“That’s That Stuff I Don’t Like” Tag (Hair Bloggers Edition)

I’ve been tagged by Tathiana of Pound Cake (thank you!!) to do this fun tag.

I don’t like…

1. When strangers pet my hair. I mean literally pet my hair… like I’m a giant furry animal. Run hand down, lift, repeat. It’s a little awkward.

2. When companies reformulate a spectacular product and the new version doesn’t live up to the old.  >_<

3. When people give excuses why a product or hair practice won’t work for them. You won’t know until you try. Live a little.

4. When people try to chalk up my retention and length to “good genes.” Um, no. Hard work, healthy hair techniques, patience, and trial and error have led me here, not genes. I’ve even had someone scoff at me when I explain this, as if I haven’t had my hair all my life and know nothing about it haha.

5. When people start touching my scalp checking for tracks. I am a bit germaphobic (I get it from my mom. She actually tells me to wash my hands before I shower lol!) so when people start feeling on my scalp for tracks I’m screaming in my head I hope they don’t accidentally scratch me, I don’t know what they have on their fingertips or under their nails! A little nutty, but hey, you never know.

6. When companies label a product as “moisturizing” but the moisturizing ingredients aren’t among the first 5 ingredients listed. A products position on the ingredient list correlates to how much of it is in the product, so higher up on the list means more of that particular ingredient is in the product. If a product is advertised as being “moisturizing” then I think a moisturizing ingredient should be in the top 5.

7. When I run out of a certain product right in the middle of washing my hair. It wrecks the wash day flow lol.

8. When I don’t receive shipping notifications when I order online. I like tracking things. I hate not knowing the status and location.

9. When the full ingredients aren’t listed on products. Ingredient A will be spelled out, ingredient B, C, and D will be spelled out, but then the last ingredient is a “blend.” What’s the big secret? I like knowing what I’m putting on my scalp and hair. When I see “blend,” I automatically think that the ingredients are simple and we could all probably make it but they’re not listed to keep us coming back. I don’t like mixing up products so I buy but eh, I don’t see what the fuss is about. Just list the ingredients up front.

What about you? What are some things you just don’t like?


  1. Number 4 is the truth! Preach. I've had that same experience, but I agree, I am constantly telling people 'you can do it too'

  2. I agree with nr 3. People always ask me what I do to my hair and I share my simple regimen. And than they say Oh naaahh that won't work for my hair. If I wash it to "often" (once a week -_-) my hair will fall out. SMH!

  3. I concur with your entire list. In addition, I purchased a product from a small business owner that is a good product and when I saw the buzz online about the product and went to repurchase another the price had doubled. In my opinion, incremental increases are more appropriate.

  4. I agree with 4, 5, and 8. I had a girl at church try to tell me her hair was natural and growing from her scalp. Then she said "well if you have to buy yours it's still your hair…I was like what!!! This is my hair and it is growing from my scalp ugh!!!

  5. Number 4 and 9 erk me as well. My mom tried to pull the good genes argument on me as well. I'm like really though? You were the same person who rolled your eyes at my "decision" to try to grow my hair out, lol.

  6. Very interesting!
    For me it has to be how hard it is to get certain products in England.

    I always hear people in the US raving about products which would cost me £20 just for shipping!

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