Coffee Rinses for Shedding


As you all know, I love doing weekly tea rinses to minimize shedding. Teas that contain caffeine, like black tea and green tea, help reduce shedding because caffeine blocks the hormone responsible for hair loss – DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Coffee is another alternative that can be used to help reduce shedding.
According to the Mayo Clinic, an 8 oz cup of coffee contains 95-200 mg of caffeine while an 8 oz cup of black tea contains 14-61 mg of caffeine. [Source] As it is the caffeine that blocks DHT, it follows that when it comes to reducing shedding, coffee should be the most effective rinse for shedding purposes. I did my first coffee rinse this week and I noticed two things: first, the coffee rinse did not make my hair stiff the way tea rinses do and second, there was a definite decrease in the number of shed hairs I get while detangling, in comparison to my tea rinses. Coffee rinse for the win.
How to do a coffee rinse:
[1] Brew your desired amount of coffee and it cool.
[2] Begin your wash days as you normally would: pre-poo, shampoo… After shampooing, squeeze the excess water from your hair.
[3] Using a blow (you can always use a pitcher), pour the coffee over your hair while using a second bowl to catch the coffee run off. Then pour the coffee over your hair again. I like to catch the run off twice, for a total of 3 rinses.
[4] Let the coffee sit on your hair for a few minutes (I leave the tea or coffee in until it’s no longer dripping from my ends) then rinse with water.
[5] Deep condition as normal.


  1. I will definitely try out the coffee rinse and give you feedback. My hair sheds a lot and is very thin.

  2. My hair has been shedding, breaking for 4 yrs coinciding when my mentruaion ended. Tried this and for the first time in yrs I noiced less hair on floor and in my hands. I LOVE u guys for helping me! !!!! Had tried many thiings including 3 doctors.

    1. Darker the better but, really any kind of coffee that you may have will work. I would not use instant coffee though.
      I tried it on my hair today it feels and looks great! I added coconut oil to my coffee and I left it on my hair for an hour and then rinsed it out.

  3. Hey love the blog! I was just wondering if instant coffee will work or do I have to use the fresh stuff and grind it up?

    1. Author

      Yes instant will work-I've used both instant coffer and coffee grounds with same results.

  4. How often should the rinse be done? I've got PCOS so I shed pretty bad & thought I'd give this a try.

    1. Author

      Once a week, bi-weekly or whatever interval you choose.

  5. Hey guys! I just used a coffee rinse this morning. My hair smells delicious (like coffee obviously) and it is very shiny, soft and minimal frizz. I am definitely going to continuing trying this to see how it works!

  6. do I have to rinse it with water, after the coffee rinse. Won't that take the shine off

    1. Author

      Hi there, no it's not a required, you could apply your deep conditioner right after doing a coffee rinse.

  7. Look up how caffeine relates to cortisol and how that affects hair…

  8. I was wondering whether we could use instant coffee instead?

    1. Yeah because I only have instant coffee at the moment

  9. I've been doing a coffee rinse for awhile. It was easier for me b/c I drink coffee anyway. So, when I make my morning batch I just make a little extra. It does help better than tea rinsing, taking garlic pills, or using alter ego garlic treatment. I do my rinse either with a cup of I use an applicator bottle so that I can put it directly on my scalp.

  10. I am definitely going to try the coffee rinse. I hate the stiff feeling that tea rinses leave me with. One question though. I know that you're pretty strict about not using products which will affect your natural hair colour. Does the coffee not affect your hair colour by making it darker?

    1. Author

      I haven't seen it impact my hair color yet and the information I've read on coffee's impact on hair color range from it bringing out natural red and brown highlights in dark hair to staining very light hair a darker color. I'm watching my hair like a hawk for any changes.

  11. May have to try this rinse and see how it works for my hair and thanks for the tip on coffee rinse and tea rinse. Please do visit and check out my new blog spot All About Healthy Hair.

    1. Tea contains more caffeine when it's in it's dry state, I remember reading something about this in a health newspaper but you can google it 🙂

  12. WOW! this really makes sense if you think about it: it is known drinking coffee has more caffeine than tea so why would it be any different on hair. i really like this idea and i think im going to try it!

  13. Wow Jeni I am glad the coffee rinse worked for you will be sure to try it out sometime soon. Tea rinses really make my hair hard so coffee might be a better option.

    1. Author

      It lingered after rinsing with water but as soon as I deep conditioned, the smell was gone. My pleasure!

  14. How about just buying the caffeine buy itself. I just checked on Amazon and you can buy it in powder or pills. Add it to your deep condition. (For some reason I like to mix my conditioners with honey & grapeseed oil) Here's a few … Prolab Caffeine 200mg 100tablets $4.50
    NuSci Caffeine 100g $5.49, Nitrate Bio Caffeine Powder 150g $8.93

    1. Author

      Hmmm I never thought that. Sounds interesting though!

  15. Does the coffee smell linger? If not then I will try this weekend. I was going to incorporate a tea rinse as my hair has been shedding like crazy, but may do this instead. Thanks for the tip!

    PS – love the new website 🙂

    1. Author

      It lingered after I rinsed with water, but as soon as I deep conditioned, the scent of coffee was gone.

    2. I love the coffee rinse! Tried it this morning and did 3 rinses. My hair was not stiff like a previous tea rinse. I then deep conditioned with heat. I lost approx 1/2 my usual amount when detangling. Will definitely do it again when I co-wash mid week.

      Thanks for the tip Jen!!

    3. Author

      That's great Janice, glad to hear it worked well for you!

    4. I’ve tried before I’ve noticed there was less shedding after, haven’t done coffe rinse for while and noticed more hair fall so I’m doing coffe rinse again right now; (it’s great good luck

  16. I have never heard of this but I am def trying this tomorrow! My hair sheds so badly and I had no idea what to do to stop it. Thanks!

  17. I wondered if a coffee rinse would have that same drying effect as tea. I don't know why I feel even more weird about pouring coffee on my hair than tea. Lol! Could be worth a try though. Great post!

    1. Author

      I can relate, I felt weird about trying it, which is why it took me so long haha

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