1. what do you think about rinsing the hot oil treatments out with apple cider vinegar?

  2. Could I use more than one hot oil treatments in a row to get all of the nutrients? For example I need less breakage and more healthier edges. So I would need to use two different oils.

  3. I don't use shampoos at all, and try to avoid them at all costs unless absolutely necessary (like if I use a product that gunks up my hair instead of moisturizing it). But is it okay to do a hot oil treatment and go straight to conditioning my hair after washing the excess oil out? The oil won't block the moisture, will it?

  4. I just started doing hot oil treatments this month. How long before I see less breakage if I also do regular deep conditioning, start stretching my relaxers, and stay away from heat? Thank you for this beautiful blog!

  5. Omfg it's amazing it really looks like a page of a magazine or a diary, You've got skills !!!! Too bad I have box braids on ! I would have done one at once haha

  6. I think you missed your calling as a graphic designer..,but I guess you'll make more moolah as. Lawyer. 🙂 very nice. Don't really care for the format on my phone, but looks terrific on anything else.

  7. I love this format! It's clear, concise and visually delicious. I got a bit confused as to why there was a random word 'how' in the middle of it, but I soon worked it out, haha!

  8. I'm a very visual person, so I welcome it.

    1. Author

      I am too, I'm looking forward to doing more posts like these.

  9. I found your blog from a Clutch Magazine post and I have to say WOW you have a fan in me! As with everyone else, I love the whole set up and that the directions are straightforward and you are not being pretentious.

  10. I like the new and improve "Picture It" series. I can't wait to see how you incorporate other ideas with this new setup.

  11. I like your new picture this format. Very nice… and great tips (of course!)

  12. After you do a hot oil treatment should you shampoo your hair or is it ok to leave the oil on you hair and wash your hair the next day or later that week? I was wondering if you leave it on your hair and not wash your hair it will that cause buildup and prevent the the mositerizer from reaching the hair?

    1. Author

      I've shampooed both later in the day & the next day without issue. If you mean applying oil to your hair for a hot oil treatment and not shampooing it out & simply applying moisturizer during the week — that would cause build up since the amount of oil for hot oil treatments is much more than the amount used for sealing… at least for me it is, I use a few drops per section to seal. I hope that made sense!

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