Moisturizing, Pineappling, & Preserving Curls

Q: How did you wear your hair for bed to preserve the curls?
The method to the right is how I preserved my curls for day 2 in the second picture. To preserve my flexi rod curls, I tied my hair up before bed by bending over and tying a silk scarf around the sides of my head, leaving the curls out at the top. This is not shown in the picture, but I after tying my hair up with the scarf, I covered everything with a bonnet. My curls have dropped a bit in the picture to the right after moisturizing and sealing at the end of day 2.

End of day 2 hair, after moisturizing & sealing
Q: What did you use to moisturize and still keep your curls?

I used Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme and sealed with grapeseed oil. My curls dropped a bit from the manipulation and smoothing the product down my hair but didn’t fall flat. I was hesitant to moisturize and seal but I just couldn’t go two days without moisturizing my hair. My curls looked nice but they weren’t worth the dry feeling that was slowly creeping into my strands.

Second day hair
Q: What do you do with your curls when working out?

I pinned the curls up and away from my neck in a high ponytail to avoid getting them damp with sweat but my roots puffed up from sweat (of course).

Q: Are the curls causing tangles?

No tangling (yet?) and to prevent any tangles during my next wash day, I plan to pre-poo with coconut oil to help loosen any tangles when I finger comb before shampooing.


  1. it looks exaclt yhe same even after 2 days you rock !!!

  2. Jen you know there's the option of Pam Olive Oil cooking spray that you can use instead of your grapeseed, that way the curls don't flop. Just a tip ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nice style! i just did a similar style on my daughter using the curling iron thought next time i will try your method n use flexi rods…
    the pineappling really does help preserving the curls.

    1. Author

      Thanks, yes pineappling my hair was such a big help!

  4. It's just too pretty . I really have to buy flexi rods

  5. wish I would have tried this method last week when I did my curlformer set. I don't curl my hair often for that reason ( maintaining them). I will try this next time I do another curlformer set. thanks for the tips!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I plan to do flexi-rods soon and was wondering how in the world I would maintain the curls (and sleep in them).

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