Emergency Deep Conditioning Session

Emergency steam!

In the 4 years since I started caring for my hair on my own, I’ve never deep conditioned outside of my weekly wash days. Well all that changed this week. I came home after a big cardio day at the gym and my hair, especially my new growth was a frizzy, dry mess. Simply moisturizing, sealing, and doing something to tame my edges just didn’t feel like it would be enough so I decided an emergency deep conditioning session was in order.

I applied Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner to my hair and sat under my Secura steamer (review here) for 15 minutes. After rinsing out the Kenra MC, I applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment for a few minutes and then rinsed. After wrapping my hair in a towel, soaking up all the excess water, I tied my edges with a silk scarf and air dried my hair. As for detangling, I used my fingers to work out any tangles while my hair dried. Once my hair was dry I moisturized with Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme (review here) and sealed with a little grapeseed oil.

Air drying my hair

I’ve come the conclusion that I’ve been doing my hair a disservice. My emergency deep conditioning session was exactly what my hair needed. My new growth is soft and once again manageable and presentable. I don’t know why it never crossed my mind before to deep condition twice a week, when possible, but I’m not surprised I didn’t think about trying it before. I’m a creature of habit and once I have a regimen that works, as you see Wash Day post after Wash day post haha, I’ll repeat it with little variation. You’d be surprised what little changes I’ve made over time that actually took me weeks to build up the nerve to even try… my weekly (and now beloved) tea rinses to name one.

If I have the time and if it’s necessary, planned not-really-emergency deep conditions might be in my future. It would be a great way to use up a few conditioners and give my new growth, as well the rest of my hair, a boost of moisture. If I continue to deep condition twice a week, I wonder if I’ll experience even less breakage at the line of demarcation. I assume I’ll have to moisturize my new growth less often, which means I won’t have to part my new growth as much during the week, which means less breakage from manipulation. Would I need to use protein more often to prevent moisture overload?… many things to keep on eye on.


  1. Hi Jen,

    Did you wet your hair before you applied the deep conditioner? Or did you apply it to dry hair.


  2. Hi Jen, please I can you do a post on High Porosity Hair. I used to have low porosity, after braiding,I noticed my Hair took very shorter time now to sink in water. Am worried. Can my hair go back to low porosity. And if No, how can I manage High porosity hair since I was told its the Best kind of hair

  3. You might need to up the protein. Speaking from experience, moisture overload is not fun!

  4. Did you wash it before or put the conditioner ontop of what already was on the hair since washday?

    1. My hair is a bit past my shoulders. I washed the hair before putting the deep conditioner in it. At first, I used a cheapie conditioner one week to deep condition. I probably didn't rinse out my hair properly because about 3 days later my scalp itched so badly that it was even inflamed. The next time I used Herbal Essences hydration shampoo (the blue one, very creamy) and my scalp was itching after that. I now use a natural shampoo for dry itchy scalp but I use deep conditioners and use ORS hair moisturiser and I still have itchying now and then.

      Concerning my scalp, the back left of my scalp itches from time to time because there is a pimple there that pops up now and then and always itches. It is also the area that always burns when I put a relaxer in. Maybe I should cut off the relaxed bits. I just dont know. I do want long hair.

    2. Author

      Hi Anon, very smart not to relax while your scalp is irritated. Summer 2011 my scalp out of no were flaked and itched and it drove me absolutely insane; I had to push back my relaxer touch up until my scalp healed. I think it's definitely worth going to a dermatologist to have your scalp checked out to be on the safe side. A healthy scalp is important!

    3. Thanks Jen,

      Thank you for your reply and for taking time out to post update for us. I stalk your blog very often as it is filled with so much information and we both have fine strand hairs. My name is Andrea but somehow I couldn't post under my name. I think I will go to a dermatologist because I have get dry flaky patches on my face which comes and goes. I also cannot use creamy shower gels as it itches my skin. Thanks again for your reply and all that you are doing.

      xx from the UK

    4. Author

      Hi Andrea, I really hope the derm can offer some relief for you. Hugs!

  5. I am fed up with my hair! I am on a stretch now from since about mid July last year, initially to stretch my relaxer but now because of itchy scalp. Everytime I think that I can relax my hair I get an allergic reaction to something that makes my scalp itch and a relaxer is not recommended when the scalp is irritated or inflamed. I have been on my hair journey for the same period (mid July) and although I want health and I also want length. Detangling two textures of hair is a nightmare and I have shedded and breaked alot. It is probably my comb and my technique. I want to relax but I feel that my scalp is not ready for it. I have never experienced so much itching like since I have been on my hair journey. I am fed up already.

    1. How long hair do you have? Can you cut of the relaxed hair for now and be natural for a while and when your scalp is ready relax again?

  6. Do u usually leave ur hair to airdry or was that just for the purpose of pic?

    Do u air dry in a bun?

    1. Author

      I usually air dry with my hair out, just as pictured.

  7. Great reminder to always listen to my hair!! I intend to try deep conditioning once a week because my hair seems soooooooooo thirsty!! Gotta blame it on the hot weather here in Ghana!! Please check my progress at http://www.ghlonghair.blogspot.com …i hope to get to this length in 3-4 years!

  8. I deep condition twice a week (when time permits) especially when working out to keep my hair from drying out, but what I do to prevent moisture overload is to use a light protein conditioner once a week and then use a moisture Deep conditioner during the second wash. For me it helps to keep my moisture protein balance in check!

  9. I always consider the saem thing!
    Im so worried about moisture overload though! I've had a mild moisture overload before and it was a nightmare πŸ™ I had a fair amount of breakage!

    Mixed Beauty


  10. I definitely need to go back to DC'ing twice a week. I used to do that religiously and my hair had so much more lustre. Great post! πŸ™‚

  11. I know how you feel about being a "creature of habit" haha, I used to be like that too, but then I've stopped because I realised that sometimes my hair needed something and it would frustrate me because I had to change my "hair schedule" but now I change my routine every month. Sunday stays my "Hair Day" though !

  12. For you and anyone else doing mid-week DC, are you doing a full detangling session each time? I want to do this but I don't want to manipulate my hair too much.

    1. Author

      I'm not. I used just my fingers to work any large tangles.

  13. DCing twice a week keeps my hair so moisturized. You never run the risk of it drying out because by the time it does, it will be time for another dose of deep conditioner. Definitely a must for those who stretch or are transitioning and cannot seem to keep their NG moisturized. My retention has increased tenfold since I started doing it. Definitely helpful during the summer months.


  14. I don't normally do a full blown DC with indirect heat during the week but doing Crossfit 3-4 times a week means a lot of sweat and calls for co-washing! I can't deal with the normal wash day alone. Eek! My hair loves me again whenever I co-wash & it loves the cheapie VO5 conditioner for the mid-week boost. Nothing fancy…maybe I'll invest an extra 15 or 20 mins sitting under the dryer one of these days (with a much better conditioner though). Your hair is looking great as always!

  15. I have been deep conditioning twice a week for awhile now. It is definitely needed now that I am back to working out. I like to do a midweek co-wash/co-rinse to get rid of the sweat in my hair. It seems to really be helping me. If you can fit it in I say go for that extra deep condition. It could only help.

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