1. Hey Jeni,

    I have a questions about protein treatments – is it ok to use the aphogee keratin 2-min reconstructor conditioner AND the aphogee keratin green tea restructurizer (as a leave-in) on the same wash day? Also, how often should these products be used as I still haven't gotten the hang of protein treatments 🙁


    1. Author

      HI Genny, I personally wouldn't, I would like it's a bit much and would use a moisturizing leave in conditioner to be on the safe side. As for frequency, it depends on what you do to your hair, whether you're protein sensitive or not, and how often your hair requires a boost of strength. I like to do a strand test every wash to check on my protein/moisture balance.

    1. Not everything is going to be compatible with your laptop, tablet, or whatever. I'm using my iPad and it's fine. Blogs aren't suppose to be perfect.

    1. Author

      Hi there, I think much fewer protein and weaker protein treatments (e.g. 1 egg mixed with an oil only when necessary) would prevent protein overload while giving your a boost of strength it needs from time to time.

    2. i used to use fewer protein treatment, and the result was that it makes my hair so hard and dry! even when i wait 3 month between my treatments it's the same! the thing is that my hair get dry and hard immediately when i touch it with proteins even if it's one egg. so i thought that maybe my hair dont support proteins at all !

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