Hair Babble

Hair Babble

I’ve seen many hair care companies advertising their brand new products that are full of ceramides and I can’t help but chuckle and think that we of the online hair care world were waaay ahead of you company-so-and-so. When we do it, people raise eyebrows at us like are we really putting cooking oils in our hair. When big hair care companies do it, it’s the newest amazing thing… riiiiiight.

I think my product junkie tendencies have officially left the building. I no longer get all tingly when browsing through products and I have zero hair products on my wish list.

I’m thinking of attempting my first 6 month stretch! I’m very tenderheaded and that makes me nervous. I’m currently 8 weeks post with an inch of new growth that makes me wince when I part my hair. Can you imagine the amount of wincing that is going to ensue when I have 26 weeks worth of new growth? O_o

Embarrasing moment of the week: I closed the end of my ponytail in my locker door at the gym. Of course I was unaware that my hair was trapped so I was yanked back when I started walking and ungraciously flopped against the locker door while the ladies around me stared at me like I had 5 heads. I could only point at my ponytail, shrug, and walk away like nothing happened.

I’ve given up trying to trim the hair around my face so that it frames my face all nice and pretty like. I just can’t get it to look the way I want. I think I just want to go somewhere and have someone do it for me. My hands have been the only ones to handle my hair since December, 2010 so having a new pair of hands handling my hair (holding shears!) will be kinda nerve-wracking!