Today’s Bun

Today’s Bun

Today’s Bun

Buns are my go-to protective style. They’re just so easy to do.
I applied a few drops of Organix Macadamia Oil to my hair and twisted my hair up into a loose bun and used a Goody hair band to hold it together.

20 thoughts on “Today’s Bun

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Jen I am so looking forward to your blog n hair in 2013. I myself just grew 5.5 inches from feb to December and I didn't think my hair was growing until I saw side by side comps. Thanks for all the amazing tips and info.

  2. Rosalin Lewis

    Hi Jen, I really like your blog as well. It is well organized and you give a great deal of detail which has helped me to grow grow and retain length. I love how you show the products along with pictures of the process. Keep em coming.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Jen, I'm a newbie on your blog and a current transitioner…..Thanks for all the info, tips and styles you do! I just want to know how you liked the macademia oil? I have seen it at my local Bs store but I wasn't too sure….thanks

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