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I’ve seen many hair care companies advertising their brand new products that are full of ceramides and I can’t help but chuckle and think that we of the online hair care world were waaay ahead of you company-so-and-so. When we do it, people raise eyebrows at us like are we really putting cooking oils in our hair. When big hair care companies do it, it’s the newest amazing thing… riiiiiight.

I think my product junkie tendencies have officially left the building. I no longer get all tingly when browsing through products and I have zero hair products on my wish list.

I’m thinking of attempting my first 6 month stretch! I’m very tenderheaded and that makes me nervous. I’m currently 8 weeks post with an inch of new growth that makes me wince when I part my hair. Can you imagine the amount of wincing that is going to ensue when I have 26 weeks worth of new growth? O_o

Embarrasing moment of the week: I closed the end of my ponytail in my locker door at the gym. Of course I was unaware that my hair was trapped so I was yanked back when I started walking and ungraciously flopped against the locker door while the ladies around me stared at me like I had 5 heads. I could only point at my ponytail, shrug, and walk away like nothing happened.

I’ve given up trying to trim the hair around my face so that it frames my face all nice and pretty like. I just can’t get it to look the way I want. I think I just want to go somewhere and have someone do it for me. My hands have been the only ones to handle my hair since December, 2010 so having a new pair of hands handling my hair (holding shears!) will be kinda nerve-wracking!


  1. loooool pony tail stuck in the door, I wish I could have seen it rofll!
    Of course they know who to send it to, they're using us for free.
    Most of us reviewers do not know our value and we're happy to get product for free, when they're making millions (maybe not millions but well) behind our back lol

  2. LOL @ your pony tail getting stuck, I know its not funny when it happens but at least you can look back and be glad that your hair is long enough to get stuck.

    I have to agree with the ladies on hair companies spying, hehehe, they know exactly who to send products to for reviews also what new ingredient to include in their products.

  3. You are so right about the hair companies getting their ideas from the online hair community. I've noticed many more products now claiming to have all the natural oils and other ingredients that people online have been using for ages. Hilarious about your ponytail getting caught in your locker. I wish I had that problem too, hahah πŸ™‚

  4. LOOOOL @ closing your hair in your gym locker. I closed my hair in the car door last summer, after I got over being mad I had to smile at the fact that I had enough hair on my head to close it in the door.
    I see tail bone length in your future:)

    1. Author

      Hair closed in car door is definitely something only we the joyfully hair obsessed would smile about lol!

  5. GO FOR IT!!! Do the 6 month stretch…..with me:)

    It's not as challenging as suspected, naysayers at work and friends keep saying 'oh my gosh your hair must be breaking' No, it's actually not! Just baggy more often, finger detangle when necessary and leave the hair alone!

    Extra Bonus more men approach me now and tell me how beautiful I am !! *blush*tear*

  6. Hello, please I need an urgent response from you, I'm on a healthy hair journey, started with shoulder level last august but I'm almost Armpit Level now but the problem is I'm not comfortable with the way my hair sheds, whenever I comb my hair, I find strands of hair on the floor where I stand to comb,pls what can I do or use. I use organics relaxer, treatment et al.

    you can reach me on or

  7. I'm totally convinced that companies have "spies." At first I thought it was a coincidence, but seeing terms like "co-wash" on a bottle of Pantene or others referencing flat twists,proves to me that they are observing. Some better than others when it comes to ingredients, like the use of ceramides and various oils. I must say when I saw L'Oreal new Ceramide line, I was tempted for a second, but I came right to your blog, re-read a post you did on the benefits of ceramides and wrote myself a note to buy more grapeseed oil before I finish my current bottle. πŸ™‚
    Best of luck with stretch and stay away from those lockers, lol.

  8. Hey! I totally got my hair caught in my car door the other day! The things they don't tell you about long hair… Also, I am going on my 6th month post relaxer and I must say that stretching has definitely forced me to take better care of my hair. It started out that I was just tired of self-relaxing and wasn't sick of my new growth–in fact I was enjoying it. So, 3 1/2 inches of new growth later, I'm not quite sure I want to relax again until a year is up. Just to see if I can do it. SO anyway, after all the blabber, I want to tell you, YOU CAN DO IT! Try it just to see if you can. I did! And even though I'm not tender-headed (thanks Dad) I absolutely DESPISE detangling. It seriously takes me an hour to fully detangle my mini mane. Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

    1. Author

      Thank you for the encouragement! Getting hair caught in things is definitely something they don't tell you haha

  9. Well, I do believe that you can handle the stretch. It seems that those people who have a good routine do best in long stretches. for the ponytail in the locker bit (sure nice to have enough hair to be unaware that it could be caught and walk away πŸ™‚

  10. LOL to the Locker story. πŸ™‚ I don't have that "problem" of having my hair getting stuck in weird places (yet).

    Are you taking hairstyle requests? If so, I would love to see you try this hairstyle I found on pinterest.
    I want to try this style when my hair grows longer, and I'd love to see a video of your JGA version of the hairstyle. πŸ˜€

    1. Author

      That's a beautiful style! I have no idea how to go about starting it though haha

    1. Hi Jeni

      I’ve been using Pantene Pro-V Hair Detangler Light Conditioning Moisture Mist on my new growth and I love it! I’ve tried the S-scurl, the conditioner and/or oils mixed with water, aloe, etc on my new growth and nothing worked. When I spray the Panetene on my new growth I can comb through my hair with ease.

      PS i am fairly new to this healthy hair world and your blog has helped me a great deal. You’re doing an awesome job!

  11. A hairstylist I know LAUGHED at me when I told her I was using castor oil on my edges and nape as I've had some breakage there because of the harsh winter we've had in Canada. I'm quite sure that a product by a company based on castor oil would be ok with her :/
    Thanks Jen for the oil applicator from Sallys review, I picked one up yesterday!

  12. You are right about the hair companies. But isnt it like that in all branches? You see cool people wearing wide flare jeans when nobody else does it and then all of a sudden the fashion houses are showing them on the catwalk. and then everybody wears them.
    What is also worth remembering, when you are using coconut oil or shea butter in your hair in America, we have been using them for generations in africa πŸ™‚


    1. Author

      Oh yes, it's a pattern that definitely applies across the board

  13. Hey Jeni. I think they are spying on our hair territory. But thats hilarious , your hair closing in the locker door. LMAO!! I can bet when you walked off they were laughing & saying amongst themselves … " that darn weave is too long". Pity they dont know. Curious you wear your ponytail down at the gym ? I thought you would do a bun or something . I am currently 42 weeks post . Just as Age in ATL says , but you can do .

    1. Author

      I agree with the spying haha. I wear both ponytails and buns. Congrats on reaching 42 weeks post! Thank you for the encouragement!

  14. It kinda creeps me out that these hair companies stalk hairboards for information. IDK, it just seems like there are spies infiltrating our territory. I believe that you can totally do a 6 month stretch! You have the technique and products to do it, you just have to mentally prepare for all that comes along with it (a bit of breakage, longer wash days, a bit more tangles, working to keep the NG soft, etc.). Just take it one wash day at a time, I know you can do it!

    1. Author

      Lol! @ "spies infiltrating our territory." I totally pictured a bunch of har company employees wearing dark shades, in a dark room, logging onto or lol

      Thank you for the encouragement!!!

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