February Goals Review + March Goals

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of the month!

Met all my goals for February, whoop whoop! I used up Mizani Supreme Oil Shampoo and Hair Trigger Growth Elixir, drank beaucoup water and ended up going to the gym 4 days a week, one up from my intended 3.

New month, new goals:
How did you do in February? What are your goals for the month of March?


  1. I like the monthly goals idea- I need to put a list on my fridge or something. I have found that you can grow healthy hair if you take keratin vitamins, like I have been doing for the past year or so- this company called Nourage makes really good ones. Other than that, I have added coconut to my diet and I think that is helping too. Thanks for the tips! Love your blog=)

  2. Hi Jeni – off topic but I just noticed that your search bar doesn't seem to be working; it's constantly coming up with no search results, even if your keyword is 'hair'!

    Congrats on making all your goals! 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank your for letting me know! I've been trying to fix it all day but the problem appears to be on Bloggers end… I'll keep trying though!

  3. Jenni, this blog is amazing and just what I needed! I inherited my Polynesian father's very coarse and curly hair, but since my mother was caucasian with straight hair, I had absolutely no guidance as far as hair care. At 22 years old I think I am finally ready to grow healthy hair, and it is mostly because of the knowledge here on JGA! Thanks so much!

    In response to this post, I'm curious about your workout hair do and maintaining your style without a wash. How do you prevent your hair from getting sweaty/messy at the gym? I feel like my sweat will mess up my hair and require frequent washing.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration Jenni…

    So far Been able to maintain my
    -bi-weekly head massages with castor oil (my roots love it)
    -weekly tea rinses (going on 4weeks)
    -no heat since my last touch up (length check)November, 2012 YAY!!!

    But in March will try to
    -restart exercising, once a week for now
    -restart my study routine for my MBA
    -roller setting on Mondays(longest stretch for me so far)
    -stick to water drinking regimen

  5. I accomplished 2 out of my 4 goals. I didn't use (direct) heat. I had my hair up for 27 out of 28 days.

    I am still working on less breakage (I don't know what causes my breakage yet) and I need to stop touching my crown.

  6. Hi, i just began my healthy hair journey, and im confused on a few things..
    I was never one to flat iron my hair much, or use much heat, but is it ok to do flat iron once or twice a month? If so, what brand do you suggest? Also, I normally roller set my hair, and I was wondering how i can roller set it while moisturizing and sealing every night.

    1. Author

      Hi there, once a month, provided you use a heat protectant and give your hair plenty of moisture in preparation for flat ironing sounds ok. I love my Sedu Revolution and Hana Titanium flat irons, but just makes sure what ever flat iron you use has ceramic plates. Try moisturizing and sealing every other day if you want to preserve lighter hair.

  7. I have never tried making monthly goals but maybe its a good idea will help me stay on track I guess.

  8. I'm glad you made it !!!!!
    I need to try to do it too!!
    I know you already made a video for that but next time you trimm your hair can you do another video ? for some reason I WANNA see it !! haha

    I also should try to stop buying products for some reason I can't help it and buy every product I see if the packaging is attractive even … sexy lol !!

  9. Congratulations on meeting your goals. I actually met my goal of moisturizing and sealing at least 3 times a week and drinking more water. I think for March I will try tea rinses and exercising at leat 3 times a week.

  10. Mine are for my 'listen' month. I want to be able to listen to my hair and know what it needs just from the feel or thickness or movement or whatever. So, there's no heat (or I would feel obligated to not wash dry hair, just to keep up the style), ponytails and buns unless I'm going out with friends, acv rinses after washes, I'm going to try to get tea and do black tea rinses, but that depends on money. Same for coconut milk.
    No heat
    Cowash between washes
    Ponytail / buns for most days

    Tea rinse / coconut milk treatments

    1. Author

      Phoenix, good luck on your goals!

      Fredeline, yes you can use any tea and the benefits differ depending on what type of tea you use.

  11. Making goals is a great way to stay on track with your regimen I should try to make monthly goals too. Great post

  12. Congrats to you for keeping up with your monthly goals. I need to draw up one for March!!

  13. Nice goal jenni! Do you plan to cut yourself? Good luck 🙂

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