Wash Day

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(1) Pre-pooed with Hair Trigger on my scalp and Hairitage Hydration Alaya Oil (contains olive oil, sunflower oil, shea oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, lavender essential oil, fragrance) on the length of my hair, warming up both oils in a bowl of hot water prior to applying them to my scalp and hair, respectively. (2) Shampooed with Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo(3) Green tea rinse (I’ve been doing green tea rinses for weeks now and I’m no where near sick of them!) (4) Deep conditioned with Silk Dreams’ Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream under my conditioning cap. (5) Applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment for a few minutes. I usually use the PM SSDT right after doing my tea rinse but I remembered someone posted a comment about whether or not there’s a different when I use it after deep conditioned. I decided to test out whether there was a difference during this wash, but didn’t find a difference. The PM SSDT still helped work out any tangles and smoothed my hair. (6) Wrapped my hair in a cotton towel for about 45 minutes to soak up the excess water and let my hair dry a bit. (7) Applied my leave ins: Komaza Care Aloe My Hair Leave In conditioner and applied a small amount of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to each of my four sections. (8) Detangled my hair, starting from the tips and working my way up to my roots. Once my hair was detangled, I left it alone to air dry.

My hair dried fluffy and smooth but I wanted a break from my boring air dried hair again so I opted to do another braid out this week. Instead of crosswrapping the ends to prevent weird bends, I pincurled my braids, per the suggestion of a reader last week (thank you!) to give my ends a bit of a curl. I had 16 braids in total and as you can see, I didn’t care much about starting my braids close to my scalp.

The next morning, I applied hemp seed oil to my fingers before I took down my braids. I used a Goodie Ouchless band to smooth back my edges and pinned my hair back.

I’m finally happy with a braid out lol! My hair was soft and I loved the wavy texture.


  1. Your braids are as beautiful as your air dried hair but who are we joking? A new hair style can uplift our mood. Good on you to try something new.

  2. Dear Jeni,

    Like anyone who has even glance at your page, I became completely obessesed with your blog and helpful tips for retaining healthy hair. I to have been struggling with retaining length pretty much all of my life (29yrs). I was at one point obssessed with wearing weaves and believe that this is what caused the issues im currently dealing with. But as a kid my hair was so thick, I would break (Goodie- brand) brushes. My mom used the Hot comb that you use on the stove top, and relaxers are stable in my regimen because it was too difficult to comb through and overall manage. FAST FOWARD—As of last year, I have stopped putting weaves (due to thining) in my hair tremendously but must confess to wearing them for special occassions for no more than 1 month at time. I declared the beganing of my hair journey last year but have seen very litte improvement and growth. My apologies for the long drawn out story but i felt compelled to tell you and the other ladies that will come across this comment. LOL. Now questions are ( I value your opinion)

    1. My new growth is extremely agressive and i have at least an 1-2 inches of split ends and/or uneven-ness in some areas. i'm experiencing a lot shredding (starting at the 5-6 week post mark). Should I cut off the ends completely, eventhough i find it difficult to part with even just 1/4 inch let alone 2 inches? (My hair is little past my shoulders in the back but the front/sides are chin length).

    2. Right now (10 weeks post)im having the most worst/killer hair days, trying to push for March 1, I will attempt to texlax my hair since it has become very thin. Do you think that texlaxing will make me want to shorten my stretches between perms since my new growth is so unruly and will have to manage 3 textures?

    3. Will it be difficult to go back to relaxed- bone striaght hair, in the future, if the texlax fails?

    PLease Help!!-

    I also have a tip for you or any of the ladies reading, (I beleive I read in a prev. post that you have not had good experiences with jam or edge control. (Jeni, your edges are just fine) But I tried this product called Wig it (consistency is like edge control, clear and pasty but better holding properties)- most women who wear lace fronts use this product. I use it with a headband just to keep the edges at bay. LOL. You really dont need to use much at a time. It comes in handy when I do braid outs w/ head band – of course… to help smooth down my unruly edges.lol

  3. Congrats on getting a braid out you love! I like a bit more definition and braiding slightly damp hair and/or using a holding butter works great for that but as long as YOU are happy. Just a couple of suggestions in case you want a bit more curl or wave! 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks Ebony 🙂 I might try that my next braid out because this braid out didn't last long at all.

  4. Do you still use the ORS Replenishing conditoner in your regimen sometimes? Also when you pre-poo with the Hairitage hydration oil, do you stil sit under the heating cap/steamer for 30 mins before washing? or just leave it in for 30 min with a shower cap since the oil is being warmed up anyways?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Author

      I do, but not often. I just cover my head with a plastic cap and then my TurbieTwist for a few hours, body heat does the rest.

  5. yaaay u used my suggestion wit the pincurls! lol looks gorgeous girlie! cant wait til im fully texlaxed.. i noticed my curls and waves look soo much prettier and last a lot longer on the texlaxed portion of my hair..im not brave enuff to cut off my relaxed ends yet..i only have like 3 or so in. of texlaxed hair…one day tho! one day ill be on ur level lol how long is your texlaxed hair?


    1. Author

      I did 🙂 My texlaxed hair is shoulder length.

  6. How do I keep up the *same* texture every time I texlax [since I didn't do the first one] and how do I air dry my hair so that the texlaxed hair is as straight as possible?
    You see, I was going to texlax starting when I graduate from college, but I didn't want to do it before so I put up with quite possibly some of the worst stylists ever. When they 'relaxed' my hair [and charged me full price and tried to hide it. I knew something was up with the guy who kept staring at my hair while it was being washed] and it was texlaxed.
    They've burned off my hair, damaged it by combing badly, told me to do flat out horrible things to my hair to 'maintain' it, etc etc. So this was the last straw and now I'm going to start texlaxing on my own. I already make all my own hair products and do everything myself, but this sudden change in texture is making it a little difficult. I love the feeling, the thickness and the fact that it's still pretty easy to manage, but it's *clearly* two different textures. I used to only air dry, and in two buns with the hair smoothed down. It would be smooth until my next wash and everything would be fine. Now, it's not working so well…
    So, I would like to know how to air dry in a way that would leave my texlaxed hair smooth, and I would like to know, since I didn't do the first one, how to get approximately the same texture. I'm thinking of diluting it a bit with oil, and I'm definitely going to use the same relaxer they used, at least for the first year.
    Any tips?
    Useful info: I have hair between MBL and WL, and I don't own rollers or a blow drier at all. I'm willing to save up money [poor college student here] and buy either a good brush or rollers or curlformers or whatever you think would work, but it has to be on below-minimum-wage budget, so anything that could be done with just pins would be perfect.
    Sorry for the wall of text!

    1. excellent question…id like to kno the response to this too…im scared to do my texlax touch up and add another texture to the 3 im already tryin to work with

    2. Author

      Hi Phoenix, wow I'm sorry to hear about the damage the stylists caused!

      To get the same texture each time I really try to do that same time each and every time. I apply the relaxer for same amount of time as the last (6 minutes) and I smooth for the same amount of time (5 minutes) and smooth each section the same number of times (9-10).

      To test out what level of "texlaxedness" will work best for you, I suggest collecting a few strands of shed hair test out different methods of texlaxing (e.g. adding oil/conditioner to a bit of conditioner, shorting application and smoothing time, coating the shed hairs in conditioners and/or vaseline), using the shed hairs as a guide. Take notes on what batch gives you the results most similar to the ones you're looking to achieve.

      To help smooth your texlaxed hair dry hair, have you tried using a smoothing serum? I know Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum might be out of your budget, but Sally Beauty carries a GVP version that is just as good. Wrapping my hair in a towel to soak up the water after I've rinsed out my DC also prevents hair from frizzing, and tying my hair down with a silk scarf as it dries also helps.

      Hope this helps!

    3. Yeah, it's almost freeing now, knowing that I will never again have problems caused by someone else's lack of knowledge.
      I do not have a smoothing serum anymore, I had a trial size of PMSS a while back and it was amazing but I ran out a few months ago :(. I'll see if anything I still have left over from my PJ days will help me smooth it out.
      I usually wrap it in a tee-shirt until it's 70% dry, but I didn't have time to do the scarf this time. It didn't make much of a difference before, but I bet it's more of a requirement now that I have two textures.
      I didn't think about trying it on shed hairs! That sounds like a great plan, and then I'll just time everything. I'll also have to make sure to really measure out the oil/conditioner.

      I'll post again if anything crazy / awesome happens on my next wash day. I'm trying to smooth it out for a play I'm going to be in soon. If it doesn't work, I could probably just bun it.
      Thanks! BTW You're my favorite hair blogger! 😀

    4. [My actual profile] My hair turned out MUCH better with the scarf. I tied it up while it was still wet and it dried nice and so soft! I also did an ACV rinse, and used my Paul Mitchel Daily Treatment [trial size as well, only have one more wash left :(]. Thanks!

  7. Maybe you should do your braids when your hair is about 80% dry. Your waves would probably last longer.

  8. Do you ever pre-poo overnight? I've found it so helpful on my wash day. Just wondering…

  9. Have you tried doing corn braids first for your braid outs? The curls come out way better and it looks more natural because the curl is closer to your scalp without that gap like with a regular braid. Can we expect a review of the new leave-in?

    1. Author

      I've tried it but because I'm very tenderheaded, corn rows make my scalp sore so I avoid doing them. Yes, I'll post a review after I've used the leave-in at least 3 times.

  10. I heart your braidout routine! I'm definitely going to try it next wash day!

  11. Your braid out looks gorgeous! After reading your posts I decided to get a product from Silk Dreams, I ordered the Satin Smooth Hair Cream, it smells delish and I'm a big fan. You should be their spokeswoman! lol :o)

    1. Author

      Thank you! That product is on my wishlist. That would be exciting lol 🙂

  12. Question re: green tea rinse — Once your pour the tea on your hair, do you rinse it out or move on to the next step? Oh, and I got my hair journal yesterday!

    1. Author

      I leave the tea on my hair for a few minutes (or the amount of time it takes to do something else like shave or exfoliate) before I rinse out and then move on to the next step.

      Yay!!! I hope you love it! Upload a pic to the JGA facebook page if you can, it's pretty exciting seeing them!

  13. It's soOoOoOoooooOOO beautiful!!!! I love it!!! How long does the braid out last and how do you maintain it ????
    Really pretty!!!
    Look like you have a natural "ombre" hehe I love your hair color *o*

    1. Author

      Thank youu!! 🙂 It lasted 2 days because I didn't rebraid at night after moisturizing and sealing… I didn't do anything to maintain it. Normally I would rebraid after moisturizing and sealing, but eh, just didn't feel up to it. My hair is only a tiny bit wavy now.

      Thanks! I have to thank my mom for passing on her hair color haha.

  14. Beautiful braidout again Jeni! Thanks for trying the Paul Mitchell Treatment after deep conditioning…I really need to get good smoothing products to work out my tangles after washing.

  15. Yay!! Your hair looks awesome!! Glad our advice helps get you a great braid out.
    I finally got my hands on PM daily treatment. Used in my wash day and my hair came out really smooth 🙂 thanks for turning me on to PM line

    1. Author

      Thank you! Everyone's advice is always greatly appreciated!
      Yay!!! Glad to hear that! What step did you use it in?

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