2012 has been a great year. I’m very thankful I was able to accomplish the two goals I had set for myself for the year:

  1. Increase overall thickness
  2. Reach waist length by December 31, 2012
My goals for 2013 are:
  1. Reach hip length by December 31, 2013 and then cut back to w/hip length. W/hip length is between waist and hip length. Hip length is four inches from my current length while w/hip length is only 2 inches away (line 11… once I reach my final goal length, it’ll be the end of the pink length check shirt! *throws confetti*).
  2. Increase overall thickness by getting rid of more bone straight ends.
Comparison Pics
Left: November 20, 2011 — Right: December 21, 2012

Only went from line 6 to line 9 but I cut .5 inches off every touch up so it makes sense that I only have 3 inches for the year. I’m happy for the frequent trims; healthy ends before length!

What are your goals for the new year? Did you reach your 2012 goals?


  1. Yeah Jen I made it to past apl but I had to cut 2in off. Glad you reached your goal, your hair looks healthy and lovely

  2. Oops sorry I'm the person who posted the previous message. Just getting started with following and posting blogs. I couldn't get my name to come up before, lol

  3. Congratulations, on reaching your goals. I just started my hhj in September 2012. I would say my goals for 2013 are:
    1. Find a regimen/products that work for my hair
    2. Increase my hair thickness
    3. Have healthy hair
    4. Start retaining length (currently shoulder length).

  4. I'm just starting my hair journey and would love to have thicker, healthier hair and shoulder length would be nice too 🙂
    Best wishes for the year ahead!

  5. happy new year jeni!!:-) and congrats on reaching your goals! im about an inch from BSL & i just started texlaxing sooo my goals for 2013 will be to reach MBL, grow my nape out more (this yr it went from being non existent to about SL), and to gain more overall thickness…how do u deal with the thin lookin ends from the bone straight relaxer? grin n bear it? im tryin not to keep trimming but i dont like how it looks lol…i relax every 5-6 months so hopefully ill get further with my texlaxing but i love the thickness already and THANK UUUU for ur texlax vid thats what i used n it worked grrrrreat! God bless!:-)


    1. Author

      Happy New Year! Good luck on your 2013 goals! I grin and bear it. Nothing I can do about it. When my hair is straightened, they blend together, but when air dried, I just ignore it; they'll be gone eventually. You're welcome 🙂 God bless!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS JENI!! on your accomplishments for the year of 2012. 2013 will be a much more of a blessing! I hope next year I can make it to BSL maybe grazing MBL (I'm grazing APL).. wont know until I end my 12 week stretch (currently 10 weeks in)… GOD WILLING! LET GO 2013!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

  7. I've been reading your blog for months now. I started my hair journey about 4 months ago and my goal is bra length. Right now I am at shoulder length. Your blog is so helpful. Thanks for all the info!!!

  8. Happy New Year and congratulations on reaching your goals for 2012. I know you will reach your goals for 2013 because you are so dedicated. My goals for 2013 are to get back to a healthy MBL by increasing my thickness, stopping excessive shedding and any breakage, and revisit rollersetting.

    1. Author

      Happy New Year!! Thank you! Good luck on reaching your 2013 goals!

  9. Congrats Jeni! I was fortunate enough to reach my goal, this year, which was BSL. I hope to reach and maintain MBL. I also plan to roller set my hair at least once a month next year.
    I like the new look of the site, too!

  10. Hey Jen! congrats on waist length! I know this is totally unrelated to your post but how did your family feel when you started your HHJ? Mine are so used to seeing my hair down flowing that now all of them are so critical and keep asking when im going to get my hair done. It almost makes me want to stop

    1. Author

      Hi Destini, thank you! In the beginning they only doubted that I'd be able to care for my hair on my own. They were pretty much stuck on the belief that only a stylist could properly care for my hair. Don't stop. It's your hair journey, use it as motivation.

  11. Happy New Year Jen and congratulations on reaching your goals. You are heading into your 4th year of blogging so all I can say is commitment really pays off! Congrats! I have a question for you. How often do you exercise? The reason I am asking because with the stretching (I am at 8 weeks now) I am finding it rather difficult to manage my hair with the exercise (I tend to sweat my hair out every other day)! I don't want to give up exercising or sacrifice my hair. Would love your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      Happy New Year and thank you!! Fourth year, time flies! I admittedly haven't been exercising much. I don't change my regimen when I exercise. I wear headbands to absorb sweat from my edges and nape. I continue to moisturize and seal during the week. Because I'd normally wear my hair in a bun, all I worry about is making sure my edges are smooth for the next morning. I don't like to co-wash my hair but it's a great way to replenish moisture after working out. I wish I could be more helpful but when I do exercise I don't really do anything different :/

  12. 2012 was a good year. I made it to MBL and improved my rollersetting skills. For 2013 I'm hoping for Waist Length and to perfect my airdrying routine.

    I'm going to miss that pink shirt, lol. Hopefully you'll keep it around for kicks once you make it to the 11 line. Have a Happy New Year, Jeni!

    1. Author

      Your MBL looks great.

      Lol! I will definitely keep it around. Happy New Year!

  13. I'm hoping to be grazing mbl. Get my edges back that I lost from postpartum shedding.

  14. You did awesome this year! (and I'm liking the new look!!)

  15. I started my hair journey towards the end of 2012. So I'm excited to see what I can accomplish in 2013! Great progress Jeni & I hope you accomplish your goals for 2013! HHJ & Wish Me Luck!

    1. Author

      I hope you have an amazing 2013 and accomplish your hair goals. Good luck! !!

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