Hair Type Chart For Texture & Thickness

I normally avoid hair typing charts because in my mind, as long as the hair is healthy no other distinctions really matter to me. I didn’t even bother finding out what hair type I have until I was well into my hair journey; it just didn’t matter to me.

I do however love this chart by Alma of because it doesn’t focus on classifying hair into 3abc/4abc but instead focuses on how best to approach hair care based on texture and thickness.

I have fine hair but surprisingly, I’ve never done a hard protein treatment. Truth be told, the idea of doing one scares me haha.

The Only Hair Type Chart That Really Matters

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  1. I'm still having so much difficulty determining the difference between fine and thick hair! Looking at my own individual strands it's hard to glean which category I fall into without a comparison. I can't tell if I have fine strands that are very dense. Or if I have thick strands with low density. A clarifying post on this subject would be so great!!!!

  2. How can one tell how fine or coarse their hair is?

    1. Author

      HI there, you assess the diameter of the strand. Run a strand of hair through your fingers, if the strands feels cottony, think small strand of thread, it's fine hair. If the strand feels thicker, coarser in texture, it's coarse hair.

  3. Hmmm…I'd say combination for me…

    In regards to protein treatments:

    If your hair is doing just fine without protein treatments, then I would advise you to steer clear away especially from the Aphogee 2-step. It, literally sucks all the moisture out of already 'healthy' hair making it so brittle that it snaps. You would need maybe a couple of heavy deep conditioning treatments in order to replenish the moisture balance. (This is from my personal experience).

    If you're curious and want to try one, I would suggest trying a homemade treatment with an egg mixed with conditioner & oil of your choice. Its basically a protein pre poo treatment. It doesn't harden up and it works great on my relaxed hair!

  4. Thanks for sharing my chart chick! I know you don't do hard protein treatments but you do light ones little and often so it definitely isn't necessary in your case. Also we know about your love affair with ceramides which serve a similar purpose.

    I have to say, you are one of the few fine haired ladies who have made relaxer work for them. I know plenty (including myself) who's hair just breaks at the sight of relaxer.

    Anyway, I love following your journey, we got to WL at the same time and I started using Organix coconut milk serum because of you. lol Keep up the good work!

    1. Author

      My pleasure! Very good points. Texlaxing and ceramides have made such a difference in the decreased need for protein treatments.

      WL buddies!! 🙂

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