Wash Day

I haven’t washed my hair in nearly two weeks and my scalp was not happy, but I just didn’t have the time to really tend to my hair until this weekend. For the last 2 weeks I’ve either been wearing my hair in a bun or in one or two braids… when life gets busy, the hair gets no love. I did moisturize and seal about every other night though. Do I get points for that? Okay on to wash day and this really wordy post…

1. Pre-pooed over night with Hair Trigger on my scalp and hemp oil on the length of my hair. After creating an oil slick on my head, I covered my hair with a plastic cap and secured it with an old polyester scarf I had lying around. Just in case oil leaked out from under the cap (it didn’t) I covered my pillow with a towel.

2. Shampooed with Mizani Supreme Oil Shampoo (review coming soon… like it will post tomorrow soon, haha). I did something different today with my shampoo. When I wash my hair, my biggest goal is avoid causing tangles as much as possible. I wash my hair in 4 sections, one section at a time and that has really helped reduce tangles for me. For each section, I hold the length of my hair with one hand and shampoo my scalp with the other. Well today, I poured some shampoo into an applicator bottle and added water to dilute it, making it flow easily out the tip, and was able to get the shampoo to my scalp in more efficient manner. Normally working my fingers through my hair to get to my scalp causes some tangles (unavoidable) but not toooddayyy. Silly me for not using an applicator bottle sooner. It made it much easier to cleanse my scalp. I still massaged my scalp with my fingertips but not having to work through my hair to get to it helped reduce the number of tangles I caused. Because I diluted the shampoo and had a good amount of oil in my hair, I shampooed twice and it got the job down. Oil free, less tangled tresses. Whoop whoop.

3. Did a black tea rinse to reduce shedding, and tried something new again… this wash was all about making my way through uncharted territory apparently. I opted to put some of the black tea in a spray bottle and spray it right onto my scalp. Because my hair is thicker at the roots because of my new growth and texlaxed hair, when I simply pour the tea over my head (even though I poor slowly) I don’t think my scalp gets black tea love evenly… spray bottle solved that little problem. I added water to the rest of the tea in the pitcher and poured the remainder over my head. I left the tea on my hair for a few minutes, then rinsed.

4. Applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment for a few minutes. Black tea makes hair feel stiff and makes it clumps together but this conditioner always makes my hair feel soft, smooth, and normal afterwards.

5. Squeezed all the excess water from my hair with a towel (never rub your hair with a towel ladies) and deep conditioned for 30 minutes under my steamer.

6. Covered my hair with t-shirt to absorb excess water for a little over an hour, then sectioned my hair into four, and applied my leave ins: Silk Dreams Hair Care Wheat Germ Butter Conditioner and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. Did you notice I used a new leave in conditioner today?! Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-in Conditioner has been my go-to leave in conditioner for a year but I was interested in trying out this new conditioner for a leave in because it contains wheat germ, which contains ceramides. I ♥ ceramides for my hair, they’ve been nothing but amazing for it. Click here to read about the benefits of ceramides. This new condish is much thicker than DB’s leave-in but absorbed really well into my hair and made it soft.

After detangling, I threw my up in the bun below (it was nearly dry, save my roots, by the time I finished detangling) and left my hair alone. I don’t use hair bands when I air dry in a bun, I simply loosely twist my hair and secure the ends with the pins shown. I really wish I remembered where I got the pins because I love them. They’re not metal and are incredibly smooth so they never snag my hair.

I’ve been wearing my post-roller set hair for 2 weeks and I have to admit I missed my big, fluffy air dried hair. I even texted my BF a picture of my hair before I bunned it with the caption “Simba’s back!” Back story: I blow dried my hair once when it was shoulder length and it stuck up in every direction around my head and was it beyond fluffy. Because my hair was so big and because of the color, he called me Simba, and the name stuck. Whenever I air dry and it’s particularly fluffy, I’m “Simba,” rawr.

I’m going to try and schedule as many posts for the next two weeks as I can, but I will be pretty absent in terms of responding to comments and emails… blame law school and silly things called exams lol. Hard work pays off though so back to the books and outlines I go! Happy hair growing JGAers!


  1. What's the difference between your smoothing conditioner and deep conditioner above?

    1. Author

      The smoothing conditioner isn't a deep conditioner. It doesn't penetrate or moisturize as well as a deep conditioner. It's only left on for a few minutes then rinsed out.

  2. I'm definitely going to try putting black tea in a spray bottle for shedding. Good luck on your exams.

  3. Great success on your exams, and papers. I have learned so much from you on how to take care of my hair. I began the self-care of my hair in February. You are a great inspiration.

  4. I air dried for the for the first time since I started texlaxing last night and I definitely had simba hair! I'm not a fan of the look so I ended up flat ironing, cross wrapping and heading to bed. I think I'm going to stick with roller setting for a while. Maybe when it gets to arm pit length I'll rethink that plan!

  5. Ahh, I love that you're in law school, too and I love your hair! Exam time is crazy. Good luck! :):)

  6. I've really got to try using ceramide products. So many ladies have been singing their praises!

  7. Your hair looks great as always!
    Good luck with your exams 🙂

  8. * beautiful wash day results as always *

    i like using stuffs with wheat germ oil in it, too. i actually add a few drops of it to my DCs and Leave-ins. since then my hair air dry very smooth

  9. Your air dried hair turned out very smooth! I might invest in the applicator bottle to try the technique. It's difficult getting to the scalp with the new growth.

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