Reader Q: Can School & Healthy Hair Care Co-Exist?

Dear Jeni, I’m going off to university in a few days and since my acceptance my mom keeps telling me that I wont be able to spend the time I do on my hair. I definitely want to continue my healthy hair practices, but want to be focused on school has well. Everyone keeps “encouraging” me to get a relaxer and I actually prefer my hair thick and big (transitioning). How do you prepare for university while on a hair journey? Can school and healthy hair care coexist? —Blue

Hi Blue, I’m a full time law student so right off the bat, yes, healthy hair care and school are not mutually exclusive! From personal experience, it all comes down to tailoring your regimen around your schedule. I try to limit my wash days/relaxer days to the weekends when I have the most time or days I don’t have classes. I pretty much overlap my hair with whatever it is I’m doing. While pre-pooing, deep conditioning, sitting under the dryer, or doing scalp massages, I’ll study, work on my outlines, take a much needed nap, read for class, whatever I need to do around my place, etc. When I moisturize and seal, it’s either in the morning before I head out, where I’ve worked it into my morning routine, or at night, while studying.

Simplify your regimen where you can. If you’re used to deep conditioning after shampooing, try deep conditioning on dry hair so that you save an extra trip to the shower. If you pre-poo, try doing it overnight to save time the next day (this also applies to deep conditioning). I don’t have profound advice to pass on (I wish I did! Something similar to when the clouds open up, a bright beam on light shines down and a chorus somewhere sings “aahhhh”… yep, I wish I were that profound!) except to make changes to your regimen where you can, simplifying it where you can and overlapping your regimen with other activites.

Your education and studies should never take a back seat to hair care but it’s fully possible to enjoy and care for both. Take your first few weeks to gauge how much “you” time you will have and work out your schedule. Then, work in your hair care regimen.

Hope this helps! Good luck with school!


  1. Just as a tip if you rollerset… When you're under the dryer is a great time to study! 😉

  2. YAY. She replied to my question. Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely take it one step at a time.

  3. she should checkout the blog collegecurlies which is about being in college and being natural or transitioning,and handling those awkward situations in the hallway when your hair is looking crazy.

  4. Our is possible. I managed to maintain my hair care during grad school as a science major. It boils down to multitasking. good luck and happy hair.

  5. Great answer Jeni … it can co exist but as you said / operative word is "simplify " . Psychoc008

  6. That was a great answer! I plan on going to grad school soon and this has def crossed my mind 🙂

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