Pigtails & A Panda Save The Day

Pigtails & A Panda Save The Day

Pigtails & A Panda Save The Day

I’m away from home for a few days so my normal wash day weekend has been put on hold.
My hair is weighed down from moisturizing and sealing during the week so I braided it into 2 braids and threw on a panda/raccoon?? hat I grabbed on Black Friday for 5 bucks.
Pigtails and this hat saved my hair day because I just didn’t feel like wearing a bun and needed to go, go, go.
I lined this hat with satin too and it’s so warm. I ♥ being warm and cozy haha.

24 thoughts on “Pigtails & A Panda Save The Day

    1. Jen Post author

      I flipped the hat inside and measured and cut the satin against it. Then I sewed the satin round the rim of the hat, then I sewed a small notch at the top of the hat and four other notches about 2 inches from the top, 2 inches apart.

  1. Iaisha

    Hello… I'm curious to know have you ever tried salt in your condition. And also Rite Aide has the Organix products BOGO free. I'm not sure if the sales are the same citywide. I'm in Baltimore.

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