Product Review: Silk Dreams Hair Care Wheat Germ Butter Conditioner

Price: $10.00 for 8 oz bottle / $15.00 for 16 oz (two bottles)

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Promises: “Wheat Germ Butter Conditioner was designed with natural heads in mind. The product is versatile enough to be used as a rinse out or leave-in conditioner. Wheat germ oil is a natural conditioner and ceramide and offers extra protection to the hair. Relaxed heads don’t feel left out because you’ll like this one too!”

Directions: Smooth through wet hair. Leave in 5 minutes and rinse. As a leave-in, use a nickel to quarter sized amount and smooth onto hair, especially the ends. You can also use Wheat Germ Butter Conditioner as a final rinse.

Ingredients: Water, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Triticum vulgare (Wheat Germ) Butter, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, Polyquaternium 7, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Germall Plus, Fragrance.

My Assessment: I’ve been using this conditioner for a few months (I know, I know, it’s about time I wrote this review! lol) as a leave-in conditioner. Prior to using this conditioner, the leave-in conditioner I was using most often was Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-in Conditioner so my comparisons will be made between these two conditioners and not others I’ve posted about. Do not be alarmed that this leave in conditioner is protein-y by the hydrolyzed wheat protein you see in the ingredients. Wheat protein is a moisturizing and strengthening protein that increases our hair’s ability to received and maintain moisture.

I love ceramides, no secret there, so once I saw that this leave-in conditioner contains wheat germ (packed with ceramides) I knew I had to give it a shot in my hair-life. I’ve only used this leave-in conditioner before air drying my hair and it leaves my air dried hair soft, fluffy, and it helps produce smooth air dried results – just the way I like it! I’ve used leave-in conditioners that make my air dried hair coarse but that’s so not the case here. Overall, this is definitely a staple leave-in conditioner – my staple leave-in conditioner for when I air dry my hair. I will save Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-in Conditioner for when I flat iron or roller set my hair because it’s lighter.

Packaging: From reading my other reviews, you already know packaging matters to me… it’s not a deal breaker but it matters. I prefer jars but when bottles come with pumps, a small happy dance may or may not happen… I’m not telling. Pumps (and jars) make it easy to dispense the product without getting smearing it all over the bottle so I like that this leave-in conditioner comes with a pump nozzle. It also makes it easier for me to use the same amount for all sections (usually 4 to 6). This next point isn’t important but I like that it’s a soft yellow color haha… it just seems like a “happy” conditioner.

Scent: I’m picky about scents as well because strong scents trigger migraines, and when you get 20+ migraines a month, anything that causes one is tossed with no regrets. Okay no more backstory… this leave-in conditioner smells very light and pleasant. I can’t pinpoint what it smells like but I like it. The scent also doesn’t linger in my hair.

Consistency: When first dispensed, I was a little worried about how thick the conditioner looked. I have fine hair and a thick leave-in is not appealing; I want to avoid anything that could potentially weighed down or clump my hair while it dries. Luckily, this conditioner spreads easily and absorbs well. It’s creamier than DB’s Daily Leave-In, which is much more watery, but it’s still light. When comparing absorbency, both products are nearly tied in my opinion – once I’ve applied either of them, there’s no residue, just soft hair.

Have you tried this leave-in conditioner? Do you like it, love it, hate it?

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  1. I'm still trying to figure out how to use this product (and other SD products, except MSI lol) in a way my hair actually agrees with. I tried using it as a leave-in and I didn't really care for it. I plan on using it as a leave-in and rinse a few more times to really see how I feel about. I hate hate hate wasting products so I need to find some kind of way to use it. Any suggestions?

  2. It smells like soft oatmeal to me. Very soft and not too strong.

  3. Also, I have failed to mention that I found little facial hairs in my Creme de la Silk.. gross. Not a repurchase.

  4. Great Review Ms. Jen :)…My personal experience with Silk Dreams products have been a miss.. for some odd reason these products(wheat germ butter, && creme de la silk) made my fine low porosity hair crispy. The moisture cream was just OK…However Shescentit (Carrot&Pumpkin defrizzer & Coco Creme) works much better. May give the wheat butter another try..

  5. i need to get on the ceramides train, for real. haven't tried this conditioner, but i would!

  6. I have this product and I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it yet. I airdried with it and the results were not good. My hair was dull and felt kind of dry. Another time I used it, it didn't feel good upon application, but it produced a very shiny, soft flexirod set. On my daughter's natural hair I like it better. Lots of moisture and shine. I'll give it a few more uses to see if I get better results.

  7. I've tried this leave-in a few different ways, but haven't had much success. I really wanted it to work, but my hair decided otherwise. My hair has become quite finicky in the past few months when it comes to products which has left me pretty frustrated. Glad to hear its working for you 🙂

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