1. Hello Jen,
    Your site is amazing. I started my hair journey this year April and have been stretching since then. I intend to retouch next month (Nov).
    As i prepare for this, please i would want to know if there is any special precaution i need to take before the relaxer so as to ensure that everthing goes on well and get reward for my effort all these months.
    Your response would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Roller sets are the best for stretching your relaxer and oils help soften the new growth.

  2. I definitely agree with numbers 1 and 5. Your tips can be beneficial for transitioners as well.


  3. Any tips for relaxer stretching while keeping hair in braids? Also, would you suggest using a dilute protein reconstructor while the braids are still in? I'm keeping these in for 8-10 weeks (which will wind up being a 14-16 week relaxer stretch). I've heard that you should give your hair a "break" between taking the braids down and putting the relaxer in. I'm planning to give it a week, but have you heard or read anything that suggests otherwise?

    1. I removed my tree braids yesterday and relaxed my hair today. My stylist said my hair was very healthy and only needed the usual trim. I went a total of 5 months with no relaxer. I had the first tree braids in for 7 or 8 weeks, took those down and put the tree braids back in the next day. Kept those in for almost three months. Enjoying my beautiful head of shiny healthy relaxed hair. I have always taken my braids down and relaxed the next day with no issues.

  4. Great tips! I'm thinking about doing my pre-poo with oils all year instead just in the winter.

  5. Great tips! I just did a 20 week stretch and while I was hoping to go a little longer by continuing to do these things, I knew that if I continued on the stretch I would lose instead of continue to gain! I'm not sure if I will stretch that long again. We shall see!

  6. Great tips Jeni!

    I really need to try out some roller sets – I must admit I am discouraged from doing them as I suck at them (remember that roller set for my first relaxer day last year -when I pretended it looked as great as yours? Yeah, that was the first and last one I did in 2012!). I may give it a try next wash day and see how it goes.

  7. Cos of laziness………….since castor oil is a humectant. I wondered if that moisturisers my new growth too?
    I currently use it on my roots but always find it to be a mission to then use a moisturises on my new growth root
    I like a simple life lol
    So would castor oil do the job as well?

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