After pre-poo. Still have have product
in my hair.
  1. Pre-pooed with Hair Trigger on my scalp and Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment on my hair under my heating cap for 1 hour. I love how this stuff makes my hair feel. It sinks right into my hair and leaves it so moisturized. I opted to use a moisturizing conditioner for my pre-poo this week because I flat ironed my hair last and it was time to really infuse moisture back into my strands. To the right is a picture of my hair after pre-pooing, still with product in my hair.
  2. Shampooed with Mizani Supreme Oil Sulfate Free Moisturizing Shampoo. This was my first time using this shampoo.
  3. Applied Paul Mitchell Super Daily Skinny Treatment for 5 minutes then rinsed. I finally finished all the Redken Smooth Lock Butter Silk I had, won’t be purchasing it. I’m going back to Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment.
  4. Used a t-shirt to soak up all the excess water. At this point my hair felt awesome. Very soft, smooth, and fluffy. I honestly felt like I didn’t need to deep condition but I still did out of habit.
  5. Deep conditioned with KeraPRO Restorative Treatment under my streamer for 30 minutes.
  6. Applied leave in conditioner (Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave In), then serum (Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum), and detangled with my HS5580 seamless comb.
  7. Roller set my hair on 1 3/4 inch and 2 inch rollers then sat under the dryer for a grueling 2.5 hours.

Here are the results after finger combing the curls out. I get a few emails from readers who are  skeptical about my lack of a comb during the week but it’s true haha. Finger combing gets the job done.

At the beginning of the year I started flat ironing my roots and texlaxed hair to blend with my straighter relaxed hair but I didn’t have to do that today at all. When setting my hair I made sure my hair was as taut as possible when I rolled it onto the roller so it dried as straight as possible. Yay for no use of direct heat!

I’m super happy with the small amount of hair I lost while detangling and roller setting. The ingredients were the primary reason I purchased a bottle — it contains black tea, garlic, and onion which help reduce shedding and hair fall — and so far, they haven’t let me down. I haven’t taken garlic supplements for months but using Hair Trigger on wash days and during the week is doing a great job in reducing my shedding. The picture to the right is the total amount of hair from detangling and roller setting. The pin is included for size reference. In the shower I lost 10 strands. Yes I know the exact number because I grab the strands and stick them to my wall to prevent my shower from clogging, lol.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Clarissa N. and DeBorah – please, please email me back so I can get your Sprushs to you. I’ll have to choose alternate winners if I haven’t heard back from you by 10/25/12 🙁 Please email me!


  1. just straight beautiful hair, I'm waiting on my turn to have longer hair, its healthy now just waiting on the length now 🙂

  2. thank you.i'ld be more observant.thank you for standing out. You have your posts arranged by topics,you have a hair beginners manual and a n archive,making one's HHJ very smooth. Bless you sister!
    – an inspired sister frm nigeria

    1. Author

      I liked it, left my hair feeling soft and clean. I'll do a review after I've used a few more times.

  3. Gorgeous! I normally do the mohawk method but think I will give your method a try.

  4. Beautiful!!! I absolutely love the creme of nature argan oil treatment. I always go back to it when my other conditioners don't fall through. I think I may give the Paul Mitchell smoothing line a try. I have been wanting to try some smoothing products.

  5. Hey jen I love ur hair…I am currently relaxed and I would like to try texlaxing to gain thickness, however I don't trust myself to apply a relaxer, I use no-lye btw. Do u have any tips on how I can achieve texlaxed hair in the salon?? I have henna-ed my hair a week prior to relaxing and yielded texlaxed results, but the woman at the salon left the relaxer in my hair for so long i almost cried. Please help. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Ashley, thank you! Two things come to mind that you could try: (1) applying conditioner/oil to your hair before you go in; (2) timing how long the relaxer is in your hair and requesting your stylist wash out the relaxer before the recommended time so that your hair doesn't process completely. You're a paying customer so your wishes come first!

  6. hi jeni,your hair is beautiful as always.the picture of your hair after pre-pooing shows that you experience clumping. I do too, even after deep conditioning,moisturizing and sealing, it still remains.please how do i overcome it?

    1. Author

      Hi there, thank youu! There's a possibility that it might be the products. For me, I've noticed that when I use certain products they make my hair clumpy. Maybe try pin pointing what products cause the clumping, or decreasing the amount when moisturizing and seal?

  7. i need help to grow out the left side of my hair. it is relatively shorter than the right side i need to get ideas on how to grow it out.
    ps love the blog

    1. Author

      Hi Ellen, do you wrap your hair around your head at night? When I used to wrap that way and in only one direction, it made one side shorter than the other.
      Thank you!

  8. I'm really thinking about purchasing Darcy Botanicals Leave In…that's been your staple for a while. Its the one area of my reggie I don't feel like I've found that "it" product! Your hair looks positively amazing!

    1. Author

      I think it'll be a year this November since I've been using it – time flies! Thank you!

  9. I'm all smiles after watching your video. Your hair is beautiful. 🙂

  10. Hi Jen Your roller set is beautiful. I wish I could have results like that. Washed my hair today but my roller set turned out puffy and frizzy. I have to seriously watch your videos over and over again to master it.

  11. Okay, so now I am about to search for the Hair Trigger oil in the UK!!! It's all your fault lady.

    Heehee, it good to hear that I am not the only one that sticks the shed strands to the shower wall (",)

    Your hair looks beautiful Jeni – your recent length check had me drooling (I read your post whilst at work, it was embarassing!). Only two months till December – you will definitely hit MBL by then.


    1. Author

      Lol! Sorry! I'm a product junkie's worst nightmare lol. I sneak to hair blogs when I'm work haha. Thank you!

  12. Your hair looks great!
    2.5 hours though? omg that saddens me, just a quick question do you wash your hair in sections?

    1. Author

      Thanks Shereen. Yea, 2.5 hours is a long time to be under the dryer 🙁

      Yes I do. I wash in four sections.

    1. Author

      If I plan on wearing my hair down, I cross wrap. If I'm doing a bun the next day and don't want to bother cross wrapping my hair, I'll do a loose bun.

  13. Hi Jeni! Two Questions:

    1) can you explain how you part your hair for the rollerset? "I usually do the mohawk method" by starting with the middle "mohawk part" and then rolling the sides. However I find that the sides are difficult to do this way. The way you did in the video seems a lot easier to roll and I think I would be able to fit the rollers on my head better if I did it this way.

    2) Is there a reason why you roll "down" instead of rolling "up"?

    p.s. I bought the DB leave in conditioner (already was using transitioning creme). At first I was disappointed in how "wet" it was. I was skeptical to use it for my rollerset because it doesn't give much slip (had to use a little bit extra super skinny for my comb to glide through the way I like it). But when I took down my rollers they were so MOIST, SHINY, and SOFT. DEffinitely a keeper! Thanks so much for your great reviews 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Shae

      1) I keep my hair in the four sections I pre-pooed and deep conditioned with and in section, I measure off a strip the width of the roller. For the back two sections, I place two rollers at the hair that is left out of the "strip" behind my ears. For the front two sections, set the hair below the strip either horizontally or vertically.

      2) No reason for me, just for comfort. Because of my hair's length for certain locations on my head it's either to roll up or down depending on what part I'm in.

      Glad to hear the DB conditioner is working well for you!!

  14. beautiful results as always! hair trigger sounds like a great product, i may look into it for when i have issues with shedding.

  15. Lush! Love it. Quick question Jeni, how are you finding the line of demarcation between your relaxed and texlaxed hair? Is there any breakage to speak of?

    1. Author

      Thanks Alma! Thankfully I haven't had too much of a problem with it. I've been moisturizing the line of demarc. every day and using my Organix Anti-Breakage Serum when wearing my hair down which has been so helpful in curbing breakage. Some breakage is inevitable though – when I'm done detangling, sometimes I check the length of the strands and the ones without bulbs are about 5-6 inches in length, which is how much relaxed bone straight hair I have so those strands broke off. But it's not a lot – extremely thankful for that!

      You ask the best questions!

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