Smoother Edges with Eco Styler Gel

Smoother Edges with Eco Styler Gel

Smoother Edges with Eco Styler Gel

You may have looked at the picture above and said: “DUH,” but you have to realize I haven’t owned a brush since 2010 lol. I tossed out my brush because my edges were thinning at the time and I was all about putting a stop to the thinning. My edges bounced back but since then I mostly relied on moisturizer and tying my edges with my scarf when I wanted to smooth out my hair. Last year I gave ORS Edge Control a try but it was much too thick for me. It was battle just getting the product out of the tiny jar. I also tried out CC’s Natural Lavender Flaxseed Gel and while it left my hair soft, it didn’t have enough hold.

I haven’t been getting the results I want so last week I hopped on over to CVS and grabbed a jar of Eco Styler Gel ($1.99) and the softest brush I could find (it’s by Conair, $4.99). The brush is not as soft as I would like it to be and in hindsight I should have bought a baby brush for the extra soft bristles but it’ll do. I’ll be watching my edges like. a. hawk. for any thinning though.

I’m happy my new combo has produced. My edges are smooth but I’m most happy that the fly-aways are controlled… especially since: (1) I’ve decided to extended my stretch beyond my normal timeframe and my edges get so frizzy when I stretch my relaxers, and (2) summer heat makes my edges dance to the beat of their own drum.

29 thoughts on “Smoother Edges with Eco Styler Gel

  1. Leniqueca

    If you want to try a baby soft brush you can try the Denman brand, they have baby soft brushes and all around good products. I've been following your blog and facebook for about 2 months now. I think I found you through a google search and you have helped me on my new hair journey thus far. Your hair is amazing and just keep up the great work w/ your the blog because I really appreciate it.

  2. josie renee

    Sadly if I even tried to do this combo, my edges would revert to beady-beads with the quickness. Your hair looks amazing though!

    What did you do to get your edges back? I'm still searching for mine ever since I had my son :(

    1. Jen Post author

      I had to chuckle at "beady beads" because it's a phrase I've only ever heard my BF say. His response when I told him: that I've been living under a rock lol.

      I babied my edges. I keep them moisturized, avoided manipulating them too much – tossing my brush helped a lot at the time. I massaged them with oil a few days a week and avoided tying my scarf too tight around my edges, and avoided tying my hair back too tight to avoid any tugging on my edges.

  3. LaToya

    Nice and smooth! That brush does look kind of hard though. I have one that I got from Sally. I don't know the brand, but I call it my "pretty much useless" brush because it's like one step away from being a baby brush. It's great for edges!

  4. Phoenix

    I've actually started smoothing my edges as of last month, so I'm also pretty new, but I do it with a very soft toothbrush. I just don't want to get any extra on the rest of the hair, and the tooth brush is extremely soft [obviously, I don't use it on my teeth.]
    I'd recommend it, if you don't like what you're currently using. Otherwise, keep on trucking, it looks GREAT!

  5. C.L.

    looool "summer heat makes my edges dance to the beat of their own drum"
    I'm glad you have finally found something that works on your edges!!

    How do you get rid of the gel though ? because I also bought one jar of eco styler (the green one with olive oil) but it's so flakey !!!! and it makes my hair look dirty =(

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