I’ve seen the L.O.C. method discussed on hair boards and blogged about for a while now but it was only within the last week that I decided to try it out. The goal of the L.O.C. is to seal moisture into our strands as effectively as possible. If you remember the Sealing Experiment I conducted a few months ago, sealing with just an oil, helps lock in moisture from our moisturizers. The L.O.C. method goes a step further and adds an additional layer of protection, a cream moisturizer after an oil to add another barrier against moisture loss.

First step: moisturizing with a liquid moisturizer

For my liquid moisturizer, I’ve been using Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray. This is the first as-in liquid moisturizer I’ve ever used. I was initially using it on my new growth only – this was an upgrade from diluting my beloved Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme in a spray bottle – but soon switched to spraying the entire length of my hair with it. I’m really loving this moisturizing spray. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling “wet” after I apply it and using the LOC method it has my hair feeling soft (especially my new growth) for days.

Second step: seal with a natural oil

Y’all know me and grapeseed oil are like >< this so it’s no surprise that it’s the oil I’ve chosen to seal with (as normal). Because I layer a creamy moisturizer after the oil, it’s important to oil use a few drops of oil in step two. When moisturizing and sealing, I use no more than 2-3 drops of oil on each of my four sections.

Third step: seal with a cream

This is the step that goes beyond the norm in the L.O.C. method. I’ve been using HairiageHydration Hemp Nostalgia for this step. As its name suggests, it contains ceramide-packed hemp oil *throws confetti*

Using this method and line-up, my hair has been retaining moisture on day 2 and 3 (without moisturizing and sealing after day 1) so I’m very pleased. The products above are by no means the ones that should be use, they’re simply the ones I’m currently using and ones that work for me. Go with what works for you, there’s only one criteria: liquid, oil, cream.

Are you employing the L.O.C. method?


  1. Hello Jen,
    Thanks a lot for your wonderful blog which give me hope and confidence to take that HHJ.
    I start to buy different products but i'm stuck with what to choose for the "L".
    As I just begin and a bit lost, i merely went for a set from aphogee, choose your PM Clarifying Sh Two. But still don't have an oil moist liquid and a conditionner. my question is : may I use aphogee Keratin & Green Tea restructurizer as my "L" ? I know it is not the same thing but as it is in stock..in meanwhile maybe it will do the job? i was unable to buy the califa one it has to be only collected on shop (living in west africa).
    thanks for your time and sorry for my poor language :s french is my mother tongue.

    1. Author

      It can definitely be used by naturally curly hair.

      1. I think she was asking about naturally straight hair…

  2. Hi, I love your site. Do you have list of the ingredients in the Hemp Hydration Cream. The link attached states that the product is no longer available.

    1. Author

      No I don't. Daily I just use oil (most often grapeseed) to seal. I use the LOC method when my hair is really dry and I don't mind it feeling weighed down.

  3. Well said. Will try this one too! Thanks for sharing this information. Good day!

  4. Hi Jen! Your site is awesome! I need some advice about using Komaza Califia Moisturizing Spray. I've been using for about 2 weeks now with the same results, gunky, stringy hair. I'm using it in my LCO method (Komaza, HH Hemp Nostalgia and grapeseed oil) with horrible results. At first I thought it was the HH Hemp Nostalgia making it feel that way but even after applying it to my NG only I get the same results, my NG feels dirty and coated. I corrected my last M&S session by applying Darcy's LTC on top and it did the trick. How does your hair feel after applying it? Does you hair normally like shea butter? Have you tried it with any other cream? I'm thinking of trying it with Darcy's LTC instead of the HH Hemp Nostalgia to try to isolate the issue. Any suggestions?

    1. Author

      Hi Tiffany, sorry the late response! With Komaza's CMS I always have to make sure I work it into my new growth well or else I will get that coated feeling sometimes. I've never tried shea butter on its own but I've tried many products that contain shea butter and my hair does well with it. My hair was finicky with HH Hemp Nostalgia. Sometimes it would coat my hair and sometimes it would work well. Most of my creams are creamy moisturizers. Darcy's LTC is pretty creamy and a good one to try. HTH!

  5. Yes! I love the LOC method. I read about it a few weeks ago and decided to try it because water and just oil wasn't as effective. I use water and a little leave in for L, olive oil for O, and carols daughter hair balm for C. I washed my hair on Saturday and LOCd and my hair stayed soft until Tuesday!

  6. where do you buy the Hairiage Hydration Hemp Nostalgia?

    1. Author

      Hair Hydration's Etsy store. The product is linked above in the post.

  7. Since I've found your blog, it's been life saving for my hair.
    I've tried LOC with diluted CLTC/grapeseed oil/Darcy's MVSC & LCO with diluted Giovanni LI/CLTC/grapeseed oil. LCO definitely agrees with my hair more. I just picked up the Komaza spray because of your review and I'm hoping for good results.
    You're such an inspiration!

  8. For cream which product would be better
    1. Cantu Shea Butter Conditioning Cream
    2. ORS Mosituring Lotion

  9. I've been on the hunt for some liquid moisturizers, do you have any other suggestions besides the Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray?

    1. Author

      I'm sorry Califia Moisturizing Spray is the first liquid moisturizer I've tried

  10. Jen have you ever tried the lco versus the loc method?

    I have tried both, but with the loc method. The confusing I have is that what if I decide to use a water based moisturizer wouldnt that evaporate my hair quickly?
    I used s-curl, then olive oil and then elasta qp(water based), would that have the same result versus using raw shea butter(creme but oil based) as the last step?

    1. Author

      No I haven't tried LCO method.

      I've used both a water based and oil based moisturizer as the last time and still get the long lasting soft hair. Try it out and see if there's a difference for you

  11. Wow, this method saved my hair. It was ridiculous, my hair was just popping off in my hands, and it felt like hay. Now it's like silk, soft and moisturized. I can't even believe it. It works beautifully.

  12. OooOh!! Now I can finally understand what "LOC" stands for haha!
    I think I am going to try this mthod!
    DO you think that the Aphoegee greet Tea & Keratin Reconstructurizer + Castor Oil + ORS Incredibly rich moisturizing Lotion could work ?

    Up to now, I was putting the cream first and then the oil…

    1. Author

      I'd be wary about the ApHogee tipping your protein/moisture balance.

  13. Yes, Jen, I've been finding out about the LOC method a lot lately I thought I would give it a shot, I don't thing moisture is a big issue with me at the moment even though i have been hiding my hair since November under my own U-part wig that I made. but i did the LOC on the hair for about two weeks and saw the growth appear. I like it because I can do this every night if I have to or twice a week. mainly in part because I have my hair hidden. its almost time for my stretch to be over I'm on my fourth month. I haven't blogged about it yet, but i will when its relaxer time, the new growth is nice thought not hard to manage like I thought it would be.

  14. Hello Jen,

    I've been on my hair journey for 1 year already but this last month my hair has never feel this good and coincidentally this means since i found your blog. I didn't know what was the use of ceramides before but now since i use them my ends feels so healthy

    I think that ceramides combined with my water+hairveda moisturizer are the results of those nice feeling ends.

    Thanks! 😉

    1. Author

      Hi there, glad to hear ceramides are working well for you!

  15. Hi! i heart your blog! I am three weeks into my HHJ after i saw you on Pinterest! You have great advice and product reviews. I have BSL Hair which is very straight/ fine with medium "thickness". My new growth grows in as waves and is extremely manageable. However, my breakage/shedding is OFF THE CHAIN! I didn't even know it was breakage (just thought it was normal shedding)until I read your posts on the difference 🙁 ..Would you reccomend Protein? Also, I NEVER moisturized/sealed before (never even heard of it aside from "grease"-woof!) I'd Like to employ this L.O.C. method but since my hair is so straight i feel like all of the oil may be too heavy..any suggestions? Thanks jenni!!

    1. Author

      Hi there, I'd suggest using a minimal amount of oil (and also using a light oil) and moisturizing every other day to prevent weighing your hair down too much.

  16. I have two methods which I which up time after time, LOC and LCB (Liquid Cream Butter). I'm really enjoying both methods has my hair stays moisturized for longer and so I don't really have to do much on a daily basis. As for the LCB I'd dampen my hair add Cantu leave in and then my shea mix. Yes, it does create these giant cakey balls but when it dries—> shiny moisturized hair for days. Plus my hair smells awesome too.

  17. I've been seeing a lot about the L.O.C. method, too. I've been hesitant about trying it because I thought it might be heavy on my hair, but I think I might after reading this post. Thanks!

  18. I've been using wave nouveau, avocado oil and coconut oil then adding Cantu Shea Butter leave in creme.

  19. I will have to do this. Hopefully, between the tea rinses and this I will be able to make my goal of WL my next year. I did a tea rinse this wknd and after DC'ng I noticed hardly any hair in the tube. Then, I just couldn't end there. I bought the Sally's Paul Mitchell detangler and put it in and rinsed and noticed hair coming in the drain. Needless, to say I won't be using the Sally's Paul Mitchell detangler again. Though I will continue with my tea rinses.

  20. I am in the process of testing out this method but I've only tried it on a wash day for my airdrying process but for my 'Cream' I use a creamy leave-in conditioner instead of a moisturiser. I've been wondering if this way is effective and plan to try it out with a moisturiser instead.

  21. I am defenitly goin to try 2morow cuz im overnight pre pooin so WASH DAY 2morow!!!!!!!! Yyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Great post! The LOC Method is definitely worth a try! I;m just afraid that I will be too heavy handed with the products.

  23. I have been doing this on wash days makes my hair perfect after an air dry…I use leave in( tresemme naturals diluted) then coconut oil then ORS moisturizing hair lotion…absolutely perfect !!!!

  24. I use this method but I use the oil in the last step

  25. I've seen people reference this L.O.C. Method and never knew what it was. Great post.

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