. I'm thinking it could be black tea rinses; I've heard they lighten extremely dark hair, but THIS light? I also use honey, but not for extended periods of time, and I've noticed it's still getting lighter even though I haven't used any in about a month and a half.
    What do you think [or anyone else who has experienced this?]

  2. Hey Jen a couple of questions:
    Will you ever revist AVC rinses? If so why not?
    Also Have you ever considered Honer as a pre-poo again? There was a time when you where crazy about it! and p.s it could really help lighten your hair to counter any darkening by tea/coffee rinses! Its a win win!
    Sorry for the stalkerish behaviours— i really love your blog!

    1. Author

      My texlaxed hair isn't as porous as my bone straight hair is and I haven't been having issues with raised cuticles so I don't be revisiting ACV rinses.

      Wouldn't be using honey again either… for now. Using the honey was a bit messy. The last time I did it I mixed it with hemp oil and it was a mess, dripping everywhere, in my ears haha.

      No apologies needed! 🙂

  3. Ahhhh, swoon is the perfect word! That's what I do every time you post pics of your fierce bun game. Such good motivation for me to stop being lazy and take control of my hair 🙂

  4. That bun is so big!!! I love how smooth you get your hair with airdrying and especially at 3 months post.

    I bet you'll still be able to achieve the same results at 6 months post.

    You go girl!!!

  5. Hello, beautiful hair!!! Out of curiosity how long does the whole procedure of washing your hair takes you?.. (from pre-poo to letting it air dry)

    1. Author

      Thank you!

      From pre-poo to detangling, it's about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Air drying takes me about 3 hours because my roots take so long to dry.

  6. Your hair looks great Jen . Why is it that when i shampoo my hair , even though using in my book great shampoos my hair tend to have tangles ? I shampoo my scalp . so i know i am shampooing my hair teh right way . I still have these clumps of tangles as soon as the shampoo hits my hair . Why ?

    1. Shampoos i use are the CON original formula sulphate free and Shea moisture at times. I detangle thoroughly before , then hot oil treatment with evco then shampoo . Why do i still get these clumps on tangles when i shampoo my hair . Again i dont rub my hair together .

    2. Author

      Hmmm, truthfully I am not sure. Are the cuticles of your hair lifted? I know for me when they are they cause intra-strand friction and cause tangles. To test, take a strand of your hair and rub your the strand through your fingers from the bottom of the strand to the top. If it feels rough, the cuticles may be lifted. But generally, I'm not sure why this is happening for you:(

  7. Your hair looks wonderful!! When u started your hair journey,did u ever have the feeling that ur hair isn't growing at all cos I am in dat situation now.sometyms I'm happy with my hair and sm days I'm not 🙁 seeing ur hair keeps me going

    1. Author

      Thanks! There were times when I did get discouraged but what kept me going was the reminder that it's not that my hair wasn't growing (because my new growth was proof of growth) but that I wasn't retaining my length. I'd look at pictures of my hair-inspirations and try to figure out why I couldn't retain. Even now there are days when I just do not want to bother with my hair… this whole transition to full texlaxed hair is taking forever and wish it was over… but I still click to pics of my hair-inspirations and just try and figure out how to do better. You're not alone 🙂

  8. hi jen are u changing your positions on your bun to avoid breakage

    1. Author

      Haha, I understood. I only only been using it when my hair feels really dry and I really want to make sure I seal in as much moisture as possible.

  9. Your hair looks amazing? Are you still implementing the loc method or did you just go back to your original moisturize & seal?

  10. géniaaaaal !!!!!!!
    J'espère que tu vas réussir à aller jusqu'au bout des 6 mois!
    I have 4 months left can't wait to see the growth until then.

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