Reader Q: How Do You Do Your Tea Rinses?

For both tea and coffee rinses, I boil water and pour it over whatever tea bags I’m using or coffee (I use instant coffee) I have in a mason jar. To make my life easier, I use my Black & Decker Brew ‘n Go. The process is pictured here.
After letting the tea steep/coffee cool, I transfer the liquid to the bowl I’m holding below. After I shampoo, I take the pitcher… and before anyone starts thinking my bowl and pitcher are dirty lol, they’re not. They’re stained from using them for tea rinses and now coffee rinses, week after week for months. So after I shampoo, I tuck my hair into the pitcher and slowly pour either the tea or coffee over my hair and scalp. The pitcher catches the run off liquid. Once the bowl is empty, I squeeze out the excess liquid from my hair into the pitcher, pour it into the bowl and repeat the whole pour/catch process 2 more times. I rinse my hair with water once the tea/coffee stops dripping from my hair.


  1. Is it ok to leave the tea in without rinsing it out?

    1. Author

      Do you mean without rinsing out before conditioning?

    1. it is purposely under processing your hair in order to boost the thickness of your hair. It has other benefits as well

  2. Hey love the site, after you do a tea rinse do you deep condition?

  3. I just found your blog and I am really overjoyed! From the pictures I pretty sure we have the exact same texture and color of hair and I even already have some of the same products, which I have found to work very well.It is so great to find someone trying to grow WITHOUT going natural. I am definitely going to try some of your techniques because the ends of my hair are very damaged. I am a student living in a dorm and I don't think I have the accommodations to do every treatment. My roots grow really fast and thick but my ends are very thin. I don't understand how to make it thicker at the ends.

  4. Hello Jeni, I'm just writing to tell you that I have fallen in LOVE with tea rinses! I washed my hair last night & while I pre-pooed with some African Pride Olive Miracle Hair Growth Oil (here's a link to see how it looks: & I also attempted to mix it with some sulfur powder for a good hot oil treatment. While I pre-pooed I brewed my tea & let it cool off. I was afraid it would not work because I only had a Keurig brand of black breakfast tea, so while that was still hot I tossed a bag of green tea in as well. I let those two cool and washed my hair, then poured the cup of tea into my hair & on my scalp. I still saw some breakage during detangling before deep conditioning, but styling last night into a wrap & unwrapping my hair this morning was WONDERFUL!! Compared to the crazy shedding & breaking of hair I'd been seeing since my last relaxer last month, the few broken hairs I saw this morning was a GREAT difference! Thank you SO MUCH for introducing tea rinses to us who follow your blog, & I definitely can say I will be doing a tea rinse at least with every other wash. Thanks Jeni!!!

  5. I was wondering, should I only do tea rinses when I feel like there will be a lot of shedding? Or should I alternate between DC and Tea Rinses before my wash? OR would it be okay to tea rinse then DC or vise versa?

  6. I have just found you blog today, I feel injected with new knowledge. I tried tea rinsing once, I think I didn't let the liquid cool down enough as it left my scalp white white white. I would love to try tea rinses again to minimize shedding. My question is do you think I just reacted badly to the tea or my mistake was not letting it cool down enough?

  7. I'm loving this method of catching the excess and reusing it. I bet it's less messy aswell.

    Any guesses for the method I will be using for my first wash day when I take out these crochet braids…?

  8. Hi! Does it matter if the tea or coffee is cold? Like kept in the fridge from the dya before or it happen to be day of?

    1. Author

      Nope doesn't matter. I often prep the day before, store in the fridge and take it out right before I wash my hair. Pouring cold liquid on your head isn't fun haha so I add some hot after to it before I rinse my hair with it.

  9. Hi Jeni I just wanted to stop by and share this story with you. So My little sister does not believe in the hair journey movement that I am on. I was looking up self relaxer methods yesterday and remembered you had a video with a simple method. She came into the room when I began to watch and was like…."that's weave right. :/ why her weave so long?" I was like "what weave girl that's her real hair." She was like what how is that possible I told her through hard work and lots of patience. She then said why is she perming her hair he hair looks so nice. My sister thinks when its time for relaxer its time to neglect her relaxed ends and let them get frizzy and ugly. So she was surprised that you hair was so smooth. She is now wanting to go on a hair journey but considering she is 15 and mom isn't liking the idea of buying her all them prods idk whats gonna happen I will try to help her out though. She is hypnotized by waist length! lol I also showed her your progress pics so she can see your hair was not always long.

    1. Author

      Aww I used to think the same thing when it was time to get my touch up. I was always told that I shouldn't put any product or do anything to my hair… I had many rough days haha. Wishing her the best!

  10. Oh now I see . Jen , question having texlaxed hair it means that you have to use a flat iron often to get it straight? Or does doing a roller set straighten the texlaxed hair? I'm thinking if my hair is texlaxed and I'm wearing it out people would think that i didnt get a good relaxer .

    1. Author

      No, not at all. Try doing a roller set. After you remove the rollers, wrap your hair and cover with saran wrap. Then sit under the dryer again for 10-15 minutes. This will help smooth your hair without using direct heat.

      And I get the same reaction from people about my texlaxed hair. When I go home and my grandmother sees my texlaxed texture she tells me I need to go to a salon to have my hair done right…. but I don't care what anyone things. If you love your texlaxed texture, ignore what others think. May people outside of hair boards or blogs don't know that it means to texlax and view underprocessed hair as a bad thing… unfortunately there are those that continue to think the straighter the better :/

      The only thing that matters is that YOU love your texture, who cares what others think.

  11. Love the picture dear, now I actually have a visual aid to understand how you do it.

  12. Just discovered your blog it's so so informative, your hair is very beautiful and i realy hope to reach that lenght soon, it may take some time i know, lol but with all this information i feel motivated. Thanks

  13. Hello! Do you have any additional tips for stopping shedding? Tea rinses, deep conditioning and daily moisturizing don't appear to be working for me. TIA.

    1. Author

      Hi Shari, garlic shampoo & conditioner (Alter Ego brands makes good garlic shampoos & conditioners I here), garlic oil, garlic supplements, and coffee rinses are others you might want to try.

  14. I just did my first tea rinse last weekend. I absolutely LOVE your site. We seem to have quite similar hair but I'm still where you were at in 2009 after starting my hair journey in March of this year. First texlax was April 29th at 10 weeks post (longest strech in my life and I've been relaxed bone straight since I was 5 yrs old). Thanks for all of your guidance!

  15. Hey! I was wondering what brand of instant coffee you use? I read some where that instant coffee contains additives that will harm your hair but I'm not a coffee drinker so I really didn't want to buy coffee beans and brewer just for the rinse..thanks for putting my mind at ease:)

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