Dear Hair, Just Grow Already Journal, Available Now!

It’s finally available!!! Yay! Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in the journal and thank you for being patient! I’m excited and actually nervous. I hope you find it helpful and fun! It’ll be 15% off for the first week. Here are a few pictures of some of the sections in the journal:

Monthly Goals Styling and Maintenance Notes Wash Day charts

Time Capsule and Action Plan: set your goals for the year and describe your starting point Year in Review: review the progress you’ve made after 12 months of hard work Quotes: there are few pages tucked between the sections of the journal with motivational quotes.

Relaxer Notes Transitioning Notes

The “buy now” button above hasn’t worked for a few ladies so here’s an alternate link –> Buy now: Dear Hair, Just Grow Already!


  1. I just couldn’t take being natural, however; I ordered my book prior to this decision. Will this book still be of assistance to me? My hair is not strong

  2. I'm so excited you finished the journal!! I'm ordering one now :o)

  3. Hi Jeni!

    I'm from France, and I just start my hair journey, so this gonna be my first hair journey journal. Thank you 🙂

  4. Just ordered it. I'm from the Netherlands, so it will be like 17 days, that's a bummer.

    Can't wait!!

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